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Thursday, 16 July 2009

Formal Attire

I went to go buy half of my formal attire today (the other half I already have at home). I bought myself a tie and shirt. The tie should've been half price but unfortunately was scaled back to full price cause the sale was over! I ended up buying an 80 dollar tie. I bought it and told my mum I might return it and look for another tie but she said not to worry about it. She told me I should be able to spoil myself every now and then and that if I liked it, I should keep it. :D

formalshirt.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

My formal top and tie! The tie has a pattern but you can't really see it. It feels so good too! And so does the shirt! :O

I'm probably just gonna borrow a blazer off someone cause I don't like wasting too much money...


  1. buddy 80 dollars for a tie is crazy :O 80 australian? What brand was it? It looks good though I won't lie!

    I still need youtube to help me put on ties hahahaha.

  2. For a tie that's ridiculous.
    Was it like Jack London or something? Nah JL is like 200 bucks.

    Just replaced the graphics card. The computer itself was fine but you can't use it if your graphics card is effed.

  3. An $80 tie? Is it branded? It must be one super-awesome tie. When's your formal?

    Mmh, more hot Asian girls? I really can't think of any atm. But when I went to watch Harry Potter on Wednesday, I saw THE HOTTEST ASIAN GIRL EVER working at Boost! LOL. It took a lot of restraint to stop myself from running over to her and rubbing my body against hers, lmfao. I'll stop now, I'm probably sounding like a really, sex-crazed lesbian right now.