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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Dream at Tempo 119

Geez, I came close to losing my Studio Arts folder just now. Had some Maccas after school with Dunstan (yes, just like yesterday...except without the discounts...). Anywho, picked my stuff and left the place and by the time I got home and stepped into my front door, I had just realised that I was walking home empty handed. So I quickly dropped my stuff off, got into something a bit more comfortable and jolted back to the Maccas I was eating at. Thankfully the workers there put it away in their office...


Even though today was "Super Tuesday" (because we have classes till 4:30pm...hence the Super), it was an easy one since I only had three periods. During our pastoral period, our homeroom teacher, Mr Murphy, popped in The Hangover for us to watch. We only watched about maybe 15 minutes of it but those first 15 mins were pretty hilarious. I copied the file into my hard drive (I actually was forunate enough to have it with me today). And yes, bad of me to be supporting pirated movies, but ehhh.

Oh and today we got to pick who we'd be sitting with for at our formal which was pretty fun. Everyone got into their groups and just had to arrange for seats and stuff. It was like 10 to a table but our co-ordinator said we can request to join tables together. Unfortunatley, some people (for some reason) had to move and sit with the people they didn't intend to sit with. I don't see this as much of a problem cause I don't think anyone would care if you change seats during the night. I probably also don't see this as a problem cause I'm not the one who had to move. =\ Nonetheless, it was fun to see everyone arguing about who was coming and all that. (Y)

And that's about it today. Short but I felt like posting.

End post.


  1. Oh that was close Hieu, you're lucky you didn't loose it D:
    Haha, having Mr. Murphy as a homeroom teacher... I can imagine that to be quite good... Like you could probably walk into homeroom at 8:44 and he wouldn't give a shit.
    Oh but the Hangover is kinda overrated.
    I have a feeling that we'll have an Asian table at my formal, aha.

  2. Yeh I agree, I think the hangover is a tad overrated. I thought it was funny but not funny funny.. if you know what I mean.

    lol at Mr. Murphy being illegal.

    o and you're lucky with your folio... very. lucky.