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Monday, 13 July 2009

God Save The Queen

Good evening readers.

First day back to school for Term 3 today. 10 more weeks left till it's over!!! :D

Nothing happened today at school...then again, nothing ever does. Foundation Day is next week though so that should be something to write about. :)

Had some Maccas after school with Jason today. Discounted, baby. ;D

Went to State Library with Jason afterwards to "study". He was meeting up with Andy Tcha, an old friend of ours who used to go to our school. It was good seeing him again and catching up - good conversations we had.

While we were at the library, some ratty guy was tryna steal this girl's wallet or something (it was in the girl's handbag and the guy was tryna take it without the girl looking). The dude looked like the biggest junkie and was caught by someone else looking from afar. Andy and I didn't notice cause we were too busy talking. The girl's boyfriend confronted the guy and he got scared and ran off. It was an epic fail. ==

Listning to Anna Tsuchiya at the moment - she's hella awesome. Her songs are alright to listen to, haha. Her later songs kinda suck though. :D

And here's a question I'm just gonna throw out there for you, the reader to (hopefully) respond to.

Name me some hot female Asian celebrities.

My friend Thy and I were having this discussion about hot Asian females but we had quite a small list. I guess "hot" is subjective to everyone BUT please name the ones that come to your mind that are obviously hot. For example, most people would automatically think that Megan Fox is hot without giving it a thought cause it's quite obvious or apparent. So yes, I'd like people to name some. Oh and they have to be fully Asian, like no mix of any other full Chinese, full Japanese, full Korean etc etc.

End post.


  1. lol what did you youtube? And the balloon thing refers to the picture on my blog. Tell me if you still don't understand (:


    Leah Dizon :D Or does she count as a halfcast? Anyway, Lee HyoRi, Misa Campo, Chae Jung Ahn, mmh i'll think of more. My brain is out atm.

  2. I'll give you a little trivia.... I think Andy is Monica's cousin.
    and apparently your mom is good friends with Monica's mom?
    So connected.
    Anyway, thanks for the kind feedback Hieu :)
    (>_<) I can't just list a few, get a Facebook and check my photo album!
    Umm ummm ummmm.
    Meisa Kuroki is 'hot'.
    Oh wait, she's like not full.
    Nakashima Mika is hot, but you already know that.
    I have a girl crush on Aragaki Yui but she's too innocent to be 'hot'
    Sorry, this comment was dumb and unnecessary!

  3. LOL ahhhh. Yes it is that song (: I'm in love with it. I'm glad you understand now ~ sorry that it was unclear.


    Did you need more hot female celebrities? LOL

  4. There are HEAPS of pretty/cute asian female celebrities but i guess they're aren't many with the sexy image...

    Hmm just a quick list (with added picture links):
    *Zhang Zi (Chinese):

    *Maggie Q (Chinese/Viet/Hawaiian):

    *Emily Miyasaka (Japanese):

    *Kim Jung Ah (Korean):

    *Lee Hyori (Korean): Cant be bothered to add a pic, i think everyone knows her LOL

    *Jessica Gomes (Portuguese/ Chinese):

    *Park Han Byul(Korean):

    *Go Ara (Korean) although i think she is more pretty than sexy...:

    *Lee Da Hae (Korean) same with her, she is more 'pretty':

    *Kim Tae Hee (Korean):

    Hmm yeahh some of these girls are more cute/pretty than sexy but i guess i'll leave u to decide!

    Hope that helped! ^^

  5. LEE HYORI hottest girl I know atm.
    you probs already knew though

  6. hey this is a pretty cool blog!! I'm liking the posts went through quite a few of them. Keep it up man.

  7. you talk more about me in your blogs em makes me famous hahaha