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Friday, 10 July 2009

Guns for Show, Knives for a Pro

Woke up at 9.30 today to pick up an issue of The Age. Why you ask? Well, in it was a complete guide to the Melbourne International Film Festival and a complete listing of the movies that will be on show this year.

I was shattered. What did I see when I turned to the first page of movies?

Inglourious Basterds Poster

Shattered...I wanted to see this movie before it got cut down and edited. Not only that, but they said Tarintino would give a personal talk about the movie before the thing screened. I'm...disappointed. Now I'm gonna have to watch a crappy theatrical cut that won't do Tarintino justice at all! Oh well...just gotta wait for the Director's Cut of the DVD. D:

There were a lotta great movies that I've read about and have been curious to see. The list of the 2009 films are as follow:


The Hurt Locker


Che - Part 1: The Argentine

Che - Part 2: Guerrilla


Love Exposure

Treeless Mountain

There was maybe one or two other films I may have considered wanting watching but the thing is, I think they were released a while ago but haven't actually gotten distribution from any studio so meh. Not too sure about wanting to see Antichrist but it does make me curious to see what all the contreversey is about. I'm pretty sure I can go watch Treeless Mountain cause it's for kids. Haha. So yeah, for me, some not too bad films. Kinda disappointed that Hong Kong hasn't released anything good this year, love HK cinema. If I did attended this festival, my wallet would have been completely empty. It's a money killer I'm telling ya.

After wallowing in misery, I sat down and did one of my refinement pages. It was at this point that I got a message on MSN from Fish (everyone calls him Fish, feels weird to say Peter or Thanh now). Anyways, Fish asked me to come out with him to hang out in the city and cause I wasn't really in any hurry to finish my refinement page, I decided to tag along for a bit.

We ended up being at Yellowhouse most of the day. Fish just wanted to go out and play Street Fighter 4. Naturally, I decided to play a few games of Tekken 6. Hadn't really played that game properly in a very long while; I still get a bit of a kick out of it.

After that, myself and Fish (who were later joined by our friend Wen Jin) roamed around the city and then settled in front of State Library to talk. We bumped into a few friendly faces and caught up with them for whatever time was allowed, haha. We finished the night by once again, roaming aimlessly to find a new dumpling restaurant, by the time we reached the restaurant, it had already been full. So we lowered our standards and ate KFC instead.

It was here that I coined the phrase, "This tastes like foot". I said this cause the Pepsi I had, "tasted like foot". This went on to become a constant running gag between the three of us. The word of the day was FOOT!

Anywho, I'm gona stop with the long post for tonight.

End post.


  1. that sounds like what I do to Ells Mons and Bianca. haha, and believe it or not, I've succeeded in turning Monica into a Big Bang fan xD

    mmm yeh park bom's been there the longest, I think Minji's been there b4 Big Bang's debut date. I saw her in their pre-debut documentary. hehe, you should watch 2ne1 TV. It's like this get to know them tv show kinda thing, except you see a lot of other YG staff too.

  2. Yeah I'm like a Big Bang expert and I don't even want to be (=_=')
    Anyway, Ai no Mukidashi (Love Exposure) looked interesting... To be honest, it's the only trailer I watched on this blog, haha.
    A whole day at Yellow House... woah/

  3. mm yess that's true, but a nice presentation makes me feel like I've accomplished more... ):
    the chilli flakes were good.. cause you get this spice in your mouth form time to time lol.

    You're a dumpling fan ehhy.. they're so hard to wrap ):

  4. Checkpoints are really useful for revision, they have worked solutions from previous exam questions... Multiple choice and short answers... You'd be able to survive without them but I'd advice you get a copy since they're probably cheap anyway.
    Oh wtf, Chiaki isn't gonna be in the Tekken film?! That sucks...

  5. lulz!
    woops XD
    i did not see that

    omg i want to see inglourious basterds but i dont know if ill be able to take the violent, bash head in scenes well ><
    ooh i really wanna see thirst as well! i heard its super good. i dont like the lead female though