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Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Hrmm, so last night I had a dream where one of my friends, Masa, accidentally slipped off the edge of a roof and broke his neck. Amazingly he stood back up and walked over to me and my other friends but was very dazed and confused and speaking in tongues. The sound of his head cracking against the floor was horrendous. D:

I had a similar dream last week as well, however, the only difference was that it wasn't Masa, it was my friend Dennis who fell. Oh wait, no, there's another difference to. While we aided Masa and called an ambulance for him and stuff, we just made fun of Dennis AND THEN called an ambulance.

I wonder what this means for me...

Also, I had a dream last week where my dad went on a killing rampage and tried to kill me and my mum. It was really tense. Also, Martin Scorsese was there for some reason. At one point, my dad was lying unconscious on the floor and a pool of blood. Scorsese checked his vitals and then to the shock of his life, my dad quickly woke up, grabbed the handaxe next to him and started viciously hacking and slashing at him. I was right behind Marty and ran the hell out of there. Marty died and my mum and I ran downstairs as quickly as possible, our hearts beating like wildfire. We escaped from our dad and got into a car and drove out of there. Reminded me of Stanley Kubrick's The Shining (I haven't watched it.)

So umm yeah, neckbreakers and outlandish killers. The kind of stuff dreams are made of. ;D


  1. shit those type of dreams scares the shit outta me. specially the last one

    your dad on a killing raampage kinda reminded me of kurosagi, when his dad killed the entire family 'cept for yamapi.


  2. You watch too many films Hieu...
    The Masa/Dennis thing made me laugh!
    haha oh man.