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Monday, 27 July 2009

Quick Thoughts on Bruno

I don't wanna talk too much about Bruno because it's something that left a lasting impression on me.
I feel dirty just talking about it. :(

So as far as plot goes, I like how Sacha Baron Cohen weaves some form of a plot, albeit a ridiculously ludicrous one, into his brand of satirical humour and commentary.

Humour was gold in this. Yes, even the most inappropriate things were still very funny. So for me, even if a comedy movie had a very weak plot and had no character development or anything of that nature, if it delivers with the funnies, it's worth sitting through. Worse thing for a comedy movie is to be NOT funny. Bruno passes this with flying colours.

This movie probably isn't for everyone (I'd imagine it to be quite offensive to some people). Definitely not as good as Borat but still very funny and worth the price of admission at least.

Bruno gets a 3/5.

1 comment:

  1. thank yas X3

    ah~ that part. it was predictable, but still funny! i think the scene that made me laugh was when his penis said his name. i dont know why but i just couldnt stop laughing!
    ah he was so good! i dont whether to call him an actor or impersonator XD i guess actor since they were original characters