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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Smile Like You Mean It

Yay, tomorrow I get to finish early cause my Maths teacher isn't gonna be at school! Yayyyy, haha.

After school today I went to go watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince with Jackie. I'll post my thoughts on this in the post afterwards but I thought it was amusing and entertaining. Worth a look, especially if you're a HP fan I guess. =\

Also had some cheap dumplings with Jackie afterwards at Shanghai Dumplings. They're pretty average, nothing special but I mean to get a plate of 15 fried dumplings and only have to pay about 5 bucks for it is effing awesome! Love it.

I came home and outside my house were some guys outside my door (familiar faces around Richmond) smoking up. I really dislike those guys; they're an eyesore. ==

And argh! Stuff goes missing when my mum cleans up my room. My rooms clean enough but she wants to make everything on my shelf all organised and neat. The problem with HER going through my stuff is that I've put away certain things in specific spots and when she effs around with it, I can't find it and it gives me the shits! :@

I still have the taste of dumplings in my mouth. I feel satisfied after having em though - been craving em all week.

End post.


  1. Shenia and I didn't end up having dumplings but the Shanghai Dumplings place was an option...
    I'm gonna see Harry Potter in goldclass sometime next week (H)

  2. warn us if there's any spoilers kk?? 'cause I won't be seeing it until some time later...