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Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Today was a pleasantly relaxing day. I started the day off by drawing up another page of Logo Development for Vis Comm (I'm actually sorta running out of ideas to develop...I kinda just want to move on to refining it so that I can have a logo to work with by the time I gt back to school).

The page today consisted of me drawing logos based on a picture of an orchestra conductor. Kinda failed but that's what happens with Vis Comm - half the work you do is refined and the other half eats up your time and folio space (the latter being a good thing, haha). I just finished my second conductor page using black ink. I love it! Looks like I'm doing Asian calligraphy or something. I'd show it but I'm too lazy to take snaps. @__@

Two friends of mine, Thy and Minny, came to my place today to catch up and hang out. It's always pretty fun with those two, I'm never really bored when I'm with them. Always amusing to watch girls bitch about other girls, haha. We just lazed about talking and watching NANA for most of the day, haha.

The trailer for Jennifer's Body that I posted yesterday didn't work. For anyone whose still interested, below is the same trailer and it should work this time (YouTube never fails!)

End post.

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