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Thursday, 16 July 2009


Ellen, you're right. I do watch too many movies! D:

Last night I had the second best zombie related dream ever! The first one was where I shot one of my friend's face off cause he was slowly turning into a zombie and then another friend of mine hijacked a hot Ferrari and we went on a killing spree before he crashed the Ferrari into a lamp post and died. But that's a different dream (lot's more to it than that, haha)

So last night, the dream I had involved a zombie outbreak occurring right here in the flats! I dunno what I was doing, I think I was throwing out the rubbish or something and then as I was walking back to my door, several zombies came up from the elevator and chased me. Some poor soul got out of their home to see what was going on and then BAM he got bit in the neck and turned into a zombie! At one point, as I was running down the hallway, I slipped and the zombies caught up. They weren't the slow type of zombies but they weren't the fast Olympic level zombies either. They were fast for their state though. I picked myself up and then got to the stairs and ran down it. People were screaming from below and loads of people were running up. I jumped over everyone and made it to the bottom and pushed the gate out. There weren't any zombies downstairs though. Some people were downstairs; I asked if any of them knew how to hot-wire a car so that we could drive out and buy some guns and hardcore weaponry to kill the things. And by that point my dream died out cause my alarm went off. :D


  1. I like how the first word of this post is Ellen.
    Your dreams are so much more creative than mine... Mine are so boring, like I dream of studying at school (=_=')

  2. You're dreams doesn't beat mineeee. I have the best dreams too. But none of these zombies stuff, *shudders*.