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Sunday, 30 August 2009

Caught Somewhere In Time

So maybe I should start just doing weekly updates, as opposed to updates that go up everyday. It's hard writing stuff about one day unless it's a good one. Otherwise it's all just school, go home, rest and study (the latter of which I barely divert my time to at home and reserve for at the State Library).

So yes, a summary of the week in one conveniently compiled post (still looks the same as before). Sound good? (In Lt Aldo Raine's voice...)

I probably won't be putting an FML (which I've done in maybe in a few previous posts) this time around cause copying straight from the site to here makes it autolink and it's tedious getting the links out. Anyways, trying new things out to see what I like about working with for my blog. Feedback would be kinda nice. :D

So away I go with a few things I did this week! (wall of text, wall of text! D:)

1. I've been resting on my laurels with Visual Communication and Design. I could've finished my second piece by this week but I've just been too lazy. Thankfully, our teacher has given us ample time during the holidays to get our development folios up to scratch which is good considering I've done almost all my work during the holidays. I was able to print out my poster and am mounting it this week. I didn't like it on the screen but when it came out as a actually looked quite nice and authentic. I was quite proud of it (even if there wasn't much done to it). I'm quite happy with how that turned out (Y).

2. Had a Studio Arts excursion on Friday which was pretty boring. Half the day practically got cut off cause the National Gallery of Victoria screwed up our teacher's plans. So our teacher let us off for lunch and told us to meet back at Federation Square. Thomas and I had some Korean food but came back late. No one was waiting for us and a guide said that the class had already walked in but was unsure as to where they were headed. Thomas and I decided to leave and go home instead. Hopefully, no repercussions ensue as a result of our departure.

3. I finally bought a copy of the Marvel Civil War storyline. I've been wanting to read this story arc ever since maybe last yearor before even when I started getting slowly hooked on comic books (I hadn't bought my first comic till this year, however). I loved the story and I'm quite excited to play the game version of this when it comes out later this year in the form of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.

4. I read two great articles on the escalating numbers of city violence and gang attacks in Melbourne's CBD in The Age and Herald Sun during a Studio Arts class the other day. It was a really great read; the kind of read that just lingers in your mind for a while and has an affect on you. I think The Age are doing a series on it as I was reading Part 1 in a series of 4. Melbourne's generally considered a safe city I reckon; the kind of city I'd be quite proud of living in but these alcohol fueled brawls damage the city's credibility (especially considering how good our Universities are and how that'd have an effect on interstate and/or international students. We've already had that whole fiasco with the Indian students and how they're being harrassed and such). I thought I'd just talk about that cause it's this kind of shit that makes me really question the human condition.

5. Going through a Donnie Yen movie rampage at the moment. Actually just an Asian movie rampage in general. I've got this whole pile of movies with me at the moment and I don't know when I'm ever gonna get through them all or if I'm even gonna finish them.

6. I saw a 10 year old kid smoking a cigarette the other day. What's worse was he was confidently smoking in a clearly no smoking area and with a security guard looming over him. Where and how did this kid get a cigarette? Where the parent's at? Once again, just really makes me question the human condition.


7. Friday night wasn't meant to be anything special but something pleasant happened! Kevin had to go see Jabbawockeez perform on Friday night so we (Eddie, Kevin and I) couldn't go see District 9. So I was planning to watch a bunch of the movies I previously mentioned but an old friend, Angela, called me outta the blue and we ended up catching up in the city and had a really good time.

angellaaa.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
curryy.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
It may look disgusting but it was good. I've been craving Beef Curry for a while. (Y)

We went to eat at a Japanese themed restaurant called Yuriya and spent a long time walking and talking in the city streets of Melbourne. Good times, good times.

8. Saturday was a great day for me personally, mostly cause I got to hang out with everyone that I wanted to hang out with. I started the day having a cold and rainy breakfast with Masa and Dunstan. After breakfast we relaxed at Dunstan's place for a bit and then went back to mine so that I could change and go to the city.

From there, I had plans to have lunch with Minny and Thy. Now since the three of us had lunch in Melbourne Central, it was convenient for me cause Eddie and Kevin came by afterwards to watch District 9 with me there. District 9 was great; I implore everyone to see it!

After District 9, I parted from Kevin and Eddie to go see Masa, Dunstan and Jason who were at Cue City. We were soon joined by James, Kevin and Thomas in the city and ate dinner. Finally, we all went together to St Kilda to celebrate Raoul's 18th! Good day!

hotdoggg.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Incredibly wet and rainy at the fruit market as you can see. Our breakfast was dubbed, "The Lot". It consisted of two sausages, two strips of bacon, two fried eggs, a shit load of fried onions all shoved inside some Turkish bread with BBQ sauce. (Y)
pool.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Pool at Cue City. They were playing Fire by 2NE1 there and I couldn't help but sing along. ==

peoples.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
James, Dunstan, Kevin and Masa in the city.
people.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Myself, Jemmy, Masa, Dunstan and Bill (don't you think he looks like Johnny Depp?) We had a great time at that Maccas actually, haha.

peoplessss.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Daniel, Birthday Boy Raoul and myself. :O
Wow, city seem's so far away from where I was. :S

9. Finally, I visited La Trobe University with Thy today because they had their Open Day for everyone to come visit. I was really impressed with the campus; it's incredibly bigger than what I had previously imagined and the courses on offer were practically catered towards me and are really flexible. Most of all, I actually really dig the whole rural scene. I can definitely get used to being out in the green with fresh air and having a quieter schooling life. Definitely beats having the hustle and bustle of the city crowds.

Earlier in the week I had bumped into a friend who graduated from high school last year who said that he hated studying at Melbourne Uni cause it's not as glamourous as he thought it would've been. He told me not to believe the hype about schools like Monash or Melbourne Uni simply because a lot of it is false. His theory about these prestigious schools are backed up by a 2009 study that said that students rated La Trobe as the best Victorian University that satisfied students in their studies while others rated prestigious universities such as Monash and Melbourne Uni at the bottom. :O

End post.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Donnie Yen Retiring in 2013

DonnieYen.jpg image by shanz85

Donnie Yen is currently 46 years old and after years upon years after delivering movie goers the sheer excitement of watching him perform on screen, his body can't take any more abuse. Years of martial arts on screen and injuries have lead Yen to retire from acting by the time he hits 50.

That isn't to say, however, that he is going to retire from the film industry entirely. Yen has set plans to work in the production of movie, whether that be as a director or even fight choreographer (much like Sammo Hung these days)

One can only wonder what this could possibly mean for the future of martial arts movies in China from now on.

Who could possibly fill in the shoes of Donnie Yen after he retires?

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Manifest Report

It's the only time of the year where I can say a Yu-Gi-Oh! joke and people will know what I'm talking about and laugh along.

Basically went to Manifest Anime Expo and had a great time. The change of venue from Melbourne Uni to the Showgrounds definitely made for a much better experience. Heaps of people showed up cosplaying as their favourite anime/gaming character. Great turn out and much more organised than last year.

Masa and I arrived at about 10:30 to find a massive line that stretched out to the car park and into the venue itself which was ridiculous and didn't even contemplate lining up and opted to get food inside the place instead. You only needed a pass in order to get into the trading/gaming areas anyway. Luckilly for us, we had friends there who let us use their tags to get in. Free entry FTW. I ended up buying this pretty bitchin' ninja shirt and a Death Note book (complete with complimentary quill! :O).

Here are some snaps from the day.

DSC00263.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
FANBOYGASM - They actually had the HD Remix of Marvel vs Capcom 2 on show. I'm a little disappointed that it didn't get the attention it should've deserved. Masa's team is on the right and mine's on the left. Clearly, I have a much better team, haha.

DSC00265.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Man I would've loved to have had a picture with Squall and Irvine. I saw Irvine there but only once then he just disappeared.

DSC00266.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
A major high five to anyone who understands and actually gets this joke. Masa bought this novelty shirt of awesomeness. I freakin love it.

DSC00270.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Trading area was massive, just like with Supernova last year.

DSC00273.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
What a power stance - a true a hero of the guitar.

DSC00274.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
I want that guy's Stitch kigurumi. :@

DSC00276.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

DSC00261.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Thy and Minny rocked it with their outfits. :D

DSC00279.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
They scared the crap outta me; no joke. ==

DSC00280.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Team Rocket, Nurse Joy and two Officer Jennys. There was an Ash and Misty somewhere but they weren't present with them...

1-1.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Apparently there were issues with bringing in "weapons" into Manifest this year. Something to do with Showgrounds security vs Manifest commitee.

2-1.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
No idea who these people were, sorry. Anyone wanna help identify?

3-1.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Pokepals, Sailor Scouts and L. A few of the Sailor Mars' who were at Manifest today were sooooo pretty. ;D

4.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
I didn't know Ash owned a Dragonite or Mew...

5.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Once again, no idea who this was. Help?

6-1.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
You know, you see this kinda thing every year but I must say, the wings were a nice addition to an otherwise simple cosplay. I realise I'm being somewhat hypocritical here since I cosplayed L last year. D:

DSC00281.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
This was like a spur the moment kinda purchase. I have no need for it but just having it makes me feel good. It looks and feels great too, haha.

DSC00294.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
My awesome new Ninja shirt which I will wear around everywhere now.

Ya know, I really like these conventions. I reckon they're great cause everyone connects on a really good level, the fanboys and fangirls get to meet and discuss what they love and people get a really good experience out of it. It's fun and the community is just so close that you can't help but feel a part of it.

End post.

Inglourious Basterds Mini Review

PLOT: The Basterds, a team of rag tag Jewish soldiers lead by Lt Aldo Raine, hatch a plan to kill Hitler and the Third Reich. Meanwhile, Shoshanna Dreyfus schemes a similar plan as revenge for Col. Hans Landa's exceuction of her family.

've been wanting to see this movie for a long while now and was so glad to finally have witnessed it in cinemas. Did it live up to my expectations? Hell yeah!

This is Quentin Tarintino's "men on a mission" film. The sub-genre of the war movie that he loves so much. A bunch of guys in war going on a rampage; what more could you ask for? My only criticism of this movie is that it's not quite the men on a mission film that Tarintino talked up but at the same time, it doesn't need to be this kinda film cause Tarintino delivers the audience what is arguably considered his best film to date.

Casting is brilliant. Brad Pitt doesn't overact as Aldo Raine in my opinion and is perfect for his role as the Nazi scalping Lietutenant of the Basterds unit. However, the true star of the movie is Christoph Waltz who plays the film's main villain, Colenel Hans Landa. His fear instilling presence as "The Jew Hunter" brings a sense of foreboding tension that is then immediately juxtaposed by his eccentric and charming demeanor. Some of the most scene intense scenes belonged to Waltz and I think, along with almost everyone else, that he deserves at least an Oscar nomintation. He was that good. Tarintino always brings out the best in any cast he has and almost always has the perfect people for the roles he's written.

The music in the film was top notch and used incredibly well. This film really is Tarintino's ode to Westerns.

I loved the entire bar scene. Some of the most intense dialogue and interaction between Basterds and Nazis alike that played out like a mini Reservoir Dogs as most people would say (I'm pretty sure this was intentional).

The climax and final scene of the movie is amazing and all the little Tarintino things such are still present in Basterds (foot fetish shot, long tracking shots etc). Hell, having Samuel L Jackson and Harvey Keitel have appearance-less cameos made me giggle inside with fanboy excitement.

I think that without Tarintino's prior films, he probably wouldn't have been able to conjur up Basterds.

In an interview with /Film, Eli Roth (plays Sgt. Donny Donowitz) had this to say.

I watch it and I think: he’s got the tension from Reservoir Dogs, and the humor and style from Pulp Fiction, and the characters of Jackie Brown, and the action of Kill Bill. And the adrenaline. And the horror of Death Proof.

I completely agree with him one hundred percent after reading having read that.

Inglourious Basterds gets a 5/5

Friday, 21 August 2009

James Cameron's Avatar First Trailer

It's finally here! James Cameron's Avatar trailer has hit the web!

Avatar - Theatrical Trailer

If you wanna get a look at the trailer in 1080P click THIS LINK

If I see this trailer tonight before Inglourious Basterds comes on, I will shit myself. It looks so fucking beautiful and must look and sound heaps better on the big screen. T____T

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Dialogue With The Stars

I'll get to listening to Big Bang's Japanese album later. Right now, I think some metal is good. I feel like being in a loud, trashy mood. I expect to recieve a decent amount of metal from Masa in the next few days. (Y)

A break down of the events from today and yesterday!

1. Spent the whole day yesterday at State Library studying for my Maths SAC. I included everything I needed on my cheat sheet EXCEPT for the whole countour maps section of Trigonometry which sucks cause I did the SAC today. I did pretty well on the SAC; not stellar marks but good enough for me to be happy with. (Y)

I spent a good 6 - 7 hours at State Library with Jason and Andy. It's probably gonna become a weekly thing now. Every Wedensday at State, the three of us are gonna study and eat in the city. D:

DSC00250.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
This is what I had for lunch at OldTown. I can't remember the name to it, but I know what it's called in Vietnamese. I'm not gonna write that down either.

DSC00253.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Jason with his Wonton Noodle Soup with BBQ Pork. ;D

DSC00254.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
As you can see, I'm clearly a hard worker. :O

DSC00255.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Andy doing his homework. Oh and Jason's really big eraser is also there, haha.

It's the longest I've ever stayed at State Library. Some people will know that I generally DON'T like studying at State Library especially when I'm with friends cause obviously they'd be a distraction but I'm softening up to the idea of studying there. It's quiet (obviously) and I feel more motivated to finish homework there rather than fall into the trappings of the elusive Internet. Forcefully prying myself away from home is the best thing to do right now...

l_b35dba7eeee740b39c5df2ca31584f1b.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Manifest last year - Our Death Note group! D:

2. Manifest - Melbourne's annual anime festival will be held over the weekend and I think I might be going. Earlier this year, I told myself I wasn't gonna go cause last year was a disaster of a festival. It was really unorganised and just put me off going this year. Besides, I kinda didn't wanna fuss over Manifest seeing as how I'm in year 12 and should be doing work and stuff. That was until I realised that I probably won't be doing anything on a Saturday afternoon anyway so why not? I could always go bargain hunting for some figurines and anime/gaming related memorabilia. If I do go this year (chances of me going are pretty high I think) I wanna find a cheap version of this:

Final Fantasy XII' fucking awesome Judge Magister Gabranth is made of win.

I wonder if that Andy Lau figurine would be at Manifest...

3. You know how I mentioned that cheat sheet for Maths earlier in the post? That cheat sheet caused me trouble this morning. Last night I scanned it for Minh over MSN but forgot to take it out of the scanner. I was already running late this morning and as soon as I got on the tram, I checked my bag to realise that my cheat sheet wasn't inside. Horrified, I trudged through the rain and went straight home to get it out of the scanner and bring it to school. Do I have an early form of Alzhemier's? I forgot about my wallet earlier this week and have forgotten about many other things in the past. Here's an amusing anecdote!

IMG_3684.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Japan last year, sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Last year when I went to Japan with my school, I almost lost two incrediblly important things: my JR Pass (which was basically the pass that gets me on every public transport and was exclusive to visitors/tourists) and my passport. Thank god I was with people who looked out for me cause I don't know what the fuck I would've done had I been there all on my own. @____@

4. After watching one of my favourite film-makers, Quentin Tarintino, discuss about his 20 favourite movies since 1992 (this was the year HE became a director) I decided to investigate by buying one of the movies he mentioned. Today, I bought a copy of M Night Shyamalan's Unbreakable.

I thought this was a pretty good movie, even if it's an overlooked one. Personally, I think it's an underappreciated work. I guess cause my sentiments towards comic books plays a part in this. Now granted, I have only started reading comics this year, but I have enough admiration for it to really connect with Unbreakable. The movie is basically summed up in this, "What if Superman existed but didn't know who or what he was?". The movie explores this in a very honest and subtle way which I thought was very good. Worth a watch if you're bored. I picked it up for only 7 dollars and got a good kick out of it. (Y)


5. Avatar Day is upon us. Probably one of the most hyped and talked about movies this year is James Cameron's Avatar. It's a movie that's been 14 years in the making I believe, with the last 4 years spent in production hell (pre and post). Avatar Day, as it as been dubbed, is the day that we finally get to see footage from Avatar in trailer form. I'm not sure if this applies to all screens around the world (hopefully it is) but I can't help but feel majorly excited. James Cameron hasn't released a feature film since Titanic so this will be pretty epic. For those who aren't familar with his name, you probably have already seen his movies. He's direted Aliens, The Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgement Day and True Lies. He's the guy that created the fucking Terminator and launched Jessica Alba's career by letting her star in Dark Angel.

The plot for Avatar is as follows (taken from Wiki):

The story’s protagonist, Jake Sully, is a former Marine who was wounded and paralyzed from the waist down in combat on Earth. In order to participate in the Avatar program, which will give him a healthy body, Jake agrees to travel to Pandora, a lush rainforest environment filled with incredible life forms – some beautiful, many terrifying. Pandora is also the home to the Na’vi, a humanoid race that lives at what humans would consider to be a primitive level, but are actually much more evolutionarily advanced than humans. Ten feet tall, with tails and blue skin that sparkles, the Na’vi live harmoniously within their unspoiled world. But as humans encroach on Pandora in search of valuable minerals, the Na’vi’s very existence is threatened – and their warrior abilities unleashed.

Jake has unwittingly been recruited to become part of this encroachment. Since humans are unable to breathe the air on Pandora, they have created genetically-bred human-Na’vi hybrids known as Avatars. The Avatars are living, breathing bodies in the real world, controlled by a human driver through a technology that links the driver’s mind to the Avatar body. On Pandora, through his Avatar body, Jake can be whole once again. Moreover, he falls in love with a young Na’vi woman, Neytiri, whose beauty is matched by her ferocity in battle.

As Jake slides deeper into becoming one of her clan, he finds himself caught between the military-industrial forces of Earth, and the Na’vi – forcing him to choose sides in an epic battle that will decide the fate of an entire world.


6. Does anyone like my new set up of posts? I like it. I like structurally ordering things. :D

And now an FML of the day.

Today, my "best friend" invited me to drink with her and a couple other friends. She told me to "just bring a few bucks for beer". When I got there, no one else had brought money, including her. They only invited me because I'm the only one with a job. FML

End post.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

New My Chemical Romance Tracks

I'll just write a quick post here before I go to bed.
Eddie told me to go YouTube some of My Chemical Romance's new tunes the other night and now I keep going back to listen to them. They sound so much better than they did on their last album, "The Black Parade" but I still yearn for the days of "Bullets" and "Revenge"...especially Revenge...

I didn't listen to them during those years of course until but I do like their earlier, raw stuff. I have high hopes for their new record. If most of the tracks sound like they do below, I'll be a happy chappy. :O

I miss going to live shows like this. D:

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Andy Lau in Figurine Form

Kevin and I were just discussing about Manifest (I might be going again but my decision depends on Masa) this year and how the two of us tend to overinduldge in figurines. I asked Kevin what figurines I could get other than ones based on Evangelion or Final Fantasy and as a joke, he said Andy Lau. I put "andy lau figurine" into the Google Image search engine and lo and behold, the most awesome thing ever made.

I never knew it until now, but my life is just not complete unless I have this man standing over me while I sleep. Fuckin fierce shit this is. :@


NEAR? Is that you? D:

I didn't even know G-Dragon's new album, Heartbreaker, was released today until Thy told me to download it for her. I listened to it but I'm unimpressed. I only like two songs on the album: Butterfly and Hello with Dara of 2NE1. She's Gone (featuring Kush) is alright, and the other ones are just kinda meh. Not kinda my thing this album.

Anyways, let's move on to what I have done from yesterday to today.

DSC00234.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
An embarrassed Hendrick after the dumpling spill.

1. It was my day off yesterday so Masa organised a lunch with Dunstan and Hendrick coming along. We had Yumcha at Minh Tan 2. I haven't had Yumcha in fuckin ages and it was soooooooooo good to have it again. Hendrick knocked down our first plate of dumplings. :@ And then he developed a crush on our waitress. :O

DSC00235.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Me eating the chicken leg on Masa's phone. :O

DSC00236.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Pirated Asian movies and Bubble Cup FTW! :@

2. Went to "DVD Cup" as Dunstan so eloquently put it, and bought me some DVDs. Got myself a copy of the live action Blood: The Last Vampire and Shinjuku Incident. I'll be giving Shinjuku Incident to a friend, Aaron, because he's been wanting to watch it. I want a Australian distrubted one. Masanori went crazy on the DVDs and bought a shitload, one of which I'm glad he bought: Oldboy. I talk this movie up a lot cause it really is a great movie, one derserving of some attention at least. Oh by the way, it's called DVD Cup cause it sells pirated DVDs of popular Asian movies/series and also serves Bubble Cup. :O

DSC00248.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Hendrick = Eminem in 8 Mile.

3. Headed to Victoria Gardens for some bowling. I won the first round and the second round...well I think no one took it seriously cause we started throwing Hadoukens around with the bowling balls.

DSC00243.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
So inappropriate Masa! D:

4. I got home only to realise that my wallet was missing. I called Kingpin to check if they had found my wallet. Thank god they did. I literally ran back to Victoria Gardens and picked it up. I hate being forgetful. :@

5. Came home to give my dad Shinjuku Incident to watch. I've been recommending it to him for the longest time now. I gotta thank father for giving me an appreciation of Asian cinema.

6. Watched Blood: The Last Vampire and laughed the whole way through it. It's so horrible; worse than GI Joe. This is what I said about Blood: The Last Vampire in May when the US trailer was released.

"As a guy, I still like to see movies with balls out action (especially when pulled off in such grace and style). I'd like to think that Blood: The Last Vampire delivers in this. Doesn't necessarily always have to be a well received film for me to like; I'm still a guy at heart and watching stuff get chopped off, shot at and blown up is still exhilartingly fun and entertaining. Below is the US Trailer. (The effects sorta look dodgy and Dragonball Evolution-like...then again that's the quality of YouTube and the trailer so I dunno)."

I was pretty much on the money with this though the violence wasn't as stylized as I had imagined. Seriously, movie was horrible and so bad that it's good. A new pet peeve of mine in cinema that I have grown to hate recently. Two fob characters interacting with each other in Engurish when they can clearly use their own language and talk in that. Seriously, it doesn't add to anything in an already atrocious scene when you have fobs talking in English to each other. D:

I'll sum up the movie by saying that when they said that this was a live action anime adapation, they meant that literally. It's basically a look at the anime if it were in real life, exaggerations and all. :O


7. Forget Hugh Jackman, Andy Lau is now my new man-crush. LOL

Just like Hugh, the man sings, acts so well and for his age, he still looks like a fuckin devil. Andy Lau is No.1; nuff said.

8. Feeling so far behind on work. Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. I'm not even gonna try for Studio Art anymore. My works are basically ruined now.

9. Had a really strange and profound dream last night. I think I'll share it in a different post.

10. Did this drawing a few moments ago.

scan0017.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

Based on the Big Queens, "It's Alright" MV. Obviously I didn't intend to draw the picture in the singer's EXACT image but just did a quick (I really do mean quick, this was about 5 or less minutes of drawing). I need to shade in hair...Too much hair...

11. From now on, I will end all my posts with an FML post of the day. I was introduced to a few days ago by an overseas contact and I've been in stitches laughing at all these stories. It's a great site (I think it's sister site is Here's my FML post of the day.

Today, I went to the movies with my boyfriend We went inside the theatre and he saw a couple of his friends. Instead of saying hi and coming back to watch the movie with me, he ditched me for them. When I reminded him he was forgetting something, he grabbed the popcorn out of my hands and left. FML

End post.