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Saturday, 1 August 2009

Anthem Of Our Dying Day

Something I should start doing more of: taking photos.

Someone told me once that they always take pictures not just because they loved photography but also cause they had bad memory and would use the pictures to recall their day (which makes sense of course). And a lot of people know that I am quite forgetful so I shall start taking more photos. At least this way, it'll liven up some of my boring this one. :D

So no real pictures to share today (I'm disappointed too) so I'll just get straight to what I did.

1. Woke up at about 9.30 and did some Maths homework and worked on two pages of Vis Comm. I worked on the layout of my poster design and have finished character designs last week. (Y)

2. Drew lotsa different pictures and watched several YouTube videos. Is it weird that I drew a kid with a sniper rifle? Is my subconscious tryna tell me something? :S

3. Had dinner with some school friends at this Korean BBQ restaurant on Victoria Street. Great stuff. I think that one is probably better than the city one. More humourous anecdotes dished out. ;D

4. After dinner was supposed to go bowling at Victoria Gardens but that planned failed cause it was full. Instead the five of us sat in food court playing card games. Also had little dances and sang along to I Ran - A Flock of Seagulls. ;D

Pretty good day though I wanted to do more pages for Vis Comm.

And here's a little comic that I drew with the assistance of Raoul in English Class. It's become something of an inside joke amongst myself and some friends in that class. It's a spin off of J.D Sallinger's, "The Catcher In The Rye" and focuses on one of the more colourful characters of Sallinger's novel. :D

scan0001-1.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

I know some of the writing is illegible but as you can see it was a really quickly drawn thing. We're tryna make this into a weekly thing where Lord Stradlator has another fucked up and retarded adventure. :O

End post.


  1. hah Shenia had Korea, you had Korean, and I'm having Korean later today :D

  2. 2, "kid with a sniper rifle", kinda like Gunslinger Girl?

  3. ^ Anonymous: No, not like Gunslinger Girl though I have been meaning to start watching that anime; Noir too.

  4. I would like to see more photos of Australia as well :) KBBQ is delicious... but some places I've been to serve rather bland dishes? It depends where you go that is true.

  5. oo just read this post.
    we were talking about the vic st Korean BBQ last night! lol. apparently, it tastes the same as the one I went too..
    Just not charcoal grilled.

    which city one are you talking about?

  6. Haha the comic thing is funny :D
    Hope to see the photos soon!