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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Dialogue With The Stars

I'll get to listening to Big Bang's Japanese album later. Right now, I think some metal is good. I feel like being in a loud, trashy mood. I expect to recieve a decent amount of metal from Masa in the next few days. (Y)

A break down of the events from today and yesterday!

1. Spent the whole day yesterday at State Library studying for my Maths SAC. I included everything I needed on my cheat sheet EXCEPT for the whole countour maps section of Trigonometry which sucks cause I did the SAC today. I did pretty well on the SAC; not stellar marks but good enough for me to be happy with. (Y)

I spent a good 6 - 7 hours at State Library with Jason and Andy. It's probably gonna become a weekly thing now. Every Wedensday at State, the three of us are gonna study and eat in the city. D:

DSC00250.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
This is what I had for lunch at OldTown. I can't remember the name to it, but I know what it's called in Vietnamese. I'm not gonna write that down either.

DSC00253.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Jason with his Wonton Noodle Soup with BBQ Pork. ;D

DSC00254.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
As you can see, I'm clearly a hard worker. :O

DSC00255.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Andy doing his homework. Oh and Jason's really big eraser is also there, haha.

It's the longest I've ever stayed at State Library. Some people will know that I generally DON'T like studying at State Library especially when I'm with friends cause obviously they'd be a distraction but I'm softening up to the idea of studying there. It's quiet (obviously) and I feel more motivated to finish homework there rather than fall into the trappings of the elusive Internet. Forcefully prying myself away from home is the best thing to do right now...

l_b35dba7eeee740b39c5df2ca31584f1b.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Manifest last year - Our Death Note group! D:

2. Manifest - Melbourne's annual anime festival will be held over the weekend and I think I might be going. Earlier this year, I told myself I wasn't gonna go cause last year was a disaster of a festival. It was really unorganised and just put me off going this year. Besides, I kinda didn't wanna fuss over Manifest seeing as how I'm in year 12 and should be doing work and stuff. That was until I realised that I probably won't be doing anything on a Saturday afternoon anyway so why not? I could always go bargain hunting for some figurines and anime/gaming related memorabilia. If I do go this year (chances of me going are pretty high I think) I wanna find a cheap version of this:

Final Fantasy XII' fucking awesome Judge Magister Gabranth is made of win.

I wonder if that Andy Lau figurine would be at Manifest...

3. You know how I mentioned that cheat sheet for Maths earlier in the post? That cheat sheet caused me trouble this morning. Last night I scanned it for Minh over MSN but forgot to take it out of the scanner. I was already running late this morning and as soon as I got on the tram, I checked my bag to realise that my cheat sheet wasn't inside. Horrified, I trudged through the rain and went straight home to get it out of the scanner and bring it to school. Do I have an early form of Alzhemier's? I forgot about my wallet earlier this week and have forgotten about many other things in the past. Here's an amusing anecdote!

IMG_3684.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Japan last year, sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Last year when I went to Japan with my school, I almost lost two incrediblly important things: my JR Pass (which was basically the pass that gets me on every public transport and was exclusive to visitors/tourists) and my passport. Thank god I was with people who looked out for me cause I don't know what the fuck I would've done had I been there all on my own. @____@

4. After watching one of my favourite film-makers, Quentin Tarintino, discuss about his 20 favourite movies since 1992 (this was the year HE became a director) I decided to investigate by buying one of the movies he mentioned. Today, I bought a copy of M Night Shyamalan's Unbreakable.

I thought this was a pretty good movie, even if it's an overlooked one. Personally, I think it's an underappreciated work. I guess cause my sentiments towards comic books plays a part in this. Now granted, I have only started reading comics this year, but I have enough admiration for it to really connect with Unbreakable. The movie is basically summed up in this, "What if Superman existed but didn't know who or what he was?". The movie explores this in a very honest and subtle way which I thought was very good. Worth a watch if you're bored. I picked it up for only 7 dollars and got a good kick out of it. (Y)


5. Avatar Day is upon us. Probably one of the most hyped and talked about movies this year is James Cameron's Avatar. It's a movie that's been 14 years in the making I believe, with the last 4 years spent in production hell (pre and post). Avatar Day, as it as been dubbed, is the day that we finally get to see footage from Avatar in trailer form. I'm not sure if this applies to all screens around the world (hopefully it is) but I can't help but feel majorly excited. James Cameron hasn't released a feature film since Titanic so this will be pretty epic. For those who aren't familar with his name, you probably have already seen his movies. He's direted Aliens, The Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgement Day and True Lies. He's the guy that created the fucking Terminator and launched Jessica Alba's career by letting her star in Dark Angel.

The plot for Avatar is as follows (taken from Wiki):

The story’s protagonist, Jake Sully, is a former Marine who was wounded and paralyzed from the waist down in combat on Earth. In order to participate in the Avatar program, which will give him a healthy body, Jake agrees to travel to Pandora, a lush rainforest environment filled with incredible life forms – some beautiful, many terrifying. Pandora is also the home to the Na’vi, a humanoid race that lives at what humans would consider to be a primitive level, but are actually much more evolutionarily advanced than humans. Ten feet tall, with tails and blue skin that sparkles, the Na’vi live harmoniously within their unspoiled world. But as humans encroach on Pandora in search of valuable minerals, the Na’vi’s very existence is threatened – and their warrior abilities unleashed.

Jake has unwittingly been recruited to become part of this encroachment. Since humans are unable to breathe the air on Pandora, they have created genetically-bred human-Na’vi hybrids known as Avatars. The Avatars are living, breathing bodies in the real world, controlled by a human driver through a technology that links the driver’s mind to the Avatar body. On Pandora, through his Avatar body, Jake can be whole once again. Moreover, he falls in love with a young Na’vi woman, Neytiri, whose beauty is matched by her ferocity in battle.

As Jake slides deeper into becoming one of her clan, he finds himself caught between the military-industrial forces of Earth, and the Na’vi – forcing him to choose sides in an epic battle that will decide the fate of an entire world.


6. Does anyone like my new set up of posts? I like it. I like structurally ordering things. :D

And now an FML of the day.

Today, my "best friend" invited me to drink with her and a couple other friends. She told me to "just bring a few bucks for beer". When I got there, no one else had brought money, including her. They only invited me because I'm the only one with a job. FML

End post.


  1. Nawww Jason looks so cute.
    Yeah dot points are always better to read in my opinion.

  2. ah you're so forgetful! what to do to cure your forgetfulness hieu?...

    Aw everytime you guys post up pictures of japan, I get so jealous. ):
    but happy at the same time.

  3. wow..thats pretty forgetful lmao
    and ur new set up of posts is good (Y)