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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Drop D, Not Bombs

So I haven't updated in a while, mainly cause there's nothing much to update about. I guess I'm just saving it for formal night on Friday. :O

So I'll just give a few quick updates on my life in the past few days for anyone interested in reading.

1. Went to the Fruit market with Thien on Saturday and saw the most effed up orange ever.

deformed.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

Seriously look at that thing, it's bloody deformed. I like the fruit market though. Really brings back memories of a much more simpler time for me. :D

2. Visited the RMIT Open Day this past Sunday and was quite impressed with what was on show. After speaking with one of the current Media students there, my desire to learn Media at RMIT was strengthened even further. She said that basically what they do is watch a new movie every week and write what they thought about it. Fucking fantastic for me, except I won't be able to get that 92 ENTER. I can settle for Swinburne's Media program I suppose. Not as much Film/Cinema studies though...

3. Check out my characters for Vis Comm below!

characters.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

Finished colouring them and now need to draw up a background. I'm thinking a night sky done in water colour should do it...

4. Bought a new comic on Monday (I didn't intend to, but after I saw this book's amazing cover art, I just had to have it, regardless of story and characters)

It's a new 3 part series created by Nick Simmons, son of legendary rocker Gene Simmons of KISS.

It's a pretty good start so far, though the dialogue is a bit mediocre but I can get past that. The person that did the cover at to this, Jo Chen, is quickly beocming one of my favourite artists. Below is some of her work.

5. Gonna stay back tomorrow on my early Wedensday leave tomorrow to try and finish my Studio Art painting. I'm kinda almost done, I mean it could be tuned up a lot more but at this point, I kinda don't care much for Studio Art... I mean I appreciate art, it's just I'm not an "arts" student. Art is more something I like to do every now and again in my spare time. I've actually started to really like using acryllic paints on canvases. Maybe canvases and paint will still have a place in my life after school?

6. Also gonna pick up the next issue of Blackest Night as well as get the first issue of Blackest Night: Batman. Pretty excited, haha. ;D

7. Really hate how Australia gets the shit end in DVD sales. Real pissed that the Director's Cut of Watchmen isn't hitting our shores anytime soon but I hope the 5 Disc Ultimate Collecter's Edition comes here just in time for Christmas.

Also would love Kill Bill - The Whole Bloody Affair (Tarintino has pretty much confirmed this so I can't wait!).

Is also hoping that Eastern Eye distrubute Shinjuku Incident in Australia. Blu-ray's the new thing, huh? Anyone think Blu-ray is all it's cracked up to be? Anyone got a Blu-ray player?

8. Girugamesh's latest single BORDER is flippin sweet. Check out the PV.

Too much comic book talk. And this is why I need to go out more and try socialising. @___@

And that wraps up things for tonight.

End post.


  1. That character on Gene Simmons' son's comic cover looks like L...
    That orange is so ugly.

  2. Dude Jo Chen is so fuhreakin' awesome. I love her works. Shaun Tan's another cool illustrator. Dammit why CAN'T these people draw?

    [Too much comic book talk. And this is why I need to go out more and try socialising. @___@]

    Now replace "too much comic book talk" with too much "fangirling + magazine whoring" D: I buy magazines based on their covers. We're awesome.