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Tuesday, 18 August 2009


NEAR? Is that you? D:

I didn't even know G-Dragon's new album, Heartbreaker, was released today until Thy told me to download it for her. I listened to it but I'm unimpressed. I only like two songs on the album: Butterfly and Hello with Dara of 2NE1. She's Gone (featuring Kush) is alright, and the other ones are just kinda meh. Not kinda my thing this album.

Anyways, let's move on to what I have done from yesterday to today.

DSC00234.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
An embarrassed Hendrick after the dumpling spill.

1. It was my day off yesterday so Masa organised a lunch with Dunstan and Hendrick coming along. We had Yumcha at Minh Tan 2. I haven't had Yumcha in fuckin ages and it was soooooooooo good to have it again. Hendrick knocked down our first plate of dumplings. :@ And then he developed a crush on our waitress. :O

DSC00235.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Me eating the chicken leg on Masa's phone. :O

DSC00236.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Pirated Asian movies and Bubble Cup FTW! :@

2. Went to "DVD Cup" as Dunstan so eloquently put it, and bought me some DVDs. Got myself a copy of the live action Blood: The Last Vampire and Shinjuku Incident. I'll be giving Shinjuku Incident to a friend, Aaron, because he's been wanting to watch it. I want a Australian distrubted one. Masanori went crazy on the DVDs and bought a shitload, one of which I'm glad he bought: Oldboy. I talk this movie up a lot cause it really is a great movie, one derserving of some attention at least. Oh by the way, it's called DVD Cup cause it sells pirated DVDs of popular Asian movies/series and also serves Bubble Cup. :O

DSC00248.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Hendrick = Eminem in 8 Mile.

3. Headed to Victoria Gardens for some bowling. I won the first round and the second round...well I think no one took it seriously cause we started throwing Hadoukens around with the bowling balls.

DSC00243.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
So inappropriate Masa! D:

4. I got home only to realise that my wallet was missing. I called Kingpin to check if they had found my wallet. Thank god they did. I literally ran back to Victoria Gardens and picked it up. I hate being forgetful. :@

5. Came home to give my dad Shinjuku Incident to watch. I've been recommending it to him for the longest time now. I gotta thank father for giving me an appreciation of Asian cinema.

6. Watched Blood: The Last Vampire and laughed the whole way through it. It's so horrible; worse than GI Joe. This is what I said about Blood: The Last Vampire in May when the US trailer was released.

"As a guy, I still like to see movies with balls out action (especially when pulled off in such grace and style). I'd like to think that Blood: The Last Vampire delivers in this. Doesn't necessarily always have to be a well received film for me to like; I'm still a guy at heart and watching stuff get chopped off, shot at and blown up is still exhilartingly fun and entertaining. Below is the US Trailer. (The effects sorta look dodgy and Dragonball Evolution-like...then again that's the quality of YouTube and the trailer so I dunno)."

I was pretty much on the money with this though the violence wasn't as stylized as I had imagined. Seriously, movie was horrible and so bad that it's good. A new pet peeve of mine in cinema that I have grown to hate recently. Two fob characters interacting with each other in Engurish when they can clearly use their own language and talk in that. Seriously, it doesn't add to anything in an already atrocious scene when you have fobs talking in English to each other. D:

I'll sum up the movie by saying that when they said that this was a live action anime adapation, they meant that literally. It's basically a look at the anime if it were in real life, exaggerations and all. :O


7. Forget Hugh Jackman, Andy Lau is now my new man-crush. LOL

Just like Hugh, the man sings, acts so well and for his age, he still looks like a fuckin devil. Andy Lau is No.1; nuff said.

8. Feeling so far behind on work. Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. I'm not even gonna try for Studio Art anymore. My works are basically ruined now.

9. Had a really strange and profound dream last night. I think I'll share it in a different post.

10. Did this drawing a few moments ago.

scan0017.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

Based on the Big Queens, "It's Alright" MV. Obviously I didn't intend to draw the picture in the singer's EXACT image but just did a quick (I really do mean quick, this was about 5 or less minutes of drawing). I need to shade in hair...Too much hair...

11. From now on, I will end all my posts with an FML post of the day. I was introduced to a few days ago by an overseas contact and I've been in stitches laughing at all these stories. It's a great site (I think it's sister site is Here's my FML post of the day.

Today, I went to the movies with my boyfriend We went inside the theatre and he saw a couple of his friends. Instead of saying hi and coming back to watch the movie with me, he ditched me for them. When I reminded him he was forgetting something, he grabbed the popcorn out of my hands and left. FML

End post.


  1. You only found out about FML a few days ago?! :o
    haha such a funny site.
    I was going to watch the Last Vampire but since u think its so terrible, i wont bother wasting my time ;/
    you always seem to be eating asian food @_@

  2. omg at that FML. ==" she should dumped him.

    You know what.. I think i'm quite into house/dance music or whatever it was on the album. I really liked Heartbreaker and Gossip Man haha.
    I'm trying to not download the album (except for maybe heartreaker..) 'cause I want to buy it instead. but that's a lot of waiting ):


    Lol yeh you've me about you making the Seungri eggs. I'm glad you liked them. I don't think there'll be many more egg posts coming up, I'm not as creative as he is.. but I'll try.
    I don't know what I'm good at cooking with, I mean I don't those I'm cooking those eggs properly..

    Btw, saw you afterschool today, sry I didn't say hi.