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Thursday, 6 August 2009

I want to learn Cantonese!

I got done watching a Hong Kong/Singaporean movie called Protege just now (from some of the production team behind Infernal Affairs and more recently, Overheard) and I seriously wanna learn Cantonese now. It seems so cool, the way they speak and such. I like hearing Cantonese people argue, haha. God, sounds like any other Asian language is so much better than Vietnamese. Viet sounds straight up gay. I think that "doctor by day, comedian by night" Ken Jeong summed it up best: Vietnamese people are kinda gay right? We do speak and sound really gay.

Anyone wanna fast track me on some Canto? It's so much better than crappy Mandarin! :@

I mean all the Hong Kong movies make Canto look so awesome to speak! Anyone? No? :(

Oh and by the way Protege shits all over Overheard in my opinion.

Speaking of Overheard, seems that a sequel is in the works. The movie has garnered favourable reviews from both audiences and critics in China and has drawn some pretty decent numbers in the Chinese box office making this a possibly lucrative franchise to explore. Overheard's producer Derek Yee(directing credits include Protege and Shinjuku Incident), has said he would like for Hong Kong heavyweights, Andy Lau and Donnie Yen to join the cast. :O


  1. According to my friends, Canto is for TBs and Mandarin is for sophisticated people. Which is why my little video was done in Mandarin.
    BUT when I was in HK the language they spoke was really cool, especially in the airports!
    The only Vietnamese word I know is Pho but it's a good one :D

  2. ^your friends are wrong. Of all the dialects in China, mandarin is the one I least understand. Everybody speaks their own mother tongue, shanghainese, cantonese, etc. Everybody is forced to speak mandarin because that is the "national" dialect for communicating in China. But people who only speak mandarin think it's the best form of chinese for some reason... for 'sophisticated' chinese what is that honestly??? Some Japanese and Korean words sound similar to Cantonese but not Mandarin because cantonese is more common with ancient chinese (the type that probably had influence/influenced by Japanese/Koreans back then). I got no problem with Mandarin speakers but their elitism confuses me sometimes. I had a classmate from beijing who insisted beijing ppl spoke mandarin "properly" and taiwanese ppl did not. My taiwanese friend wasn't too happy about that.

    sorry hieu, little rant I had to make. 85,000,000+ speak cantonese we get fed up with mandarin sometimes.