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Saturday, 22 August 2009

Inglourious Basterds Mini Review

PLOT: The Basterds, a team of rag tag Jewish soldiers lead by Lt Aldo Raine, hatch a plan to kill Hitler and the Third Reich. Meanwhile, Shoshanna Dreyfus schemes a similar plan as revenge for Col. Hans Landa's exceuction of her family.

've been wanting to see this movie for a long while now and was so glad to finally have witnessed it in cinemas. Did it live up to my expectations? Hell yeah!

This is Quentin Tarintino's "men on a mission" film. The sub-genre of the war movie that he loves so much. A bunch of guys in war going on a rampage; what more could you ask for? My only criticism of this movie is that it's not quite the men on a mission film that Tarintino talked up but at the same time, it doesn't need to be this kinda film cause Tarintino delivers the audience what is arguably considered his best film to date.

Casting is brilliant. Brad Pitt doesn't overact as Aldo Raine in my opinion and is perfect for his role as the Nazi scalping Lietutenant of the Basterds unit. However, the true star of the movie is Christoph Waltz who plays the film's main villain, Colenel Hans Landa. His fear instilling presence as "The Jew Hunter" brings a sense of foreboding tension that is then immediately juxtaposed by his eccentric and charming demeanor. Some of the most scene intense scenes belonged to Waltz and I think, along with almost everyone else, that he deserves at least an Oscar nomintation. He was that good. Tarintino always brings out the best in any cast he has and almost always has the perfect people for the roles he's written.

The music in the film was top notch and used incredibly well. This film really is Tarintino's ode to Westerns.

I loved the entire bar scene. Some of the most intense dialogue and interaction between Basterds and Nazis alike that played out like a mini Reservoir Dogs as most people would say (I'm pretty sure this was intentional).

The climax and final scene of the movie is amazing and all the little Tarintino things such are still present in Basterds (foot fetish shot, long tracking shots etc). Hell, having Samuel L Jackson and Harvey Keitel have appearance-less cameos made me giggle inside with fanboy excitement.

I think that without Tarintino's prior films, he probably wouldn't have been able to conjur up Basterds.

In an interview with /Film, Eli Roth (plays Sgt. Donny Donowitz) had this to say.

I watch it and I think: he’s got the tension from Reservoir Dogs, and the humor and style from Pulp Fiction, and the characters of Jackie Brown, and the action of Kill Bill. And the adrenaline. And the horror of Death Proof.

I completely agree with him one hundred percent after reading having read that.

Inglourious Basterds gets a 5/5

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