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Sunday, 16 August 2009

The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You

Damn all this wind and rain. It's cause of Melbourne's PMS weather that I decided to put off going to Swinburne to check out what they had on offer today. Effing sigh. D:

So here's a recap of everything that's happened from yesterday to today.


1. Went with Eddie in the afternoon yesterday to the city so that he could get his hair cut. I reckon it was a pretty good cut, but Eddie wasn't too sure about it and fixed up his hair afterwards to what would normally be his regular and usual look with shorter things here and there and a fringe that's changed to the other side.

2. I completely forgot about the Peter Jackson endorsed movie, District 9, cause of the formal. I really wanted to watch it last night and so did Eddie. Called Kevin to see if he wanted to go check it out as well. Turns out Kevin wanted to eat dinner and brought Julia along. So plans now where to eat out and watch a movie.

DSC00216.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Kevin and Jenny playing with chopsticks.

3. Ate dinner at Dumplings Plus but my god, the service was bloody horrible last night. Jenny came with us also to eat and met us later that evening. I was happy with my two plates of Pan-fried dumplings but Kevin got the shit end of the service. While everyone else had their food, Kevin had to wait basically 45+ minutes for his food to arrive. Turns out the waiter didn't even jot down what he ordered. By the time the food came out, he couldn't even eat it and we just left.

DSC00217.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Eddie and Kevin.

4. Left the restaurant, hoping that District 9 would make up for the horrible restaurant experience but turns out that the only seats left for the film were the front ones - the goddamned neckbreakers. I don't even see a point in having them in a cinema, no one wants them. Bought tickets to G.I Joe instead. I've actually wanted to see this movie too, hahaha.

5. Quick thoughts on G.I. Joe (Not gonna write a seperate review on it...I think we all know how this one plays out). Channing Tatum is a pretty bad actor; the effects were soooooo horrible (no joke, everything just looked so bad); forget about dialogue and everyone was so cheesy. Oh but those things actually make the movie fucking awesome. LOL!

Never mind that all those things happened, just watch it for pure entertainment and joy. It's a horrible movie yeah, but the action sequences are damn good and fun to watch. So much action. Snake Eyes vs Storm Shadow is awesome. Nothing is really explained in this movie but it's a lot better than Revenge of the Fallen and that's saying something.

DSC00222.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Kevin and Julia waiting for the train.

Went down to the train station at the end of the night and made our way home. I got home and checked the status of a film that I may have talked about once before on this blog called, I Come With The Rain.

This movie was finished in 2008 but hasn't gotten distrubution rights by any Western distrubutor which is a shame cause it looks like a good movie with an ensemble international cast. I checked it out cause Byung-hun Lee (who played Storm Shadow in the GI Joe movie and gave a great performance in A Bittersweet Life) is in that movie and got me thinking about it. Happy to see that it's been widely released in Japan and am now waiting for it to slwoly surface on pirated DVDs.

7. Currently loving this song by this new Korean duo called Big Queens. The rest of their debut album is a bit disappointing but their vocals are so goddamned strong. The MV is a bit strange but if you just listen to the song itself, you'll recognise their talent. I wished the rest of their album sounded more like this song. Oh well.

End post.


  1. I was watching TV and I saw an interview with that Korean guy, Kimura Takuya and Josh Hartnett (omfgosh he has aged so much D:), it seems like a decent film
    The waiters at dumplings plus are really fob, it's kind of frustrating when you're in a hurry (=_=')

  2. yeh the album will be out tomorrow, Gdragon's album is out today! + it's his birthday!

    o btw, as weird as the MV you have up is... I think I understand it.
    It's so sad ):