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Wednesday, 5 August 2009


You're gonna need a montageeee (montageeee)
Even Rocky had a montageeee (montageeee)

I seriously would love a montage to inexplicably appear in my life so that I could zip through the last few weeks of school and go straight to finishing exams and going on a break. :O

I stayed back at school on my own today to do work on this:

DSC00204.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

It's ONE of my final pieces for Studio Art. I still need much work to do on it! Definitely need to montage through this and Vis Comm. @___@

I actually get a lot done staying back. I should do it more (well for as many weeks there are left for us Year 12s).


P.S. I never knew such a thing existed but this can that Masa bought on the way to school made my day yesterday.


  1. The final piece is looking good ^^
    haha the LOL drink..they sell them at my school canteen too
    Idk if its just me but the mango to me tastes passion fruity O_o

  2. Yeah we stock LOL at our canteen too...
    Your piece is looking like it's going to plan!

  3. I think EVERYONE needs a montage - DUDE *hi5* at your spotting of Orphen. Loved that shiz. Sooo good - I have the original series on video (dw, my sister also has a copy on DVD) LOL

    Your Major work is looking really good. My sister's pulling her hair out over her Visual Arts (equivalent of Vis Com I think for you) major work; I think she's doing digital manips with traditional forms of art. Trial exams begin soon too so.. eek.

    That can looks rad - I think I need one for my desk at work so I get guaranteed gigglies whenever I feel stressed HAHAH


    ERGH I double-posted. Sorry dude!