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Wednesday, 12 August 2009


finalposter.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

What do you think?

What a complete contrast to what I said last night! Gone is the night sky I was gonna do. It certainly looks complete... I dunno, I just felt like I coulda done so much more and took the easy way out and just used a brush set I downloaded on Photoshop. Not too happy but I just really wanna put this behind me and move on. I feel like I tried to do too much. :S

Oh speaking of all things "unsatisfied", I was REALLY unsatisfied with my Studio Arts painting but like the image above, I just wanted to get it done, put it behind me and move on. So Mr Murphy, in all his infinite wisdom, decided what I was doing was shit and so 5 weeks of work went to shit, and I've covered it up with newspaper (which was an idea already had in my folio). Now I'm working on two things at once and am sorta on track. In a strange Mr Murphy kind of sense, I'd probably be doing a lot better now than before. Still, I am pissed that he failed to actually TRY to help me rather than just let me feel unsatisfied with my work and not to do anything to improve it. :S

P.S. Just had a look at La Trobe's Creative Arts course and like the sound of it but I don't want to have to act as part of my course. Applying with VTAC tomorrow or something, I think. School's guiding us through it and shiz.

End post.


  1. theres something about your poster thing.. hrmmm..
    and never ever ever tell me i can't have big bang. you should know better than that hieu!!!!!!
    anyways want to talk to youuuu been a while !

  2. cloud, sephi, snake, rei, asuka, princess monoke (I think?), link, zelda and mario.

    Honestly, I think the cartoon in contrast with the real life people at the bottom kinda looks weird O_O"

    Your studio art teacher is a fucking dick

  3. I think the poster looks fine...but it would be better if you changed the heading somehow...cause idk seems like it blends too much with the background and dosn't really stand out
    yr 11 a bludge? I wish @_@
    haha are u sure you have the right joy? there are a few joys at our school...

  4. LOL, its joy,,but her last name is pasukov
    i think ur talking about the joy in yr 11? :)

  5. I really like the whole thing, including the background! But I do think that you need to make the heading stand out a tad bit more?

    Your teacher sounds like a prick ): Don't worry, I'm sure your work is fantastic!


    I wouldn't want to read people's minds lol. But I do want to know what people REALLY are thinking, so maybe more of a able-to-tell-truth-from-lies kinda power haha.

  6. Mr murphy is a lazy teacher. My TSFX tutor reminds me of him..

    Anyways, I like your v.c. poster design. I did like your night sky idea though, but this looks nice as well. well done, I feel so behind compared to you. =S