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Monday, 3 August 2009

Visual Communication and Design Help Needed!

Below is what my poster concept is looking like so far. It's in it's early stages of refinement as you can see but I need help in terms of placement of logos, sponsors and what not. I feel that the Eminence logo, pictured above right of the A Night In Fantasia 2010 letterform is too random and out of place. Any suggestions of where this or any other piece of letterform should go? Also, I need suggestions for backgrounds. I don't have any idea what I wanna do. Basically just critique my entire work and try to help me improve on it. Thanks in advance to anyone who helps out. Now back to drawing more characters into my poster! :@


  1. I would maybe have the Eminence logo on the bottom right hand corner if you have room...
    Otherwise I think it looks good (H).
    I wouldn't know what to do with the background either :S

  2. Maybe you should draw lots and lots of characters, so that they're kinda like a crowd? Because who you've drawn so far don't really have that big a connection with eachother, plus they're already really close to eachother so all you need to do is add more people. I don't know if I explained that properly lol.

    Maybe you should move the heading up to the top if you don't like it so close to the Eminence logo, because I reckon the Eminence logo looks good where you put it.

    Lol, I don't know. I'm not that creative T_T"

  3. Oh okay. So do you have your final idea then?
    And what I meant was that you should fill the blank space with lots of different characters. But then, that would be really time consuming I think >_>

    LOL, well I usually don't consider 'school work' a good thing. But I suppose everyone is different. And to answer your question: if you are getting too much school work & are becoming stressed over it, then the stress & sleepless nights is the bad result? Haha, I don't think I explained that properly ><

  4. I like what you've got at the moment. I think the layout of the characters are nice.

    sry, I don't have any suggestions to make ):