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Sunday, 13 September 2009

Day of the River


1. This past Thursday was riddled with laughter and pop culture references. Almost like a Tarantino film except without awesome banter and insane violence. At school, me and my friends created our own Power Rangers group on paper and enjoyed making fun of our crappy team while after school, we played several games of basketball and had to writhe in pain after Jemmy decided we should do a push up penalty game. 'Twas a fun day.

2. Speaking of all things related to Tarantino, here's a piece of information I found to be pleasantly amusing and interesting (you can skip this part!) For those of you who have seen QT's Kill Bill, the character of Go-Go Yubari was Quentin's small homage to the 2000 Japanese movie, "Battle Royale". Hell, Chiaki Kuriyama who played Go-Go was also a cast member of BR. Turns out the lighthouse scene in Battle Royale (where one girl poisons another girl's food and then all the girls start going apeshit) was Battle Royale director Kinji Fukasaku's homage to QT's first film, "Reservoir Dogs". Now I feel like watching BR again.


3. I didn't mean to but I fell asleep at State Library on Wedensday. It didn't help that I hadn't had enough sleep the night before and that I had orchestrated songs running through my head. I was only asleep for about 10 or 15 minutes and then the security guard woke me up. He took my calculator without me knowing but later returned it to me saying that I shouldn't sleep here seeing as how it's easy for people to take stuff.


4. Downloaded several new soundtracks over the week. My mum loves that I'm listening to orchestral compositions and arrangements - it's definitely better to her ears than hearing a band like Killswitch Engage or Leathermouth screaming and trashing. Below are the soundtracks I downloaded this week.
Fun, this game is. So is it's epic soundtrack.
Joe Hisashi's music is amazingly phenomenal. I want to watch this movie again! I've kinda just realised this movie is almost like an Eastern take on Alice in Wonderland. :S

evas.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

5. I took the three Evangelion units that I had tucked in their boxes out the other day. The smell of a fresh figurine coming out of it's box is enticing. I decided I wasn't gonna be too obsessed with keeping them in their original packaging and then reselling it in the future. I mean why buy them in the first place?

storyboard.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

6. Pretty much completed my finals for Vis Comm. Above is the storyboard to my second final - a concert guide informing the audience of the program, the orchestra and the guests.

7. My English/Literature teacher picked me and some other Year 12 students to participate in this creative writing competition that's being run at our school. The writing competition is in honour of Australian author, Morris West, who apparently attended my school. I'm not too sure what I wanna write (I actually don't know if I want to actually submit anything). I don't have the sheet that says what topic I'm allowed to write with me at the moment but I do remember one of them was at least good enough for me to write on. :S

8. I've completed Unit 4 of both Literature and English this week. The verdict? I scored about high 70s in English (yet to be cross examined by teachers) and scored an 88 in Literature. Now to prepare for exams. Can't believe exams make up 50 percent of the study which sucks cause that just means if anyone does bad in exam, their scores are destroyed. It's a make or break situation! :@

9. Now developing a crush on Fan Bingbing. Funny name, I know. D:
10. New banner is up. I'll probably keep as a permanent banner from now on. It's inspired by Quentin Tarantino's trademark car hood/trunk shot and is also inspired by Gabriel Ba's colouring. And yes, that's my shitty handwriting. :D

End post.


  1. HEY HIEU.
    i like your banner. AND YOUR FINAL PIECE. puts mine to shame. i hate mine. *cries..
    is yours due tomorrow?

    lol at the security guard, that was nice of him.

  2. Ahhh your final is awesome!
    It looks so professional :-D
    Ahaha, Fan Bingbing, she DOES have a funny name :P