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Sunday, 6 September 2009

The Forest Knows

Boring, boring, boring week with a hint of drama. Don't expect too much reading this. And don't say I didn't warn you. :D
I'm Rick James BITCH! :@
1. Been watching too many Dave Chappelle clips on YouTube. I've seen almost all his performances and keep watching them on a loop - it's crazy. I like Chappelle for his anecdotal style of humour. The guy always has the weirdest stories - you feel like he's one of your friends just recollecting shit they did over the weekend. Good stuff.

2. In light of the recent merger between Disney and Marvel, I came across a batch of awesome Photoshopped images that people did trying to fuse the two together. Below are four of my favourites. You can find more of them here:

Iron Mickey

Fantastic Four

3. In an attempt to prepare myself for the upcoming exams and hours of study, I have deleted all the music I regularly listen to on my PSP and have replaced them with score soundtracks from various movies and games. I've done this because I'd like to think that this will at least soothe my mind and keep me focused on my work. Plus, I love my score soundtracks! There's no scientific study or anything showing that music of the classical/orchestral kind would boost one's chances at succeeding (not that I know of), but I feel good listening to that kinda stuff.

So for two months, I will be only listening to the songs from movies such as Oldboy, Princess Mononoke, The Lord of the Rings and A Tale of Two Sisters, as well as soundtracks of Final Fantasy, Shadow of the Colossus and Metal Gear Solid. While I'm at it, I should get the Kingdom Hearts and Star Wars soundtracks. :D

4. I didn't get to watch any new movies this week! Not that it's a completely bad thing, actually I think it might be a good thing. I blow way too much money on going to the cinemas every Friday. It's not even my money, it's my parents' money! A friend and I had a small chat about this the other day. I thought that we started watching movies every Friday cause of Star Trek but I am now lead to believe this may have all started with Watchmen for me. Films I will want to watch (probably won't get around to all) in the upcoming weeks are:


5. I'm definitely going to La Trobe University now - their Bachelor of Arts is perfect. I know I said last week or a few weeks before that I found the perfect course at La Trobe but I found one even better there. I've been torn between doing either Media or Cinema Studies but now I get to kill two birds with one stone cause I'll be able to do a double major there. Plus I only need an ENTER of 70 now. Go me. I only found out all about this on Friday night when I was pulling my hair out over my upcoming SAC for English on "The Kite Runner". Oh plus there's an elective to pick so I might pick up a language or something. Was gonna select Japanese but now I'm thinking Spanish! :D

6. A major, MAJOR crisis happened over the week that would've seen me bury myself in mounds of guilt. I borrowed a friend's Vis Comm folio on Wedensday to store some of my pages in because I forgot to bring mine that day. I asked if I could take it home with me, to which he replied I could. I brought the folio to the State Library and worked on that and other homework. Then I went to go eat dinner with my mate, Andy, and left our stuff with Jason who needed to work. When we got back, Jason had all our stuff in his arms and said let's leave. He had everything BUT the folio. I didn't realise of course cause I just assumed he had it all and we left. By the time i got home, I remembered about the folio and forgot...stupid me. Of all the things I could forget.

The next morning, I skipped period 1 to go to the State Library and try to retrieve the folio but they told me that they didn't have it. Words can't describe how I felt as soon I heard they didn't have it. I went to school and told my friend - he was quite shattered to say the least. Everyone in Year 12 had heard about it and gave me shit for it, even my teachers! I returned to State Library to check their cameras but turns out they did have the folio with them! I brought it with me on Friday and returned it to him. All was forgotten and I feel so much more relieved that I didn't cause someone to completely fail a subject! :@

And this is why I hate being forgetful; you'd think I'd stop and be more mindful of my possessions, as well as other people's possessions, but I just keep on forgetting. I'm so glad that crisis was averted. D:

7. Oh, I just found the movie trailer to Mao's Last Dancer! I studied the novel in Literature this year and loved it! It's quite a popular book, some of you guys might've heard about it or read it before. The trailer looks like they're building this up to be something larger than the novel though. I guess now I can see why people are pissed about when text is translated to film. I'll definitely be watching this nonetheless - great story!

End post.


  1. I think it's possible to resolve lost folios with VCAA, although from the quote I read from soompi, the member lost her semester 1 folio.

    I felt for you when I heard the news from Kevin though. Be more mindful!

    Started from Watchmen > DB:E > Star Trek > I forget.

  2. Apparently there is some scientific evidence that listening to some classical pieces from Mozart, Beethoven etc. helps the brain to remember stuff.

  3. And I felt for you when I heard the news from Ellen. I was at the school library when Ellen called and yelled out "OMG" by accident and got told of by yr 12s and nearly kicked out by the libarian.
    I'm glad you found it.

  4. omg i love that part too!
    i had to keep reminding myself "it didnt really happen it didnt really happen..or did it O_o"

    oh my gosh those disney/marvel pics are so cute!! i like the buzz and iron man

    I WANT TO SEE PONYO!!!!!!! and you didnt see up yet?? tsk tsk

    dang its a good thing you got the folio back. im sorry you got a lot of crap from others. i dont think that was right

    oh wow.. that movie looks really good.. i should read the book too. did they get an actual dancer? cause those leaps are :O his voice sounds like daniel henneys XD

    I would've freaked out so much if I were either one of you T_T Lucky you found it!

    & omfg I really, really wanna watch 500 Days of Summer & Mao's Last Dancer! I hope it's as good as the book *fingers crossed*.

    Finally, when are your SAC or whatever. Here in Sydney, we call them our HSC :\

    lala, hope you've been doing well~