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Thursday, 24 September 2009


Remember how I said I was going to be updating everday or something like that? Well, I just haven't been bothered in the last few days cause I've been here and there and when I get home, I'm not in the mood.

So why now?

Well cause today I haven't done anything except write two essays: one for English, the other for Literature. It's not the most exciting thing but it's worth mentioning cause it's probably the highlight of my boring day today.

And since I haven't updated in a few days, an overhaul of information would probably be nice for those reading at the moment.

So without further adieu, a recollection of the things I've done this past week thus far.

1. On Monday, my mum and I went to the city to buy me a new laptop! I don't have a photo of it right now but I can say that it's a HP and is part of the DV series. Google it. It's quite a popular laptop - looks nice and performs really well. I mostly wanted a new laptop for games and faster performance (my old was dying and literally falling apart). My mum told me that she might as well pull it out of the education grant that the ANZ bank is offering. Selfish of me to ask her to do that for me, but she encouraged it. As any oppurtunist would do, I seized the chance and now have a machine that I'm currently spazzing over. We were also able to score a wireless router (that's currently shitting me cause the connection goes in and out) for 85 dollars with the original price at 150 which I think is friggin great

2. Tuesday marked what would probably be considered the best BBQ I've ever been apart of. Masa, Dunstan, Jemmy, Thomas and I went to this somewhat secluded place away from Victoria Gardens and had a great "guys day out" complete with SMOKEY BBQ MARINATED MEATS! T_____T. There were many highlights that day - quite a memorable one to have before exams and everything. We might be having another BBQ next week but I'm not sure if I can attend or not. Fingers crossed that I do though, we've still got left over meat. D:

3. Yesterday was supposed to be another awesome day of food. Jason had plans for my friends and I to go eat out in the city for Yumcha. Unfortunately, Jemmy arrived late due to scheduling conflicts with his SAC (gay, he had to back to school just for that!) so Yumcha was cancelled and we all just went to the food court at Crown Casino and ate there, haha. I had a Morrocan Baguette and a gourmet pizza. (Y) Lunch was followed by a gaming session at Galactic Circus. I was overwhelmed by the enourmous changes that that section of Crown was going through. Lotsa nice female eye candy yesterday at Crown too. (:D) After Crown, we all returned to State Library to study and then finished up with pool at the new Bourke Street site of Cue City. I've been playing too much pool there these past few days.

Of course, these last few days haven't been completely all play and no work. Mind you, I've only done about four essays and haven't bothered to look at anything else. I think I should only focus on Vis Comm and Maths seeing as how those two will be the ones I will need to work on. I can't study for English and Literature unless I have feedback from the teacher. In saying that, I won't be studying for English and Lit anymore and will do some past exam papers for Vis Comm and Maths. I've got two weeks after trial exams anyway to study, more than enough time to get the marks that I hope to get. I just feel lazy.I should really finish my design folio actually... I'll get on that tomorrow morning and use the whole day for folio catch up. :D

Apologies for making this a wall of text post without any pictures to accompany it.

End post.


  1. Sounds like your holiday is actually quite holidayish :'(

  2. This reminds I asked my parents for a laptop (for studying purposes!) a few weeks back....
    They haven't said anything about it since =='

  3. I have a friend who works at maccas but she never gets me free stuff =='
    Apparently many of the old men visiting Maccas are quite Pedo-ish o_o" lmao

  4. I go to Maccas after school every day
    but I never go INSIDE because the smell is just so good, salty and fattening it forces metto buy a big fat burger.
    But my friend works at the one in the city...
    Some old dude was like
    "Can I please have a ice cream with you on top?"
    and then later when she asked him if he wanted sugar with his coffee he was like, "No thanks, I'm sweet enough *creepy wink*"
    LOLS and called her all names ><"

  5. I'm saving my stomach for summer when i'll finally give in to their full-of-pig-fat soft serve cones.I don't even know if it IS full of pig fat but everyone seems to say so haha.