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Monday, 14 September 2009

Michael Jackson's "This Is It" Trailer

Can't help but feel like this is just the studio's way of cashing in on Michael's death. Footage looks amazing though - Jackson was really gonna go all out and put on something special.


  1. I wanna watch it even though I wasn't much of a fan... Something about him fascinates me.

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  3. hieu my man. thanks for leaving a comment, and I do read all your posts lol so keep updating. My mouth dropped open when I found out michael jackson died... his 2000-ish album (was it invincible?) was horrible but everything else I loved.

    The street fighter joystick is a phone string! It dangles off your cell except it makes real sounds when you perform the combos properly. The coolest thing ever. I use Panasonic Lumix LX3 with manual video focusing to record my stuff... the only person who notices my video quality is you (a guy). typical~ take it easy.