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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Thoughts on New Moon Trailer

Yeah, I don't like Twilight...probably because the amount of attention it stirs up is just unbelievable. The fanbase for Twilight is probably nuttier than any comic book or science fiction fanbase and that's saying something (considering that almost all of this fanbase is consisted of prepubescent girls). It's something that I just don't understand.

The movie itself was even worse. You get basically the biggest tease of a "romance" for an entire movie and well it just was so drawn out and shitty. I can't fathom why any girl would fall for Edward. He's didn't even come across as charming or charismatic. Oh and since when did vampires glisten in fucking sunlight? I thought they fucking died and writhed in horrible pain and agony whilst burning to a fucking a crisp. The fuck? :@

But I digress, this isn't about me ranting about Twilight...this post is about my thoughts on the latest trailer to the newest addition to the Twilight Saga: New Moon.

The trailer looks errr...pretty damn...promising. Totally not what I would've ever expected from this series of books. It actually looks like they're trying to make a decent movie (doesn't have to be great or anything...just fun enough for one viewing). I feel like they're making it out to be something that it's not though - trailers can be awfully misleading. We'll just have to wait and see what I think about when it hits theaters (like Harry Potter, I feel like I am obliged to see this having already started the franchise). Pale body Pattinson makes me cringe - does not look good on screen.

Two reasons why I'd be interested at all in this movie:

1. Did you not see that awesome wolf transformation? I was like "D:" when I saw it in the original teaser trailer.

2. Ashley "Alice Cullen" Greene! :D

End post.


  1. she's fucking hot
    I'm growing to like Kristen Stewert (or w/e Bellas name is) too.

    didn't bother with the trailer though

  2. Wow... She has tuck shop lady arms.
    Nice looking face though.
    After seeing that trailer, I feel like I'd only need to see the last 10 minutes of the actual film.
    Ew at his white/non-toned/hairy body.

  3. As much as i despise Twilight (well, more like all the fan girls)
    I still secretly want to watch it anyways.
    I don't even know why since I was really disappointed in the first movie anyways.
    Oh yeah, when that dude turns into a wolf his clothes just shreads apart...
    What happens when he transforms back into a human? O_o"

  4. I'll tell you why you don't understand. Its because you're not a 'prepubescent girl' so you claim. Its a girl's nature (a generalization here) to be inclined into anything that involves romance, especially movies and especially Twilight because its a 2 hour film based on romance, and to top that off its a romance between a vampire and a human which generates great controversy and immense interest.

    In your case, you're not a girl nor do you think like a girl, hence you would not understand the twilight craze and the fan-base.

  5. PSCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH twihards hhave got nothing on us kpop fangirls!

    totally gotta see this movie at the end of the year and turn it into a tradition.
    i dont expect it to be that good my friends and i were talking about it today but whatevers we can totally "swoon" over the oh so divine edward.