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Friday, 30 October 2009

Time Is Running Out

I think that today's title for this blog post seems most appropriate for a lot of Year 12s, dont' you think? Year 12s of Victoria begun their first official VCE exam today: English!

I'd like to think that this is one of my strongest subjects at school, with Literature and Vis Comm following very close behind. I reckon that I did pretty good in the exam, especially in my text response section. Our analysis of language section was stupid I thought - I didn't like the article at all. But yes, I wasn't nervous at all and was actually kinda excited to get it over and done with. So glad those 3 hours have been murdered. Now it's all about my other elective subjects! I've got Maths next week, followed by Literature then Vis Comm and Studio Art (the latter of which I definitely will not be succeeding in).

Now I have time to blog, and blog I shall. Here are some tidbits of news and happenings in the world of Hieu. D:


This is pretty awesome - proves how much of a badass Vader really is. :D


Above is a lightsaber laser-pointer...the closest thing to a lightsaber I can get right now (even if it is tiny)

Vader and his long lost love! D:

And look, their child! I dunno why, but I laughed so hard when I saw this image...


I bought a copy of Dir en grey's, "A Knot Of" DVD during the week and freaken love it. I really want to see these guys perform live for myself one day. I mean talk about literally bleeding for your art - lead singer Kyo gives his whole self for every performance. It's quite funny seeing the reactions to Kyo forcefully making himself bleed or scratching his body all over from American fans (of course the reaction is only natural). These guys are awesome - I friggin love em.

In other purchasing news, I also bought myself the second trade paperback installment to Gerard Way's The Umbrella Academy. The Dallas story arc is pretty full on and intense, moreso than the first one. While the first one, Apocalypse Suite, was more about introducing the characters and setting them up, Dallas delves straight into the thick of it all and mainly tells us Number 5's history. I really liked Dallas and can't wait for Gerard to cook up some awesomeness for his series. The best part about Dallas was the inclusion of the two new characters, Hazel and Cha-Cha. They're a pair of psychotic time travelling Nazis with oversized animal masks who eat girl scout cookies and get super high on sugar. If that doesn't sound cool enough, check out the picture below.
Don't they look awesome! Totally reminded me of Reservoir Dogs the first time I saw them. They're like two Mr Blondes. Who needs drugs when you've got cookies and guns?

Was catching up with Thy the other night who revealed she was going to be headed to Big Day Out 2010. This got me thinking about the lineup and made me want to listen to Muse again. Before I had my old laptop reformatted, I used to have a couple of Muse tracks that I liked but it's not like I was a huge fan or anything. Anyways, I've gotten back into them and it's made me want to get back into all the old stuff I used to listen to. It's too bad I can't retrieve the music I once had anymore (I may have even forgotten some of the artists I used to listen to, which is a shame). I downloaded Muse's Absolution and Origin of Symmetry albums but I like the latter much more. Which reminds me, I should further indulge in some Placebo. (Y)

For anyone that's interested in the film, or who's just bored enough to watch anything - here's the latest theatrical trailer to James Cameron's Avatar. I kinda don't understand the hate that's gravitated towards this movie. I mean sure it was made on a massive budget of like 300 million dollars (making it the most expensive movie of all time I believe) but take into account that the man hasn't really made a film since Titanic and this is the guy that gave us Aliens and Terminator! The visuals look amazing and absolutely gorgeous and the fictional planet of Pandora looks phenomonal. Now as far as the photorealistic CGI goes, well I think it looks pretty damn good even on the small screen and that it would look even more crisp on the big screen. My main gripe is with the story because well...I've seen this story before. I mean it's channeling the spirit of The Last Samurai. Still, I am majorly excited for this movie (another gripe is that they revealed way to much in the trailer). Acting wise...well, I'll wait till I see the film to judge. I coulda sworn he was about to say, "This is Sparta". Also they reveal way too much in trailers nowadays. I know like everything that's going to happen now... Why couldn't they keep it in a District 9/Watchmen/Where the Wild Things Are sorta trailer... ==

Hey turns out Donnie Yen isn't retiring anytime soon! Yay! Although he did say that he'd just tone down on the action and stuff seeing as how all that fatigue can't be good for him. I'm still happy that Donnie isn't retiring, love his work. :D

DSC00431.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

Look, a sandwich (oooh my favourite)! It's one of the last sandwiches I'll ever have at the Windsor Deli. I may have brought this up before but I don't believe I've ever posted a picture of a sandwich from that Deli so there that is. I should become a fan of Windsor Deli on Facebook, lol. And I never knew cranberry jam was sooooo good. Yes, it looks like any other sandwich but their stuff is delicious! D:

Finally a smutty drawing I did last night, enjoy.

It doesn't look like it's in proportion - her butt especially. The hair too actually... Imagine waking up to see that in the morning. Pwoah... T___T

End post.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Super Mario Proposal

Just watch and feel the "awwwwww" coming. I thought this was one of the cutest things ever, haha.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Glamorous Sky

Oh, I just noticed Blogger/Blogspot has a searchbar in their Dashboard. :S

Oh by the way, what do you call it: Blogger or Blogspot? I mean considering that the site itself is called Blogger yet the site's domain name for everyone contains Blogspot, I was just thinking which one would be more correct. I guess Blogspot sounds better than Blogger cause it sounds too generic but technically speaking (being that I am a person of great technicality...does that make sense?) I guess it should be called just Blogger.

Study Week this week! The week just before the exams. Umm, in spite of perhaps sounding too overly confident and a bit arrogant, but I am kinda feeling really good about the exams and am not stressing as much as a lot of others. So yes, a positive attitude into the final exams are a good thing. Nowadays I don't even find studying to be a daunting fact, whenever I'm not doing anything I actually sit myself down and try to go through something. Crap, am I an overachiever? Is this bad? :S

Can overachieving really be a bad thing? I mean I strive to do the best I can... I don't see anyone wanting to underperform or wanting to do bad in anything life throws at them - everyone wants to do well in something. D:

Anyways, I clearly must have some time on my hands to be blogging, and I'll try to make this one at least a little more fun to read (with maybe more some insightful comments) than my last posts. Umm, where to start? How about sharing more of my love for film for everyone!

The director and creator of the wonderous and amazing District 9, Neill Blomkamp has had his next untitled sci-fi feature film funded and endorsed by Media Rights Capital. I loved this man's work with District 9 and can only hope that his career continue to be fruitful. His next sci-fi feature will be set on a different planet and is completely original, much like District 9. It will also be very, very violent he says. Even better. :D

Jackie Chan, shame on you! I posted a trailer to his latest Hollywood offering, "The Spy Next Door" on FaceBook the other night and my thoughts with that are still largely negative. It's basically The Pacifier but instead of a butchy Vin Diesel, we get an aging Asian man. But anyways, that's not the point of this paragraph cause Jackie Chan is set to star in an upcoming remake of The Shaolin Temple, simply retitled, "Shaolin". Joining Jackie is a pretty solid cast in Wu Jing (the next Donnie Yen! :O), Nicholas Tse, Andy Lau and Fan Bingbing. Here's some trivia: the original movie marked the on screen debut of Jet Li! I can always trust his Chinese works to be ten times greater than anything he's done for America (unless it's "Rumble in the Bronx" or "Who Am I?"...classics)

I...want...THIS! Goddamn we finally know what's inside the briefcase! To celebrate Pulp Fiction's 15th Anniversery, DVD retailers will be selling this amazingly cheap package! Stocks are limited though and chances are, people may have pre-ordered a whole bunch out at JB Hi-Fi already but here's hoping I can grab this as soon as it's released! T___T

I was on my way to grab some Red Bull (as I usually would whenever I'm in the city) the other day and as I walked passed this clothes store in QV, I noticed they were playing NANA. I actually really like this movie, it's not so much a guilty pleasure, but I really love the characters cause they're so goddamn likeable and who doesn't like a good love story? It also helps that Mika Nakashima was hawt in it, haha. Granted, the second act of the movie was really long-winded but I still like it. I smiled with with major fandom after having seen that.

Does anyone reading this have a particular song(s) that resonates with them? I was doing a survey question one night for FaceBook and despite it being a rather generic question, I couldn't really answer what particular song was my all time favourite (I think I ended up writing one that I really liked anyway). Even for movies I can't do that (actually that's a lie, Star Wars will always be number 1 for me with everything else below it and in no particular order either). I think if I had a soundtrack of my life thus far, it would probably consist of:

Placebo - Every You, Every Me
Killswitch Engage - My Curse
Shiina Ringo - Kabukichou no Joou
Alter Bridge - Broken Wings
Dir en grey - OBSCURE
Spontania feat JUJU - Kimi no Subete ni
Eminem - Without Me
John Williams - Star Wars Theme Song
Guns N' Roses - Civil War
Bloc Party - Helicopter
Bullet For My Valentine - Curses

Oooooh, Hieu Chau getting all emo here. :O

Actually now that I look at it there, really...only two songs there got me hooked onto the band/artist but they still carry across a bit of a memory or relate back to an experience in my small life so far. I guess those songs kinda describe my character as well? :S

If your life was a movie and had to have a soundtrack, what would it consist of?

Finally, I have to write about this:

Zombie Cake

This zombie wedding cake is freaken awesome. If I had to have a geeky wedding and if the bride to be let me have a geeky wedding, this cake would have to be there. I want it. It's so cool how they're fighting off the zombies together. Speaking of brides, I always thought just referring to Uma Thurman's character Kill Bill simply as, "The Bride" was pretty cool. It's like calling Clint Eastwood, "The Man With No Name". Goes to show that sometimes putting "The" in front of anything is cool. That's just me rambling... :D

End post.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

The Phrase That Pays

Does anyone reading this listen to The Academy Is? I started listening to them again, and a thought just occurred to me the other day that I don't know many people that listen to them (which just goes to show you that I don't know many people, D:). In fact, I only know of one person that listens to them. So to reitterate, does anyone listen to them or is it just me? =\

So I finished formal high school classes yesterday and am super stoked that the year is pretty much coming to a close. My graduation however isn't until a month down the road, just after exams though. Today however was my Year 12 Farewell Assembly where we all got together, signed shirts and reminisced about old days as well as watching several videos documenting our school year. Below are a sample of the photos from today.

8524_315771770300_740095300_9384748.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Yes, I'm raping the poor boy...

8524_315771755300_740095300_9384746.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
I've been friends with these guys since Primary School. I've known my friend, Peter, on the far left there since kindergarten!

8524_315771795300_740095300_9384752.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
The amount of messages on Jemmy's back that referred to him being Donnie Yen or being a tank or being a gym freak are unbelievable. :D

8524_315771730300_740095300_9384741.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Captain Boo Cake - a superhero that is just completely absurd and full of sexual connotation. Seriously, even I don't know how I concieved of this character. D:

8524_315771880300_740095300_9384767.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
That would be me beating Raoul in the head while he's covered up and blinded by my shirt. And look at James just laughing at Raoul's demise. :D

One final hurdle awaits me...the exams. Best of luck to all Year 12s who may be reading this!

Oh hey a short post, there's something different. D:

End post.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Childhood's End

Oooooooooooh, the year's coming to a close - how bloody exciting! Next week will be my last week of routine classes for high school (I finish classes on Wedensday but come back on thursday for a final assembly/gathering of Year 12s before exams).

Stressing, stressing, STRESSING over every little practice essay and past exam paper that I've worked on. Visual Communication and Design exam shouldn't be too much of a problem, everyone did really well with that which was good. I'm worried about my English and Literature though cause one text I'm writing on for Literature is goddamn hard and the text response section for English is scaring me. Plus I'm not writing to the level I should be writing at... I hate Maths, I'm not gonna go as well as I hoped with that. :(


Well if December 3rd wasn't a great enough date for me already! I just found out that ultra tiny budget indie horror film, Paranormal Activity will indeed be picking up an international release and finding it's way to our shores here in Australia! Mega, MEGA stoked to see this film. The makers behind this movie must be happy as fuck to see their small movie (made all the way back in 2007 and has only now had a major distrubutor backing the movie) now make millions in the States and now more around the world. The film was only made for $11,000 and so far, has made about 7 million in return from it's limited run in theaters in the States.

I posted this once before but I felt it was within the context of what I'm discussing. Plus I love this trailer, :D

Also coming out on this date are two movies I'm equally excited about: Zombieland and Where the Wild Things Are (the latter of which I'm sure some of my readers would know that I am incredibly enthusastic about). Zombieland's gotten pretty positive reviews for being basically an American version of Shaun of the Dead. Plus watching Abigail "Little Miss Sunshine" Breslin wield some badass weaponry and kicking zombie ass is an idea that's just too hilarious for me to pass up... And Emma Stone is hot. Where The Wild Things Are was widely released in the US just last night and the feedback from it has been immensely postive which only reinforces my incredbile want of seeing this film.

Hooray for cinema (Y)!

The pictures above were done by user TOYIB on Deviantart as political commentary on World War II. I just thought that this was a brilliant idea and the photo manipulation is of high degree.


What you are seeing above is a freakin' lightsaber MP3 player! Of course, you'd only find such an awesome gadget in Japan but I want that to satisfy the geeky rumblings I have! :@

I haven't had a proper nap in ages and today, after playing a bit of Left 4 Dead, I dozed on my father's bed and had the most awesome sleep. What sucked though was that when I woke up the first time, it was still relatively bright and I assumed I had hardly slept so I went back for more. I woke up the second time and saw it was dark. I showered and came back to the living room and hopped on the laptop once more only to find that the time was 8.00. I had napped for about 4 hours, more than I intended to. And this is why I hate daylight savings cause I can never tell when the fuck the time is.

I'm quite happy to say that I can draw things to my own satisfication now. Now before you think, "You do Visual Communication and Studio Art, what do you mean you can't draw", I must clarify for a long while a lot of the drawings and sketches that I did may have appeared to look good in the eyes of others but I personally did not like them at all. I picked up a pencil and started sketching a cartoon girl the other day and found that I was able to feel satisfied after having drawn her.

I asked a friend the that same day what he had in his notebook to which he replied, "It's my own personal sketchbook of graffiti art - I've got about 200 pages of the same stuff lying around at home". This same friend proceeded to then ask, "Do you ever draw for yourself? Do you just draw for your own personal satisfaction?" I answered and said that I do but I haven't found myself sitting down and drawing something I really liked without having other people critique it. It was nice to just spend some time on one drawing and trying to make it as good as I could. Not to mention, female characters are hard for me to draw seeing as how they have different facial and body structures to guys so it made the picture all the more better for me. Kinda reminded me of why I loved drawing in the first place. While I was drawing, I looked up to notice that myself and three other people (including the one I had a conversation with) had our heads down drawing what we wanted to draw, without having the constraints of our school's creative subjects bogging us down. I liked that - the sense of freedom that we had. :)

And I guess that's all this week, nothing else interesting enough to report on. :S

End post.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Slow Down

Guess what?


Nowadays I just post stuff about dreams I've had... Actually I do have some stuff to talk about but the dreams come first and foremost.

First dream involved Ray Winstone (smashing Leo's hand above), myself and my father. Basically you have my father and I as a pair of drug dealers trying to keep the family business alive. My dad would wait for the customer at our car (we don't even have a car), and I'd hustle someone and fast talk them into buying some drugs. I coerce a random Victoria Street junkie to a car park and my dad would open the boot of the trunk (Tarantino style) and let the junkie choose his brand of choice. What happened next was awesome.

Ray Winstone and some of his thugs come and claim that we were stealing his customers and bring along with them some bats and poles. Ya know, your standard melee weapons. I told my dad to get the hell out of the car park while I tried to fend off the competition. I picked up this pole with a metal spike on the end of it and slashed my way passed them and ran down Victoria Street. Oh what a feeling. I got stabbed in the arm and it was bleeding pretty bad and shanked a guy multiple times in the back. I also got my arm bandaged up by a doctor when I hid in a doctor's office, haha. Go me. So that happened. Here's the other not so exciting one.

Sorry for stealing ya photo, Ellen. Hope it's okay. :D

So the second dream involved myself and Ellen (not where you think it's heading). Now what happened was I got onto the tram for school and saw Ellen hop on. I said hi to her and we talked for a bit and I told her that I just got a new credit card that I've been itching to use. Fortunately for me, the tram was extremely delayed and we were quite far away from school. I told Ellen that we should catch a taxi to school and I'll use my credit card (I don't even think that would work, using a credit card for a taxi trip) and she agreed to it. We hopped off the tram and tried to find a taxi. Then Ellen said, "Where's your bag, Hieu?" Yeah see, I left it on the tram and it already went off. I ditched Ellen and then ran after the tram. And that was it. D:

On Saturday I went to go see The Founding of a Republic with some friends. I hyped it up for myself after having multiple orgasms over the extensive cast of Chinese actors that were billed for this movie. Now, after having seen this movie, I can totally say that it was a complete and utter disappointment. I came in thinking that it would be an admirable movie, one I could really enjoy even if they glorify Mao for ruining many people's lives through communism. I knew it would turn out to be a bit of a Chinese propoganda type movie but the way in which they executed the movie was just terrible. You could not keep up and pretty much had to fill in what was happening yourself. I was pretty much playing "Spot the Cameo" after the first hour went by. Oh and 2 and a half hours feels like 5 in that movie. Just not what I expected it to be. I'm all for politically motivated period dramas, especially when I could actually learn a thing or two about politics and history but the film made it too uninteresting and longwinded. Really am disappointed. :(

DSC00420.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

Everything looks 10 times better on a television screen. That there is my new television in the lounge room and I connected my laptop to it. I never knew one could do that but goddamn, even having a conversation with someone on MSN on the big screen looks good and fun. I dunno why I felt like showing readers this - I personally thought this was the coolest thing ever, haha.

I thought this was the funniest thing - Jay Chou Jelly Drink! Masa and I found this at some Asian grocery store in the city. Where else? D:

I've been watching some clips of Christoph Waltz recently (Col. Hans Landa from Inglourious Basterds), and I just think he's the most charming and intelligent man. He'll always be Hans Landa to me but even outside that role, he's still a lot like Hans Landa. The man is quite humble, respectable and, I dare say (without having my orientation under questioning), rather handsome (in the traditional sense, not like "hot"). Christoph Waltz for Best Supporting Actor at the Oscars next year! :D

Finally, I decided to YouTube SNSD's Jessica last week cause apparently she's a bitch (I probably have wrong information) and was curious to see if she showed any of that at all. I came across this highly amusing clip that had me smiling throughout, probably for obvious reasons (look at her reaction, D:). The main point of the clip doesn't really start till about 3:40 but if you wanna see some guy dance for a bit and flash his abs, ya more than welcome to. :O

End post.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Toy Story 3 Trailer

HOLY CRAP! This isn't even really supposed to be up yet and Disney have gone on masquerade to pull down all trailers they find in the last 2 hours. They're that fast. I've found one that the Disney company have yet to pull down. Hopefully you guys see it all before it gets taken off the net. Enjoy!

I've just realised that Toy Story's Andy was practically the same age I was (and probably a lot of my followers) when the movies were first released. Now, with the third movie seeing Andy beginning to move out to college/university, I can't help but feel immediately closer to the story. Not having seen it for such a long time really does make me empathise with Andy in the trailer, haha. :D

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Obscure Movie and Game Related Dreams FTW!

Dreams, dreams, dreams! Awesome, magnificent dreams with no hidden message acting upon my subconcious thoughts (at least with this one I hope it wasn't)! Last night was a pretty random dream, but I couldn't help but smile fondly when I realised it kinda was like the movie, "Kill Bill" just without the Tarantino dialogue and Uma Thurman...

It basically started with me in like some video game running around doing these awesome spin attacks with guns and swords (kinda like Devil May Cry if anyone's played that), and like yeah...I was full killing people and shit. It was effing hectic. And then Lucy Liu in her O-Ren Ishii attire from Vol 1 of Kill Bill was like a boss I had to defeat in order to reach the next level in the game. She was a shitty boss though, all she did was hack and slash and all I had to do was action roll whenever her sword swung and attack her from behind (reminded me of The Legend of Zelda). After she was slain, I proceeded to the next level but the video game stopped and became, "reality".

I opened a door that lead me to North Richmond Station and saw all these random uniformed Asian gangs all huddled together and conversing. If you've seen, "The Warriors" and remember pretty much the first major scene of the movie where all the gangs gather - it's like that. They weren't really doing anything...just sitting around and stuff. I walked pass them and then bumped into my mum. I apologised to her for being out so late but wondered why the hell was she out so late. Then she told me she was pregnant and I was overwhelmed with happiness. :D

And yeah that's it.... Okay so it wasn't like Kill Bill at all but it did have Lucy Liu, gangs and a pregnant woman! I love my dreams cause most of the time they contain random movie or video game references and my dream becomes a really weird parody of everything I love. :O

In a few hours I will be heading off to my Studio Arts trial exam which I know nothing about cause our theory lessons have been pretty shit (barely had any). Oh what fun this will be, staring at a blank paper for 90 minutes. :D

End post.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Trust Bro, Trust!

Man I must have some really, really poor trust skills in people seeing as how I just had a dream where I couldn't even trust two of my friends in my house. I was practically watching over them, making sure they didn't steal anything in my home. The whole dream was me doing this and it was made worse with their suspicious behaviour. *sighhh

I think I kinda deserved to have that particular dream. Though if something like that ever did happen to me, I can't say I blame them for doing it. Maybe it's just karma for what I've done in the past (bit dramatic aren't we?). Or maybe I'm just being too hard on myself.

In anycase, this was a poor start to the day. I've got Literature and Vis Comm Trial exams today which should be a hoot. I'll also be handing in my Unit 4 folios for Vis Comm today. :D


On a final note, I might be buying this new comic series from Image Comics called Sky Pirates of Neo Terra. It's based off the future Nintendo DS/Wii video game of the same name and looks to have some pretty magnificent artwork by a woman by the name of Camilla D'Errico. Her manga style drawings and use of watercolour make the book a visual splendour, I'm told. Too much money wasting on comics, Hieu... Then again, I guess this kinda makes up for my lack of reading, albeit, a tad geeky. :D

If anyone else is interested in any of her artworks, check out her website:

End post.

EDIT: So I ended up buying the comic an hour ago and love the artwork behind it. I can't believe it's all done in watercolour! D:

Thursday, 1 October 2009


It's the first day of October and pretty much the last month of normality before exams. Yes, I do know that I talk about the exams way too much but they're an important part of any Year 12 student right now so it's definitely worth the mention. Perhaps that's why my post count for each month has gone down and down. I started this blog posting once everyday (sometimes twice even) and that's slowly and steadily stopped cause of school.

To be honest, I haven't even really studied all that much over the holidays. Like I said last post, I've only written four half-assed essays and that hasn't changed. I haven't had a go at the Vis Comm practice exams and can't be bothered doing Maths cause it's a pain to have to constantly go back and relearn what I did at the beginning of the year. *sighhh

I envy anyone whose actually worked up the fortitude to really study at all. I've just been trying to make the most of the my last holidays before exams I guess... I think Ellen put it best though in her blog post the other day when she wrote, "This is the first time in my whole life that I've attempted to study and I don't really know what to do". :(

Does anyone think making an audio file of me quoting novels and design elements and principles is a good idea? (LOL) I'm so desperate to try out any irregular study tactic in the hopes that I succeed in my top four subjects. D:
That's the laptop that I bought last week! I really like it - typing on it feels quite nice and it's good to actually have something that's fast and reliable. :D

Speaking of all things related to hardware, my parents have bought a new television for the living room! They told me that they'll be moving the television that's currently oustide in the living room into my room and we've already thrown out the one that's in my room. It hasn't been working for years now. I've actually had that television monitor since I was born I think - it's that old.

I can't help but wonder though...with all the good things happening in my life right now, at some point will something just horribly bad happen? I dunno, I'm not taking into change too well. Too much happening for me all at once...

Paramore's new album, Brand New Eyes, was released a few days ago. Instead of being a true fan and buying their album, I downloaded it last night instead (hardy-fuckin-ha). The album is quite varied actually but the song that I love most on this album is Careful (hence why it's today's post title). The song is full of energy, thanks mostly to Haley's strong vocals, and the lyrics for the song are pretty good too. I last saw Paramore live in Melbourne two years ago with my mate Nam and they put on a pretty awesome show. (Y)

Overall their new album is a really good listen - anyone who's a fan of Paramore and is reading this post right now should definitely pick it up and have a listen. :D

Hrmm, I dunno what else to write about... I think I'll just end it here and finish my Vis Comm folio (SO CLOSE TO DONE! :D)

End post.