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Thursday, 1 October 2009


It's the first day of October and pretty much the last month of normality before exams. Yes, I do know that I talk about the exams way too much but they're an important part of any Year 12 student right now so it's definitely worth the mention. Perhaps that's why my post count for each month has gone down and down. I started this blog posting once everyday (sometimes twice even) and that's slowly and steadily stopped cause of school.

To be honest, I haven't even really studied all that much over the holidays. Like I said last post, I've only written four half-assed essays and that hasn't changed. I haven't had a go at the Vis Comm practice exams and can't be bothered doing Maths cause it's a pain to have to constantly go back and relearn what I did at the beginning of the year. *sighhh

I envy anyone whose actually worked up the fortitude to really study at all. I've just been trying to make the most of the my last holidays before exams I guess... I think Ellen put it best though in her blog post the other day when she wrote, "This is the first time in my whole life that I've attempted to study and I don't really know what to do". :(

Does anyone think making an audio file of me quoting novels and design elements and principles is a good idea? (LOL) I'm so desperate to try out any irregular study tactic in the hopes that I succeed in my top four subjects. D:
That's the laptop that I bought last week! I really like it - typing on it feels quite nice and it's good to actually have something that's fast and reliable. :D

Speaking of all things related to hardware, my parents have bought a new television for the living room! They told me that they'll be moving the television that's currently oustide in the living room into my room and we've already thrown out the one that's in my room. It hasn't been working for years now. I've actually had that television monitor since I was born I think - it's that old.

I can't help but wonder though...with all the good things happening in my life right now, at some point will something just horribly bad happen? I dunno, I'm not taking into change too well. Too much happening for me all at once...

Paramore's new album, Brand New Eyes, was released a few days ago. Instead of being a true fan and buying their album, I downloaded it last night instead (hardy-fuckin-ha). The album is quite varied actually but the song that I love most on this album is Careful (hence why it's today's post title). The song is full of energy, thanks mostly to Haley's strong vocals, and the lyrics for the song are pretty good too. I last saw Paramore live in Melbourne two years ago with my mate Nam and they put on a pretty awesome show. (Y)

Overall their new album is a really good listen - anyone who's a fan of Paramore and is reading this post right now should definitely pick it up and have a listen. :D

Hrmm, I dunno what else to write about... I think I'll just end it here and finish my Vis Comm folio (SO CLOSE TO DONE! :D)

End post.


  1. lulz! at the tv thats older than you

    yay~ congrats on your new laptop
    i need a new one too
    this one is like almost 4 years old
    its hp too but it suuucks.

    i will check paramores album out!
    i liked two of their songs at first but then it just got meh
    hope its a bit different

    omg what the heck
    how can they not show it in the us?!
    that is not frikkin fair
    hopefully they see how well it does there and then bring it here :D

    and yes,
    circle lens are magic for the eyes!

  2. Nice laptop, lucky you.
    I think taping the elements and principles is a good idea! I did that with my Japanese oral and it's pretty effective if you only put 100 songs on your iPod (so it comes up quite regularly). Hmmmm, I might do it for vis com too :-D.
    Yay you quoted meeeeee.
    If it makes you feel any better... I haven't done ANY practice English essays... ALL YEAR.

  3. it`s okay hieu a post a day is too much actually. During school I don`t update as often anyway, if not the work it`s lack of motivation. I just don`t feel like doing anything that requires effort during the year.

  4. Hmm I like Paramore, but my favourite female lead in a band is Flyleaf. I love her voice, especially in Breathe Today <3

    Your laptop looks hectic ;D & I hope you study soon! I crammed hard out on the nights of my Trials. I don't know what sucked more, the fact that I didn't sleep for like 2 days or the fact that hardly ANYTHING I studied for was in the test :( Anyway, the moral of that story was DON'T CRAM! & study asap haha.

    I'm such a good inspiration :)

    The Melbourne Storms won as well :D RAWRRR~!


  5. I know haha. A lot of people are raging because apparently Fuifui Moimoi's tackle wasn't even that bad. Whateverrrr, they're just sooks haha.

    Haha, I lovee Flyleaf. Have you ever been to a Soundwave concert? THEY'RE THE BEST <3
    For some reason, I all of a sudden have a strange longing for Escape The Fate music.. haha how random.

    Don't worry, it's just a test to show you what the real test would kinda feel like. No pressure right? Which subjects?


  6. Ngaw I heard that Muse is performing at the next Big Day Out. Either BDO or Soundwave. Whichever one it is, I AM SO GETTING TICKETS. Muse are like <3<3<3 beyond words haha. But last time I met Ronnie Radke at Soundwave. Ah man, it like made my life LOL.

    My friend currently studies Engineering at the University of Technology Sydney, which is a pretty good uni here in Sydney. He barely goes to any classes. When he is in class, he does sudokus or sleeps. Yet strangely, he passes every test. He told me that what he does in multiple choice is drop a pencil and whatever it lands on, that's the one who he picks.
    Sigh, I wish I had that luck. But, maybe YOU do ;)
    Haha, nah I'm kidding DON'T DO THAT. But if you are in dire situations, try the pencil-drop trick :D But like, I'm talking about desperate situations haha.

    And haha, I know what you mean. This may come as a surprise, but I do that too haha. That's why my blog seems like I only have one continuous problem, but sometimes I'm talking about multiple issues in one post. And then a lot of people read it as a 'love' problem haha. I'm so sneaky >:]