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Friday, 16 October 2009

Childhood's End

Oooooooooooh, the year's coming to a close - how bloody exciting! Next week will be my last week of routine classes for high school (I finish classes on Wedensday but come back on thursday for a final assembly/gathering of Year 12s before exams).

Stressing, stressing, STRESSING over every little practice essay and past exam paper that I've worked on. Visual Communication and Design exam shouldn't be too much of a problem, everyone did really well with that which was good. I'm worried about my English and Literature though cause one text I'm writing on for Literature is goddamn hard and the text response section for English is scaring me. Plus I'm not writing to the level I should be writing at... I hate Maths, I'm not gonna go as well as I hoped with that. :(


Well if December 3rd wasn't a great enough date for me already! I just found out that ultra tiny budget indie horror film, Paranormal Activity will indeed be picking up an international release and finding it's way to our shores here in Australia! Mega, MEGA stoked to see this film. The makers behind this movie must be happy as fuck to see their small movie (made all the way back in 2007 and has only now had a major distrubutor backing the movie) now make millions in the States and now more around the world. The film was only made for $11,000 and so far, has made about 7 million in return from it's limited run in theaters in the States.

I posted this once before but I felt it was within the context of what I'm discussing. Plus I love this trailer, :D

Also coming out on this date are two movies I'm equally excited about: Zombieland and Where the Wild Things Are (the latter of which I'm sure some of my readers would know that I am incredibly enthusastic about). Zombieland's gotten pretty positive reviews for being basically an American version of Shaun of the Dead. Plus watching Abigail "Little Miss Sunshine" Breslin wield some badass weaponry and kicking zombie ass is an idea that's just too hilarious for me to pass up... And Emma Stone is hot. Where The Wild Things Are was widely released in the US just last night and the feedback from it has been immensely postive which only reinforces my incredbile want of seeing this film.

Hooray for cinema (Y)!

The pictures above were done by user TOYIB on Deviantart as political commentary on World War II. I just thought that this was a brilliant idea and the photo manipulation is of high degree.


What you are seeing above is a freakin' lightsaber MP3 player! Of course, you'd only find such an awesome gadget in Japan but I want that to satisfy the geeky rumblings I have! :@

I haven't had a proper nap in ages and today, after playing a bit of Left 4 Dead, I dozed on my father's bed and had the most awesome sleep. What sucked though was that when I woke up the first time, it was still relatively bright and I assumed I had hardly slept so I went back for more. I woke up the second time and saw it was dark. I showered and came back to the living room and hopped on the laptop once more only to find that the time was 8.00. I had napped for about 4 hours, more than I intended to. And this is why I hate daylight savings cause I can never tell when the fuck the time is.

I'm quite happy to say that I can draw things to my own satisfication now. Now before you think, "You do Visual Communication and Studio Art, what do you mean you can't draw", I must clarify for a long while a lot of the drawings and sketches that I did may have appeared to look good in the eyes of others but I personally did not like them at all. I picked up a pencil and started sketching a cartoon girl the other day and found that I was able to feel satisfied after having drawn her.

I asked a friend the that same day what he had in his notebook to which he replied, "It's my own personal sketchbook of graffiti art - I've got about 200 pages of the same stuff lying around at home". This same friend proceeded to then ask, "Do you ever draw for yourself? Do you just draw for your own personal satisfaction?" I answered and said that I do but I haven't found myself sitting down and drawing something I really liked without having other people critique it. It was nice to just spend some time on one drawing and trying to make it as good as I could. Not to mention, female characters are hard for me to draw seeing as how they have different facial and body structures to guys so it made the picture all the more better for me. Kinda reminded me of why I loved drawing in the first place. While I was drawing, I looked up to notice that myself and three other people (including the one I had a conversation with) had our heads down drawing what we wanted to draw, without having the constraints of our school's creative subjects bogging us down. I liked that - the sense of freedom that we had. :)

And I guess that's all this week, nothing else interesting enough to report on. :S

End post.


  1. Most people wouldn't even identify those MP3s are lightsabers since they don't have the fluorescent blades!

  2. Oh man, I didn't even watch any of those trailers cause they either have scary names or scary pictures. Especially the last trailer with the hairy monster with man-boobs D:
    No dreams this time? :p
    I never draw things for myself. I take a long time to perfect drawings so it is a lot of time wasted which I should use productively for studying ):
    I always say that but I end up wasting my time surfing the net =='
    I can't even remember when I drew for myself- only the times during primary school. It's sad.

  3. oh my gosh only $11,000!
    that is amazing!
    i really wanna see this movie

    i want it out already!
    goodness i loved the book when i was little

    that lightsaber mp3 is hilarious
    but like ellen said, you cant really tell what it is without the glowing blade


    Though it also showed at the Sydney Film Festival! I didn't get to watch it because my shift collided with the premier and I was so bummed ... BUT I CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH IT! I've always had this fascination with the paranormal and seeing the reviews and all just .. makes .. me .. want .. to .. watch .. it .. NOW!

    You make me want to draw! I used to draw back then but was never good at it haha .. I shall attempt to draw something and show it sometime .. but I hardly doubt I will (:


  5. OMGOSH so many movies, so little time!!

    Hope you're doing okay with your exams dude. Stress less and don't melt your brain too much! Man I want a light sabre MP3 player - I would be the coolest person at work. GEEKS UNITED.

    Love that you can draw!! You gotta post your portfolio sometime so we can see. Have you got a graphics tablet?? I got one last month and it's so much fun playing around with it.