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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Obscure Movie and Game Related Dreams FTW!

Dreams, dreams, dreams! Awesome, magnificent dreams with no hidden message acting upon my subconcious thoughts (at least with this one I hope it wasn't)! Last night was a pretty random dream, but I couldn't help but smile fondly when I realised it kinda was like the movie, "Kill Bill" just without the Tarantino dialogue and Uma Thurman...

It basically started with me in like some video game running around doing these awesome spin attacks with guns and swords (kinda like Devil May Cry if anyone's played that), and like yeah...I was full killing people and shit. It was effing hectic. And then Lucy Liu in her O-Ren Ishii attire from Vol 1 of Kill Bill was like a boss I had to defeat in order to reach the next level in the game. She was a shitty boss though, all she did was hack and slash and all I had to do was action roll whenever her sword swung and attack her from behind (reminded me of The Legend of Zelda). After she was slain, I proceeded to the next level but the video game stopped and became, "reality".

I opened a door that lead me to North Richmond Station and saw all these random uniformed Asian gangs all huddled together and conversing. If you've seen, "The Warriors" and remember pretty much the first major scene of the movie where all the gangs gather - it's like that. They weren't really doing anything...just sitting around and stuff. I walked pass them and then bumped into my mum. I apologised to her for being out so late but wondered why the hell was she out so late. Then she told me she was pregnant and I was overwhelmed with happiness. :D

And yeah that's it.... Okay so it wasn't like Kill Bill at all but it did have Lucy Liu, gangs and a pregnant woman! I love my dreams cause most of the time they contain random movie or video game references and my dream becomes a really weird parody of everything I love. :O

In a few hours I will be heading off to my Studio Arts trial exam which I know nothing about cause our theory lessons have been pretty shit (barely had any). Oh what fun this will be, staring at a blank paper for 90 minutes. :D

End post.


  1. "Why are you out so late mom?"
    "I'm pregnant."

  2. LOOOLL! Your dreams are always so action filled...
    I never have dreams where I'm fighting/hurting people...
    People tend to hurt me in instead lmao ><"

  3. Ahh your dreams are hectic. If I ever had a dream with LUCY LIU in it, I would most definetly wake up as one happy chappy :);)

    I hope your exams went well :D