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Thursday, 22 October 2009

The Phrase That Pays

Does anyone reading this listen to The Academy Is? I started listening to them again, and a thought just occurred to me the other day that I don't know many people that listen to them (which just goes to show you that I don't know many people, D:). In fact, I only know of one person that listens to them. So to reitterate, does anyone listen to them or is it just me? =\

So I finished formal high school classes yesterday and am super stoked that the year is pretty much coming to a close. My graduation however isn't until a month down the road, just after exams though. Today however was my Year 12 Farewell Assembly where we all got together, signed shirts and reminisced about old days as well as watching several videos documenting our school year. Below are a sample of the photos from today.

8524_315771770300_740095300_9384748.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Yes, I'm raping the poor boy...

8524_315771755300_740095300_9384746.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
I've been friends with these guys since Primary School. I've known my friend, Peter, on the far left there since kindergarten!

8524_315771795300_740095300_9384752.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
The amount of messages on Jemmy's back that referred to him being Donnie Yen or being a tank or being a gym freak are unbelievable. :D

8524_315771730300_740095300_9384741.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
Captain Boo Cake - a superhero that is just completely absurd and full of sexual connotation. Seriously, even I don't know how I concieved of this character. D:

8524_315771880300_740095300_9384767.jpg picture by kurayami_angel
That would be me beating Raoul in the head while he's covered up and blinded by my shirt. And look at James just laughing at Raoul's demise. :D

One final hurdle awaits me...the exams. Best of luck to all Year 12s who may be reading this!

Oh hey a short post, there's something different. D:

End post.


  1. I think Edwina from PCW (you may know her?) listens to The Academy Is... At least she seems like the type to.
    Good luck with exams to you too :-D

  2. aww cute
    congrats on finishing highschool!.. kinda
    so do you guys finish school, study at home, and then take exams to graduate?
    or are those exams for entrance into universities?

    *slaps forehead*
    and wow~
    i havent heard about "the very hungry caterpillar" in soooo long!
    there were a lot of other good books by that author.
    oh do you remember that fish one! with the shiny scale?!?

    were nowhere that bad XD

    ahaha there was a stage but no band
    just a dj
    who played bad music -_-
    hmm.. now that i think of it, i think this homecoming was better than last years prom :O
    what are the ones there like?
    dont you have masquerades and balls and such?
    those seem more fun!

    ahahaha woops~
    sorry for that?