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Monday, 12 October 2009

Slow Down

Guess what?


Nowadays I just post stuff about dreams I've had... Actually I do have some stuff to talk about but the dreams come first and foremost.

First dream involved Ray Winstone (smashing Leo's hand above), myself and my father. Basically you have my father and I as a pair of drug dealers trying to keep the family business alive. My dad would wait for the customer at our car (we don't even have a car), and I'd hustle someone and fast talk them into buying some drugs. I coerce a random Victoria Street junkie to a car park and my dad would open the boot of the trunk (Tarantino style) and let the junkie choose his brand of choice. What happened next was awesome.

Ray Winstone and some of his thugs come and claim that we were stealing his customers and bring along with them some bats and poles. Ya know, your standard melee weapons. I told my dad to get the hell out of the car park while I tried to fend off the competition. I picked up this pole with a metal spike on the end of it and slashed my way passed them and ran down Victoria Street. Oh what a feeling. I got stabbed in the arm and it was bleeding pretty bad and shanked a guy multiple times in the back. I also got my arm bandaged up by a doctor when I hid in a doctor's office, haha. Go me. So that happened. Here's the other not so exciting one.

Sorry for stealing ya photo, Ellen. Hope it's okay. :D

So the second dream involved myself and Ellen (not where you think it's heading). Now what happened was I got onto the tram for school and saw Ellen hop on. I said hi to her and we talked for a bit and I told her that I just got a new credit card that I've been itching to use. Fortunately for me, the tram was extremely delayed and we were quite far away from school. I told Ellen that we should catch a taxi to school and I'll use my credit card (I don't even think that would work, using a credit card for a taxi trip) and she agreed to it. We hopped off the tram and tried to find a taxi. Then Ellen said, "Where's your bag, Hieu?" Yeah see, I left it on the tram and it already went off. I ditched Ellen and then ran after the tram. And that was it. D:

On Saturday I went to go see The Founding of a Republic with some friends. I hyped it up for myself after having multiple orgasms over the extensive cast of Chinese actors that were billed for this movie. Now, after having seen this movie, I can totally say that it was a complete and utter disappointment. I came in thinking that it would be an admirable movie, one I could really enjoy even if they glorify Mao for ruining many people's lives through communism. I knew it would turn out to be a bit of a Chinese propoganda type movie but the way in which they executed the movie was just terrible. You could not keep up and pretty much had to fill in what was happening yourself. I was pretty much playing "Spot the Cameo" after the first hour went by. Oh and 2 and a half hours feels like 5 in that movie. Just not what I expected it to be. I'm all for politically motivated period dramas, especially when I could actually learn a thing or two about politics and history but the film made it too uninteresting and longwinded. Really am disappointed. :(

DSC00420.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

Everything looks 10 times better on a television screen. That there is my new television in the lounge room and I connected my laptop to it. I never knew one could do that but goddamn, even having a conversation with someone on MSN on the big screen looks good and fun. I dunno why I felt like showing readers this - I personally thought this was the coolest thing ever, haha.

I thought this was the funniest thing - Jay Chou Jelly Drink! Masa and I found this at some Asian grocery store in the city. Where else? D:

I've been watching some clips of Christoph Waltz recently (Col. Hans Landa from Inglourious Basterds), and I just think he's the most charming and intelligent man. He'll always be Hans Landa to me but even outside that role, he's still a lot like Hans Landa. The man is quite humble, respectable and, I dare say (without having my orientation under questioning), rather handsome (in the traditional sense, not like "hot"). Christoph Waltz for Best Supporting Actor at the Oscars next year! :D

Finally, I decided to YouTube SNSD's Jessica last week cause apparently she's a bitch (I probably have wrong information) and was curious to see if she showed any of that at all. I came across this highly amusing clip that had me smiling throughout, probably for obvious reasons (look at her reaction, D:). The main point of the clip doesn't really start till about 3:40 but if you wanna see some guy dance for a bit and flash his abs, ya more than welcome to. :O

End post.


  1. Haha you & your dreams!

    & LMFAOO OMG I HATE JAY CHOU!! {sigh, I hope crazy fan girls don't read your comments cos otherwise I'm gonna get bashed tonight D:}
    I've seen Big Bang drinks, Wonder Girls socks and Big Bang lollipops as well haha. Man, the Asian industry these days..


    Thanks for the link! I haven't read it before, so I'll go read it now :D

    & I knowwwww omfg Sydney SUCKS at sport. Like wtf?!


  2. Your dream featuring me seems more realistic than some of your other dreams! Especially the leaving-your-bag-on-the-tram part.

  3. hahah hieu this was funny. i don't dream about bloggers though, never in my life have I had a dream like that. If I did it would probably be very naughty.

  4. Hieu! that guy who 'flashed his abs' is Jaebeom from 2PM! .. the one who left... )': and that episode is the funniest.
    Um personally, I think the 'bitchy' one is more Tiffany (the one on the far right int he vid)
    !! ... but I still like her hahaha.

    LOL at your dream too, sif ditched Ellen.