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Friday, 30 October 2009

Time Is Running Out

I think that today's title for this blog post seems most appropriate for a lot of Year 12s, dont' you think? Year 12s of Victoria begun their first official VCE exam today: English!

I'd like to think that this is one of my strongest subjects at school, with Literature and Vis Comm following very close behind. I reckon that I did pretty good in the exam, especially in my text response section. Our analysis of language section was stupid I thought - I didn't like the article at all. But yes, I wasn't nervous at all and was actually kinda excited to get it over and done with. So glad those 3 hours have been murdered. Now it's all about my other elective subjects! I've got Maths next week, followed by Literature then Vis Comm and Studio Art (the latter of which I definitely will not be succeeding in).

Now I have time to blog, and blog I shall. Here are some tidbits of news and happenings in the world of Hieu. D:


This is pretty awesome - proves how much of a badass Vader really is. :D


Above is a lightsaber laser-pointer...the closest thing to a lightsaber I can get right now (even if it is tiny)

Vader and his long lost love! D:

And look, their child! I dunno why, but I laughed so hard when I saw this image...


I bought a copy of Dir en grey's, "A Knot Of" DVD during the week and freaken love it. I really want to see these guys perform live for myself one day. I mean talk about literally bleeding for your art - lead singer Kyo gives his whole self for every performance. It's quite funny seeing the reactions to Kyo forcefully making himself bleed or scratching his body all over from American fans (of course the reaction is only natural). These guys are awesome - I friggin love em.

In other purchasing news, I also bought myself the second trade paperback installment to Gerard Way's The Umbrella Academy. The Dallas story arc is pretty full on and intense, moreso than the first one. While the first one, Apocalypse Suite, was more about introducing the characters and setting them up, Dallas delves straight into the thick of it all and mainly tells us Number 5's history. I really liked Dallas and can't wait for Gerard to cook up some awesomeness for his series. The best part about Dallas was the inclusion of the two new characters, Hazel and Cha-Cha. They're a pair of psychotic time travelling Nazis with oversized animal masks who eat girl scout cookies and get super high on sugar. If that doesn't sound cool enough, check out the picture below.
Don't they look awesome! Totally reminded me of Reservoir Dogs the first time I saw them. They're like two Mr Blondes. Who needs drugs when you've got cookies and guns?

Was catching up with Thy the other night who revealed she was going to be headed to Big Day Out 2010. This got me thinking about the lineup and made me want to listen to Muse again. Before I had my old laptop reformatted, I used to have a couple of Muse tracks that I liked but it's not like I was a huge fan or anything. Anyways, I've gotten back into them and it's made me want to get back into all the old stuff I used to listen to. It's too bad I can't retrieve the music I once had anymore (I may have even forgotten some of the artists I used to listen to, which is a shame). I downloaded Muse's Absolution and Origin of Symmetry albums but I like the latter much more. Which reminds me, I should further indulge in some Placebo. (Y)

For anyone that's interested in the film, or who's just bored enough to watch anything - here's the latest theatrical trailer to James Cameron's Avatar. I kinda don't understand the hate that's gravitated towards this movie. I mean sure it was made on a massive budget of like 300 million dollars (making it the most expensive movie of all time I believe) but take into account that the man hasn't really made a film since Titanic and this is the guy that gave us Aliens and Terminator! The visuals look amazing and absolutely gorgeous and the fictional planet of Pandora looks phenomonal. Now as far as the photorealistic CGI goes, well I think it looks pretty damn good even on the small screen and that it would look even more crisp on the big screen. My main gripe is with the story because well...I've seen this story before. I mean it's channeling the spirit of The Last Samurai. Still, I am majorly excited for this movie (another gripe is that they revealed way to much in the trailer). Acting wise...well, I'll wait till I see the film to judge. I coulda sworn he was about to say, "This is Sparta". Also they reveal way too much in trailers nowadays. I know like everything that's going to happen now... Why couldn't they keep it in a District 9/Watchmen/Where the Wild Things Are sorta trailer... ==

Hey turns out Donnie Yen isn't retiring anytime soon! Yay! Although he did say that he'd just tone down on the action and stuff seeing as how all that fatigue can't be good for him. I'm still happy that Donnie isn't retiring, love his work. :D

DSC00431.jpg picture by kurayami_angel

Look, a sandwich (oooh my favourite)! It's one of the last sandwiches I'll ever have at the Windsor Deli. I may have brought this up before but I don't believe I've ever posted a picture of a sandwich from that Deli so there that is. I should become a fan of Windsor Deli on Facebook, lol. And I never knew cranberry jam was sooooo good. Yes, it looks like any other sandwich but their stuff is delicious! D:

Finally a smutty drawing I did last night, enjoy.

It doesn't look like it's in proportion - her butt especially. The hair too actually... Imagine waking up to see that in the morning. Pwoah... T___T

End post.


  1. LOLOL at the Darth Vader pictures, the kid one is cute.
    Is Windsor Deli the one on Hornby Street? I pass it every morning and today I bought a bottle of water from there for $3 and it was disgusting, haha.

  2. I feel so sorry for you.
    Maths + Exams + Stupid Australian Heat = SUICIDE


    I hope it works haha. GOOD LUCK!