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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Trust Bro, Trust!

Man I must have some really, really poor trust skills in people seeing as how I just had a dream where I couldn't even trust two of my friends in my house. I was practically watching over them, making sure they didn't steal anything in my home. The whole dream was me doing this and it was made worse with their suspicious behaviour. *sighhh

I think I kinda deserved to have that particular dream. Though if something like that ever did happen to me, I can't say I blame them for doing it. Maybe it's just karma for what I've done in the past (bit dramatic aren't we?). Or maybe I'm just being too hard on myself.

In anycase, this was a poor start to the day. I've got Literature and Vis Comm Trial exams today which should be a hoot. I'll also be handing in my Unit 4 folios for Vis Comm today. :D


On a final note, I might be buying this new comic series from Image Comics called Sky Pirates of Neo Terra. It's based off the future Nintendo DS/Wii video game of the same name and looks to have some pretty magnificent artwork by a woman by the name of Camilla D'Errico. Her manga style drawings and use of watercolour make the book a visual splendour, I'm told. Too much money wasting on comics, Hieu... Then again, I guess this kinda makes up for my lack of reading, albeit, a tad geeky. :D

If anyone else is interested in any of her artworks, check out her website:

End post.

EDIT: So I ended up buying the comic an hour ago and love the artwork behind it. I can't believe it's all done in watercolour! D:


  1. No way is it done in water colour =='
    Eurgh, too pro!
    Haha, your dream sound funny. Why would you deserve that dream? O_o"

  2. LOL nice dream
    when I think of richmond I think of
    Asians. restaurants. groceries.
    Can't really imagine any zombies around there lmao

  3. Bahaha, I can imagine you freaking out in your dream :P
    I talked to Williams and Thomas after the maths exam and our ones weren't the same before you start thinking I'm dumb, haha.

  4. Hrmm.. dreams usually indicate a subconscious thought. Your house represnts something familiar to you that you've suddenly become suspicious of - it's not necessarily your friends! Literal meanings never make sense when it comes to dreams ;P

    Yeah September's been a really crap month but you gotta do what you gotta do! You should totally watch True Blood - though FYI on the shizload of graphic sex.

    Glad to see your Vis Comm portfolio is going well. Did you make a choice on your courses? Calm the shiz down re: potential freakouts! =]

  5. Quite honestly I've never really gotten into Image Comics.But is Sky Pirates of Neo Terra any good? Man is it just me or have comics in generally gone downhill? Joker is probably the last tpb I've bought and I got that at the start of the year.