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Friday, 27 November 2009

Protège Moi

Welcome younglings.

Last night was the valedictory/graduation celebration for Year 12s at my school and while I wouldn't say that it was the best of graduation evenings, it was still something to remember by. The mass itself wasn't as long as I had anticipated and the actual graduation ceremony in our school's hall was really long. But all in all, it was a pleasant evening to share alongside my classmates and with my parents. Here are some pictures from the evening.

DSC03694.jpg picture by hieuyy


The other day I had intolerable chest pains that really annooyed the crap outta me. A quick Google search of the term, "chest pain" saw results such as heart conditions and heart attacks pop up. Needless to say I was quite concerened. As such, I visited a doctor who told me to go and get X-Rays done. This was the first time I had ever gotten X-Rays for anything and it was fairly exciting, haha. When they finished processing the film, I handed it to the doctor and she said everything seemed to be fine and that it was probably just muscle spasms. She told me to just drink Panadol (wow, Panadol cures everything). Even though she re-assured me that things were okay, for some reason the X-Ray showed my heart being in the centre of my chest and not on the left...strange.

The Twilight formula

Check it - the guys over at try to make a decent attempt to explain the phenomenon known as Twilight. Head on over to their site for a quick and amusing read, complete with qiuckly drawn MS Paint images, like the one above.

Wooo, updated my already downgraded PSP for one purpose - TO PLAY TEKKEN 6! I can now, not only play my current downloaded games but now can also play the latest installment to the Tekken franchise direct from my PSP. No longer will I have to visit friends' homes to steal their Playstation 3s or Xbox 360s (though I would probably still do that just to go and ya know, play with another human being cause CPU sucks). Carry, carry, BOUND, complete juggle with bound ender. :D

Anyone remember a simpler time when vampires weren't the key to a girl's heart but rather extraterrestrial beings from another planet who shared intimacy with other humans were all the rage? Yeah, neither do I. I guess that's because the cancelled television show I'm about to make reference to never made that thing into an overgrown phenomena. I've started to watch a show called Roswell - a show that was, I believe, only aired on Foxtel in Australia (our form of cable television) but was shown on the WB in the States. Unfortunately, a decline in ratings meant that it would be ultimately be cancelled. When I did have cable television, I had seen a few episodes of the show and always saw commercials of it (though I wasn't totally a major fan or anything). I never really understood the show (I would've been like in Year 4 or 5 when it started it's run I think) until it hit me the other day that this could've been Twilight (just replace sparkly vampires with aliens).

For anyone interested, the show is set in Roswell, New Mexico (site of the infamous Roswell UFO crash landing). The alien survivors of the UFO crash landing come out from their incubation pods in 1989 as six year old kids who are fully aware of their past. They're left stranded on Earth and have to adapt with humans. One of them, Max, begins to form a relationship with a human, Liz and thus begins cycle of teenage dramas. Oh and did I mention that the show had the most awesome opening credit song? Using Dido's Here With Me fit perfectly within the context of the show - the first few piano notes set establish the sci-fi element of the show while the lyrics of the song itself establishes that this is essentially a teenage drama, haha. I wonder if Katherine Heigl ever dwells on her Roswell days before heading off to bigger and better things like Grey's Anatomy...

Okay so I'm now watching three shows simultaneously, Roswell, How I Met Your Mother and True Blood. Hell yeah.

snow white apple

Finally, artist Prudence Staite was able to recreate a few scenes from Disney classic, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves using 14 different varieties of apples. Click here to check out her other images.

End post.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Murder Was The Case They Gave Me

Hi children.

I've been actually meaning to write this a lot earlier but I've been neglecting my duties to update my blog regularly due to the addictive nature of online game Dragonica. I briefly mentioned it in my last post and it really does seem that I'm gonna become consumed by it. A friend of mine accidently deleted my character from the game the other day so I had to work frantically to get him back to the state he was before. I've completely forgotten what I intended to write days ago so I'll just begin with whatever comes to mind and whatever sounds right. T___T

Anyways, putting all that MMO speak aside, yesterday we had a kinda pointless 15 minute graduation rehearsal at school. The night before, I had tried to sleep early in order to wake up ready for it but my plans didn't go accordingly. I tried to sleep at 11PM but I found myself reading 4chan related content whilst absorbing the intellectual wit that belonged to my favourite G4TV personality, Adam Sessler (the man is brilliant, seems like a really humble person too). That lasted for about 2 hours and by 1AM, I decided that I probably had had enough. I didn't exactly sleep at 1AM because I practically laid in my bed for a good hour or more trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in. So by 2 or 2.30AM (maybe even 3) I actually slept, only to wake up several hours later at 7.30. Some people may be able cope with a few hours of sleep but I think most people couldn't do that - I know I can't. Needless to say, I was feeling awfully lethargic and felt like crap. You've gotta hate that feeling of waking up and thinking, "Shit, did I sleep? Sure didn't feel like it."
All day yesterday can be summed up in a children's card game - Yu-Gi-Oh!

Masa told me to bring a Yu-Gi-Oh! deck to school so that we could play after the rehersal. I admit I was rather reluctant to play at first but I guess the allure of dabbling in a children's card game purely for the sake of reminscing and enjoyment was a little tempting. I didn't have my own deck so I borrowed a friend's. We proceeded to duel in our Poker corner at Melbourne Central, took a break and had awesome pizza at La Porchetta and then proceeded to duel once more at my place. I gotta admit, I kinda got a kick out of playing that again (I've lost so many readers right now). While we were at my place, Thomas was sleeping on my bed; James was watching myself and Masa very attentively and ended up joining the game; Dunstan was playing a few games of Poker as well as Left 4 Dead on my laptop and Jemmy watched pretty much everything. All in all, a pretty chilled day in my opinion. I was still tired throughout the day though - I think it was pretty evident with everyone there.

I ended up napping at 9PM that night and had a not so refreshing nap. You'd think an hour and a half nap would suffice but it didn't do anything for me, especially since I got that same feeling I had in the morning - hate that feeling. I tried to sleep again after waking up at 11 but after an hour of laying motionless and not falling asleep, I decided to just wake the hell up and see what was going on in the internet. What's worse was I was downloading a game - Tekken 6 - for my PSP while I was napping but the download stopped halfway. All these little things, downloads failing and not being able to sleep really pissed me off. I ended up sleeping I think at 1 or 1.30 which was good, until I was rudely awoken by junkies underneath the flat yelling gibberish at 7AM.

I just got back from a screening of The Twilight Saga: New Moon with Minny and Thy. I honestly thought it would be a little bit better than the first movie but my god, it was even more horrible than the first. The movie itself was a homoerotically charged snooze and was just horribly directed. At least in the first one I understood and got the fact that the two (Bella and Edward) were irrevocably in love but there was no romantic screen chemistry or tension at all - not even with the inclusion of one Jacob Black.

Bella and Edward got worse somehow with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart leaving their characters wooden and one dimensional. I didn't even feel sympathetic towards anyone but Jacob who was being used by the annoying Bella. There were also points in the movie where I had to question some of the faults in the series.

This may sound like me bashing Twilight due to my dislike towards the series but in all honesty, I really did think that I would get a kick out of the movie but I didn't and I kinda should've expected this kind of reception. In anycase, New Moon was just a complete failure to me and not worth watching. The first film at least attempted to try and tell a story whereas this one was just random and all over the place. Not good, not good.
Speaking of all things related to sparkling vampires - due to New Moon's release, the following are videos from the Internet regarding the franchise in parody form. Hell one video isn't even a parody but a big joke on an eager Twilight crowd (kinda mean but I still got a good laugh out of it). Anyways, watch the videos if you want.

This is why I love Conan O' Brian. It may be low-brow and stupid but that's what makes it so goddamn funny.

Not that funny of a video but I thought that Aubrey Plaza's impersonation of Kristen Stewart's Bella was dead on and perfect, haha. Shirt looks familiar though...

This one's my favourite - you'll probably see why.

If only Twilight had ended this way - G4 personalities Kevin Periera and Olivia Munn tell it like it is.

This guy holds a Twilight intervention in an attempt to educate people about real vampires. It's kinda mean but I still found it kinda genius. See if this happened to me though for a movie I'd hyped up myself - I would've been pissed too.

Yesterday James told me that Placebo were going to be performing in Melbourne and that he had already arranged to go see them live. Here I was thinking that they were only performing as part of this year's epic Soundwave line up but no, turns out they're also having a live show too that's not part of the music festival. I desperately want to see this band live because they're amazing. Hrmm, wonder how much tickets are...

Warren Ellis' Supergod #1 - Alternate Comic Book Cover

Bought two new comics the other day - Supergod #1 and Sky Pirates of Neo Terra#2. Still love the spectacular artwork in Sky Pirates and Supergod is really something. The premise for Supergod is that basically, mankind has been infatuated with building Gods since the very beginning (see Exodus in the Bible) and has continued that tradition into modern day. Each nation starts to build their own superhero in the likeness of their religion's God. It's a pretty awesome concept and the artwork compliments the story. The artwork itself is done by a guy called Garrie Gastonny who ironically also works at Imaginary Friends Studio. I'm starting to warm up this studio even more now.

Star Wars Adidas Originals

Adidas Originals and the folks over at Lucasfilm have collborated together to launch a new line of Star Wars related apparel. The above picture of the Stormtrooper shoes look freaken awesome and I'm gonna totally try and buy them once they make their way to stores in Australia. These are only teaser images though and I have no idea what the whole shoe looks like. They also have the ones below but they don't look too good as shoes.

Adidas Originals Star Wars

Adidas Originals Star Wars

Here are two old pictures of me being raped on BBQ day by Dunstan and Masa.

DSC00058.jpg picture by hieuyy

DSC00059.jpg picture by hieuyy

I will be trying to find a part time job next week and send out applications and resumes to various stores in my area. Places of interest include Video Ezy, Blockbuster, K-Mart, Coles, Alternate Worlds and a few others. I know that the waiting line for video rental stores are crazy long but I like to remain hopeful. Actually I might not even go to Alternate Worlds for a part time job seeing as how it's kinda far from where I live. I just want to work in places where I'd be fairly comfortable in. I'm also considering to apply at cinemas too. Regardless of where I may end up, this will be my first job. Exciting stuff.

Going back to the whole vampire thing, I started watching HBO's True Blood on my hard drive the other day. So far I've been through at least three, maybe four episodes and while I want to like it, I kinda am lost with the direction that they're going with. I like the fact that Anna Paquin's character, Sookie, is very lady like and very much a strong female protagnoist (as is her best friend Tara). I also love Stephen Moyer's, Bill Compton. His character is one suave vampire and perfectly fits into the role of a vampire so eerily well - he's pretty much the best part of the show so far as he practically steals every scene. I also love the concept of vampires and humans living side by side, kinda sets up this whole racial commentary into the show (setting it in the dirty south of America only further validates the commentary in my opinion). I'm interested to see where it may be going but right now, I feel that the plot isn't really moving forward despite being a few episodes in already. :S

Finally, I admit to having a NANA fetish (what did he just say?). For those of you who don't know who she is, she's a fictional Japanese punk rocker who oozes with sex appeal and awesomeness. I effing love her - she'd almost be like an ideal girl for me. Any of my old blog readers remember my old MySpace post regarding my idea of a perfect girl? Well that idea normally would change with time but I stand by the fact that if someone can look as hot as Nana and pull it off well, then you'd be the object of my desire (okay stop further embarrasing yourself Hieu). Actually maybe it's not the character I love, maybe it's just the fact that Mika Nakashima herself is hot and made Nana all the more appealing. In anycase, here are two pictures of my take on Nana Osaki over the weekend.

scan0002.jpg picture by hieuyy scan0003.jpg picture by hieuyy

I also just had to include this image of Mika Nakshima to end things...

n26590080984_968100_4999.jpg picture by hieuyy

End post.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

A Bid Farewell

Hey kids.

It's been a week since my final exam and I'm loving the fact that I don't having to wake up early every morning for school or have to aggressively study for anything. I believe this is what they call the calm before the storm. The storm will come once the results for the exams arrive in a month but for now, I'm gonna just use as much of this time to relax and do things I couldn't do much of during this year. I believe that that half of my days will be spent in console and computer games while the half will be spent with movies. I wouldn't ahve it any other way. Boo-friggin-yah. ;D

Also some of the little things during the year they take away too, such as me trying to concieve another work of uninteresting and incoherent fiction or even to just sit down and draw stuff. Hrm, I think I might do some of that after this. Or try and finish Final Fanatsy XII - a game that has stumped me for the last two...maybe even three years. I just couldn't be bothered playing it until now. :D

You'd think that with a week of non-blogging, I must've done something interesting or whatever but I don't think I did. Nonetheless I'll just ramble like I always do about pointless and trivial things.

I just came back from a showing of the latest disaster film to hit theaters, 2012. Ronald Emmerich sure loves to destroy our world (directing credits include Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow). The movie wasn't important but what was important was the fact that I saw it with my dad. I haven't seen a movie with my dad since Year 7 or 8 and we used to go see a lot of films together. One other reason I guess that can contribute to me loving film is that my dad loved your typical guy movies and I guess that rubbed off on me, haha. And of course, being in an Asian family would typically mean constant viewings of Asian wuxia or martial arts films in the home. I kinda enjoyed having that with him again. (Y)

Seeing as how Summer's coming up and things are really gonna heat up, I thought I'd use that as an excuse to cut my hair differently. That and also my fringe and long hair had been pissing me off for most of the year and I just wanted a new look. I'd post a picture of it but I think it's better for my ego if I didn't, not yet anyway. All you need to know at the moment is that its a lot shorter and kinda fringeless. :D

Hiroyasu Ishida - a 21 year old animator created this cute and funny short film titled, Fumiko's Confession.
In the short, Fumiko asks a boy to date her, but he refuses, wanting to concentrate on his baseball skills. At the end, she offers to make him miso soup every day (a marriage proposal in Japan), but the result is...
...pretty awesome. I believe that this man created the short all on his own so kudos for creating this.

You can visit his YouTube channel to see other shorts.

my fetus totally looks like the emperor

This person's growing fetus looks a lot like The Emperor from Star Wars doesn't it?

If Inglourious Basterds were made as a comic rather than a 5 chapter movie, it would probably look something like this. The fake covers below are drawn in the style of Marvel legend, Jack Kirby.


My friend, Kevin, introduced me to an awesome MMORPG game called Dragonica. It's kinda like Maple Story only ten times better (I never played that game - it just looks silly). Ah, another game to wholly consume my time during the holidays. Man I should really find a job soon...and get my Learners. ==

I read from someone's blog a while ago that they had watched the anime, "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" but I don't remember who it was. I thought it was one of my followers, Jin, but turns out it wasn't her so for the person who had previously seen that anime film (as well as for anyone else remotely interested) the anime is being adapted into a live action movie and the teaser trailer for it came out not too long ago. I thought it was pretty interesting that they would stick with the voice of the main character and also allow her to act as the main character in the live action. I must put that anime on my watch list.


The trailer to Clash of the Titans was released not too long ago. Now while I have no problem with the look of the film and cast so far, one thing that kinda irks me is the fact that they've decided to use an instrumental version of The Used's "The Bird and The Worm" in conjuction with the trailer. To me, it's a too much of a mismatch. I think that really detracted from the trailer. Nonetheless, always good to see an Aussie start our fresh in Hollywood and doing alright for themselves overseas. Damn Sam Worthington has had a great year. D:

Finally I present you with It is an awesome site with hella awesome shirt designs - 'nuff said. I thought that the ones below were instantly made of win.

Bitch be Trippin' BALLS - Click Image to CloseBattle Set Blue - Click Image to Close

Two Girls One-Up - Click Image to CloseCatapult Turtle Gambit - Click Image to Close

I Want You Inside Me - Click Image to CloseMurderKarp - Click Image to Close

Oh one last thing I forgot to mention. This is my 200th post on Blogspot! Wooooooo! Hrmm, not much of a 200th post huh? =\

End post.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Bring My Love

Vis Comm exam today wasn't too troubling though I'm quite sure that I would've lost marks here and there for a few things. It was out off 88, and a score between 70 and 80 would suffice for me. I've got only one exam left and cannot friggin wait for things to end. Boo-friggin-yah! :@

I came back from the exam today for a nice and pleasant surprise. MY HOME FINALLY HAS AIRCONDITIONING! This will be most useful during these coming nights of dreaded heat! T__T

I was reading the TV guide at the end of the Herald Sun yesterday and a new television mini series airing in Australia caught my eye. The series is called "Dead Set" and the premise sounded really interesting to me. The series takes place in the UK, using the UK Big Brother house as a backdrop. During eviction night, a zombie outbreak occurs and everyone across the UK (including the Big Brother audience, television staff, host and former housemates) all succumb to the zombie apocalypse. However, the remaining housemates in the Big Brother house do not know what's happening outside. The house itself becomes a place of refuge from the chaos outside.

It kinda sounded like a comedy/horror at first but turns out it was trying to be real serious about things. I ended up downloading the rest of the series overnight (only consists of 5 episodes to the series) and am watching it right now (on the last episode). I'd probably only fix camera issues cause it shakes like hell - can't see anything. If you liked 28 Days Later or the Zack Snyder Dawn of the Dead remake, this is awesome, awesome stuff.

Two days ago, the Astor Theatre had an amazing 25 dollar movie marathon for the entire, "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. Say what you will about me, but this was pretty much my idea of an awesome day. Yes, normal people would go to the beach on a 32 degree sunny day but I'm not normal. Instead my friend and I chose to sit through 10 hours of orc slaying madness (with breaks in between of course). And lemme tell, after seeing the ring being destroyed in the volcanic pits of Mount Doom and realising the quest is over, you as an audience feel that sense of accomplishment (especially having sat through it all in the one day). Seeing all three films back to back in a day really makes everything flow cohesively, making it one whole story that really takes you on a journey with all these likeable characters. Great day, great day.

Martin Scorsese is probably the best filmmaker alive today. He's done so many good films but his two most outstanding pictures, in my opinion, are Taxi Driver and Goodfellas. I liked Raging Bull (widely considered to be his all time masterpiece) but I dunno - it wasn't really on the same level as Taxi Driver or Goodfellas to me. It didn't really strike home that much. Anyways, I love Scorsese and fortunately enough for me, both Taxi Driver and Goodfellas are both on sale for 10 bucks each at JB Hi-Fi. God I love that store.

DSC00437.jpg picture by hieuyy

Remember that Briefcase Packaging for Pulp Fiction I mentioned a few posts ago? Well I ordered it at JB-Hi Fi and the package came in a few days ago. It's such an awesome package, but now I'm gonna have to re-arrange my DVD collection. Heck I might have to move the whole thing altogether. Anyways, Pulp Fiction is an awesome film that kinda gave cinema and Hollywood film making an adrenalin shot to the heart. Hard to believe that this was only like 15 years ago too. Like wine, this movie just gets better time grows old. Can't get enough of it. :D

Alice in Wonderland banner 1

Lookie here, a brand new poster for Tim Burton's, "Alice in Wonderland". Without Alice. Oh well.
Really worst influence?

Kinda old news, I realise, but I forgot to make mention of it in the last post so I'll do so now. Why was Miley Cyrus voted the worst celebrity influence of 2009? It doesn't make sense because she actually is a pretty damn good role model. Someone like Lindsay Lohan who's practically effed up her life by now should've been there cause she's been caught with cocaine in her car and has been in and out of rehab. Seen her lately? She's destroyed her face with plastic surgery - fucken junkie. Anyways, I just thought I'd get that out there cause I thought it was stupid for Miley to have been voted a bad influence.

Images of hilarity and/or geekdom follow.

Superman pushes Jimmy off a cliff
Superman's such a dick.

Yeah, I'd leave Robin too.

If Sweeney Todd met Edward Scissorhands.

Mr E.T

A family were photographed dressed as Max and the Wild Things of Maurice Sendak's, "Where the Wild Things Are"

Star Wars Stroller
If I had a kid, I'd so push him around in an R2-D2 stroller. T__T

I've been listening to a lot of Starsailor lately - I reckon they're an awesome British band. I didn't realise that one of their songs was remixed into a dance track which became popular in Australia at one point. I came to know the band through the game, "Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater" where their song, "Way to Fall" was used as part of the credits sequence. Anyways, for those who wanna sample some songs, check out the YouTube videoes below cause they're a great band.


Finally, a picture spam of the gorgeous Amanda Seyfried (cause ya know, this post needs it). You know if the acting thing never worked, she could've been a model cause judging from some of these pictures, she really does radiate with that model look. (L)

6.jpg picture by hieuyy

5.jpg picture by hieuyy 4.jpg picture by hieuyy

1.jpg picture by hieuyy

End post.