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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

A Bid Farewell

Hey kids.

It's been a week since my final exam and I'm loving the fact that I don't having to wake up early every morning for school or have to aggressively study for anything. I believe this is what they call the calm before the storm. The storm will come once the results for the exams arrive in a month but for now, I'm gonna just use as much of this time to relax and do things I couldn't do much of during this year. I believe that that half of my days will be spent in console and computer games while the half will be spent with movies. I wouldn't ahve it any other way. Boo-friggin-yah. ;D

Also some of the little things during the year they take away too, such as me trying to concieve another work of uninteresting and incoherent fiction or even to just sit down and draw stuff. Hrm, I think I might do some of that after this. Or try and finish Final Fanatsy XII - a game that has stumped me for the last two...maybe even three years. I just couldn't be bothered playing it until now. :D

You'd think that with a week of non-blogging, I must've done something interesting or whatever but I don't think I did. Nonetheless I'll just ramble like I always do about pointless and trivial things.

I just came back from a showing of the latest disaster film to hit theaters, 2012. Ronald Emmerich sure loves to destroy our world (directing credits include Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow). The movie wasn't important but what was important was the fact that I saw it with my dad. I haven't seen a movie with my dad since Year 7 or 8 and we used to go see a lot of films together. One other reason I guess that can contribute to me loving film is that my dad loved your typical guy movies and I guess that rubbed off on me, haha. And of course, being in an Asian family would typically mean constant viewings of Asian wuxia or martial arts films in the home. I kinda enjoyed having that with him again. (Y)

Seeing as how Summer's coming up and things are really gonna heat up, I thought I'd use that as an excuse to cut my hair differently. That and also my fringe and long hair had been pissing me off for most of the year and I just wanted a new look. I'd post a picture of it but I think it's better for my ego if I didn't, not yet anyway. All you need to know at the moment is that its a lot shorter and kinda fringeless. :D

Hiroyasu Ishida - a 21 year old animator created this cute and funny short film titled, Fumiko's Confession.
In the short, Fumiko asks a boy to date her, but he refuses, wanting to concentrate on his baseball skills. At the end, she offers to make him miso soup every day (a marriage proposal in Japan), but the result is...
...pretty awesome. I believe that this man created the short all on his own so kudos for creating this.

You can visit his YouTube channel to see other shorts.

my fetus totally looks like the emperor

This person's growing fetus looks a lot like The Emperor from Star Wars doesn't it?

If Inglourious Basterds were made as a comic rather than a 5 chapter movie, it would probably look something like this. The fake covers below are drawn in the style of Marvel legend, Jack Kirby.


My friend, Kevin, introduced me to an awesome MMORPG game called Dragonica. It's kinda like Maple Story only ten times better (I never played that game - it just looks silly). Ah, another game to wholly consume my time during the holidays. Man I should really find a job soon...and get my Learners. ==

I read from someone's blog a while ago that they had watched the anime, "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" but I don't remember who it was. I thought it was one of my followers, Jin, but turns out it wasn't her so for the person who had previously seen that anime film (as well as for anyone else remotely interested) the anime is being adapted into a live action movie and the teaser trailer for it came out not too long ago. I thought it was pretty interesting that they would stick with the voice of the main character and also allow her to act as the main character in the live action. I must put that anime on my watch list.


The trailer to Clash of the Titans was released not too long ago. Now while I have no problem with the look of the film and cast so far, one thing that kinda irks me is the fact that they've decided to use an instrumental version of The Used's "The Bird and The Worm" in conjuction with the trailer. To me, it's a too much of a mismatch. I think that really detracted from the trailer. Nonetheless, always good to see an Aussie start our fresh in Hollywood and doing alright for themselves overseas. Damn Sam Worthington has had a great year. D:

Finally I present you with It is an awesome site with hella awesome shirt designs - 'nuff said. I thought that the ones below were instantly made of win.

Bitch be Trippin' BALLS - Click Image to CloseBattle Set Blue - Click Image to Close

Two Girls One-Up - Click Image to CloseCatapult Turtle Gambit - Click Image to Close

I Want You Inside Me - Click Image to CloseMurderKarp - Click Image to Close

Oh one last thing I forgot to mention. This is my 200th post on Blogspot! Wooooooo! Hrmm, not much of a 200th post huh? =\

End post.


  1. 1. That animation looked like one of my dreams (apart from the boy)... I fall/fly a lot in my dreams.

    2. That girl in the trailer, and the boy in the trailer! I used to think I looked like her (not in this movie) and I always thought the guy looked like my brother! hah.

    3. LOLOL at the fetus!

    4. I like the last t-shirt design, heh.


  2. Hihi :)

    Congratulations on your 200th post haha. I thought it was pretty interesting. That fetus show was something LOL.

    Anyway, I'm assuming that maybe I should skip out on watching 2012? I love spending time with my dad as well :) I think that's the reason why I'm so into my NRL, Rugby Union & NFL haha. My team, the New Orleans Saints, have been undefeated this whole season so far. I don't know if you what I'm talking about, but I'm pretty ecstatic over that, I just had to say it :D

    Are you still excited for your results? lol.

    Finally, good luck with Final Fantasy. You should buy Modern Warfare II. It's <3<3 Seriously :)