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Sunday, 8 November 2009

Bring My Love

Vis Comm exam today wasn't too troubling though I'm quite sure that I would've lost marks here and there for a few things. It was out off 88, and a score between 70 and 80 would suffice for me. I've got only one exam left and cannot friggin wait for things to end. Boo-friggin-yah! :@

I came back from the exam today for a nice and pleasant surprise. MY HOME FINALLY HAS AIRCONDITIONING! This will be most useful during these coming nights of dreaded heat! T__T

I was reading the TV guide at the end of the Herald Sun yesterday and a new television mini series airing in Australia caught my eye. The series is called "Dead Set" and the premise sounded really interesting to me. The series takes place in the UK, using the UK Big Brother house as a backdrop. During eviction night, a zombie outbreak occurs and everyone across the UK (including the Big Brother audience, television staff, host and former housemates) all succumb to the zombie apocalypse. However, the remaining housemates in the Big Brother house do not know what's happening outside. The house itself becomes a place of refuge from the chaos outside.

It kinda sounded like a comedy/horror at first but turns out it was trying to be real serious about things. I ended up downloading the rest of the series overnight (only consists of 5 episodes to the series) and am watching it right now (on the last episode). I'd probably only fix camera issues cause it shakes like hell - can't see anything. If you liked 28 Days Later or the Zack Snyder Dawn of the Dead remake, this is awesome, awesome stuff.

Two days ago, the Astor Theatre had an amazing 25 dollar movie marathon for the entire, "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. Say what you will about me, but this was pretty much my idea of an awesome day. Yes, normal people would go to the beach on a 32 degree sunny day but I'm not normal. Instead my friend and I chose to sit through 10 hours of orc slaying madness (with breaks in between of course). And lemme tell, after seeing the ring being destroyed in the volcanic pits of Mount Doom and realising the quest is over, you as an audience feel that sense of accomplishment (especially having sat through it all in the one day). Seeing all three films back to back in a day really makes everything flow cohesively, making it one whole story that really takes you on a journey with all these likeable characters. Great day, great day.

Martin Scorsese is probably the best filmmaker alive today. He's done so many good films but his two most outstanding pictures, in my opinion, are Taxi Driver and Goodfellas. I liked Raging Bull (widely considered to be his all time masterpiece) but I dunno - it wasn't really on the same level as Taxi Driver or Goodfellas to me. It didn't really strike home that much. Anyways, I love Scorsese and fortunately enough for me, both Taxi Driver and Goodfellas are both on sale for 10 bucks each at JB Hi-Fi. God I love that store.

DSC00437.jpg picture by hieuyy

Remember that Briefcase Packaging for Pulp Fiction I mentioned a few posts ago? Well I ordered it at JB-Hi Fi and the package came in a few days ago. It's such an awesome package, but now I'm gonna have to re-arrange my DVD collection. Heck I might have to move the whole thing altogether. Anyways, Pulp Fiction is an awesome film that kinda gave cinema and Hollywood film making an adrenalin shot to the heart. Hard to believe that this was only like 15 years ago too. Like wine, this movie just gets better time grows old. Can't get enough of it. :D

Alice in Wonderland banner 1

Lookie here, a brand new poster for Tim Burton's, "Alice in Wonderland". Without Alice. Oh well.
Really worst influence?

Kinda old news, I realise, but I forgot to make mention of it in the last post so I'll do so now. Why was Miley Cyrus voted the worst celebrity influence of 2009? It doesn't make sense because she actually is a pretty damn good role model. Someone like Lindsay Lohan who's practically effed up her life by now should've been there cause she's been caught with cocaine in her car and has been in and out of rehab. Seen her lately? She's destroyed her face with plastic surgery - fucken junkie. Anyways, I just thought I'd get that out there cause I thought it was stupid for Miley to have been voted a bad influence.

Images of hilarity and/or geekdom follow.

Superman pushes Jimmy off a cliff
Superman's such a dick.

Yeah, I'd leave Robin too.

If Sweeney Todd met Edward Scissorhands.

Mr E.T

A family were photographed dressed as Max and the Wild Things of Maurice Sendak's, "Where the Wild Things Are"

Star Wars Stroller
If I had a kid, I'd so push him around in an R2-D2 stroller. T__T

I've been listening to a lot of Starsailor lately - I reckon they're an awesome British band. I didn't realise that one of their songs was remixed into a dance track which became popular in Australia at one point. I came to know the band through the game, "Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater" where their song, "Way to Fall" was used as part of the credits sequence. Anyways, for those who wanna sample some songs, check out the YouTube videoes below cause they're a great band.


Finally, a picture spam of the gorgeous Amanda Seyfried (cause ya know, this post needs it). You know if the acting thing never worked, she could've been a model cause judging from some of these pictures, she really does radiate with that model look. (L)

6.jpg picture by hieuyy

5.jpg picture by hieuyy 4.jpg picture by hieuyy

1.jpg picture by hieuyy

End post.


  1. OH GOSH, as if you can sit though all those LOTR movies in one day! I can barely watch ONE movie without wanting to kill myself, haha.
    Ohhhh Starsailor's Four to the floor bring back memories!

  2. Noooo, I havent seen the last Lord of the Rings D:
    None of my girl friends ever want to watch it ==;
    That Mr. ET pic is freakyyy
    but Amanda looks hot as a model (Y)

  3. Hey Dead Set sounds interesting! I'll surely check it out! You should also check out 'Diary of the dead' if you haven't already :D

    If you consider posting half naked photos of yourself as a 'good role model' to young girls then wow :L haha. I remember watching this video the other day and laughed at Miley's words:

    Amanda Seyfried <3 Love those photos :D


    For me Tumblr is the photo version of Twitter. I never got into Twitter though.

  4. oooo, i actually wouldn't mind watching the Lord of the Rings series in one day, it'll make a good movie marathon. I haven't seen them all yet, I always miss out on parts 'cause it always airs so late on a school night. And when my brothers do rent it, they always return it before I can watch it =="

    Mhmmmm Vis Com wasn't too bad! But I know for sure that I have lost marks... hopefully not too much :S

    Ohh, the Wild Things family is cute..

  5. Meh Miley Cyrus burns my eyes - she's like the less-likeable version of Hilary Duff (LOVE HILARY) back when she was Disney girl. I think it's the fact that she saturates tween/teen culture that makes her the worst influence. If anything, I'd think Taylor Swift is a better role model than she - and yeah, half nakey pics of yourself aren't that great.

    I AM SO FREAKIN' EXCITED ABOUT Where The Wild Things Are + Alice in Wonderland.


    What makes indie music automatically synonomous with greatness? I think this has a lot to do with the subculture that comes with indie music and the immediate reference that's 'cool' and thus, 'great' as well. Having said that, sometimes it helps separating the music from the film - if you take a look at New Moon (ie. mainstream movie) then the soundtrack itself (indie pot of awesome), you'll discover that the two are not necessarily reflective of each other.

    Regardless, it's all up to personal opinion and preference. Hell, I listen to mainstream Korean pop and indie Western music with the odd lashings of Justin Timberlake + Chris Brown - hahahah. But the bottom line is, people judge according to overall consensus, hence why indie soundtracks might be considered 'great'. Also, most music writers/reviewers tend to listen to indie music more, so there can be some bias in that regard.

    I still don't have aircon in my house. UGH.

  6. whats vis comm?

    oh my gosh all the lotr in one day
    didnt that take, all day? XD
    i was actually planning to do that at home but i dont have the dvds or anything D:

    ive heard so many good things about taxi driver
    i must check it out one day

    oh my gosh i HATE miley cyrus. shes sooooo damn annoying. i guess lindsay lohan isnt the worst influence of 2009 cause thats what shes been for awhile. and miley has suddenly been doing all these things that people shake their head at. miley cyrus can just as easily become another typical child star

    i wanted to be max for halloween but those wolf pajamas are damn expensive
    and that stroller is awesome!

    oh la la~
    who is this amanda seyfried!
    she is STUNNING!

    i dont think it was me but that sounds so familiar!
    i checked out the trailer.
    it looks cute