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Saturday, 7 November 2009

Dancefloors at the Movie Theater?

I just came back from a screening of Michael Jackson's, "This Is It" but I would've come back a lot earlier, had it not been for the stupid decision that Hoyts Cinemas had to make (that pretty much left a sour taste in my movie-going mouth).

Basically what happened was myself and two friends were supposed to watch "This Is It" at one of our regular cinema chain locations in the city at 7.30 PM. Now, of course, you'd assume that a screening at 7:30 PM would mean just that but no, it's a little more complicated then that. When we got there, we asked for the 7:30 screening but were informed of the following:

1. It's an overage screening because they'll be serving alcohol

2. There's also a dancefloor for social purposes

So now what I wanna know is why in hell's name would you need to put a dancefloor for a friggin movie? I know that it's a Michael Jackson concert (rehearsal) movie but in between takes of when he sings and performs are preperations and small interviews - what are you gonna do then? What? Are you just gonna start talking to everyone else around you? Are you just going to ignore the movie and ignorethe fact that they're only releasing this film so that the fans can feel that Michael is alive again? Also, I don't really recall there being much space for one to really dance at an MJ concert (I may be wrong about that) so why would putting a dancefloor there be any different? Hell, while we're at it, let's just abandon the whole movie idea and just play some MJ songs and put em on a loop - it's fuckin ridiculous.

The point I'm trying to make is that you shouldn't turn the whole movie going experience into a social gathering of like minded people. They turned it into a goddamn bar or club setting, perverting the whole idea of going to see a movie and experiencing that which is entertaining and pleasing to the mind and eye. It's a horrible idea to try and make profit like this - it just bastardises the whole idea and purpose of going to a movie in the first place. I mean seriously, imagine putting a dancefloor for a movie like...I dunno, Saw VI or something. =\

Next time I go to a Hoyts cinema, I'm just gonna take the piss out of 'em and ask if there's a dancefloor for whatever film I decide or plan on watching in the near future.

End rant.


  1. hahahaahah I'd go to the Saw one.

  2. Haha, that's why you go to Greater Union (L) Wait. Do you have Greater Union in Melbourne?

    Anyway, thank you :) And ew. Myspace. Ew.

    By the way, how were your exams?? When do you get your results back?


  3. ha ha ha thats funny
    but im sorry your experience was ruined
    that sounds kinda cool though
    did you at least enjoy the movie?

    ahaha our homecoming normally wouldnt be so grand but the homecoming comittee got a new sponsor who was open to the idea of spending so much. hahaha snobby places. i know schools here usually hold prom at hotels but thats not too extravagant
    im super jealous of my friends school who held it at a club XD

  4. Haha. Same movie. Cheaper tickets. No dance floor. Greater Union ftw (H) But you wanna hear cheap? Apparently, there's this cinema in Sydney which is only $6 a ticket for every movie! $5 for children. PLUS, it's legal! Haha.

    Ngaw, that's good to hear :) I think all of our year 12-ers have finished all their exams. You are the only person I know {of} who's excited to get your results back. I'm usually so nervous I can't sleep or eat lol. Which subjects do you have left? And which uni/tafe did you apply for?


  5. Wow that's really odd.

    But that still doesn't deter me from wanting to watch the MJ movie!

    Can't can't can't wait really.

  6. ahaha thanks
    but no i did not draw those XD
    im waaaaaaay too technically challenged to do anything like that
    there from my thousands of random pretty pictures