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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Murder Was The Case They Gave Me

Hi children.

I've been actually meaning to write this a lot earlier but I've been neglecting my duties to update my blog regularly due to the addictive nature of online game Dragonica. I briefly mentioned it in my last post and it really does seem that I'm gonna become consumed by it. A friend of mine accidently deleted my character from the game the other day so I had to work frantically to get him back to the state he was before. I've completely forgotten what I intended to write days ago so I'll just begin with whatever comes to mind and whatever sounds right. T___T

Anyways, putting all that MMO speak aside, yesterday we had a kinda pointless 15 minute graduation rehearsal at school. The night before, I had tried to sleep early in order to wake up ready for it but my plans didn't go accordingly. I tried to sleep at 11PM but I found myself reading 4chan related content whilst absorbing the intellectual wit that belonged to my favourite G4TV personality, Adam Sessler (the man is brilliant, seems like a really humble person too). That lasted for about 2 hours and by 1AM, I decided that I probably had had enough. I didn't exactly sleep at 1AM because I practically laid in my bed for a good hour or more trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in. So by 2 or 2.30AM (maybe even 3) I actually slept, only to wake up several hours later at 7.30. Some people may be able cope with a few hours of sleep but I think most people couldn't do that - I know I can't. Needless to say, I was feeling awfully lethargic and felt like crap. You've gotta hate that feeling of waking up and thinking, "Shit, did I sleep? Sure didn't feel like it."
All day yesterday can be summed up in a children's card game - Yu-Gi-Oh!

Masa told me to bring a Yu-Gi-Oh! deck to school so that we could play after the rehersal. I admit I was rather reluctant to play at first but I guess the allure of dabbling in a children's card game purely for the sake of reminscing and enjoyment was a little tempting. I didn't have my own deck so I borrowed a friend's. We proceeded to duel in our Poker corner at Melbourne Central, took a break and had awesome pizza at La Porchetta and then proceeded to duel once more at my place. I gotta admit, I kinda got a kick out of playing that again (I've lost so many readers right now). While we were at my place, Thomas was sleeping on my bed; James was watching myself and Masa very attentively and ended up joining the game; Dunstan was playing a few games of Poker as well as Left 4 Dead on my laptop and Jemmy watched pretty much everything. All in all, a pretty chilled day in my opinion. I was still tired throughout the day though - I think it was pretty evident with everyone there.

I ended up napping at 9PM that night and had a not so refreshing nap. You'd think an hour and a half nap would suffice but it didn't do anything for me, especially since I got that same feeling I had in the morning - hate that feeling. I tried to sleep again after waking up at 11 but after an hour of laying motionless and not falling asleep, I decided to just wake the hell up and see what was going on in the internet. What's worse was I was downloading a game - Tekken 6 - for my PSP while I was napping but the download stopped halfway. All these little things, downloads failing and not being able to sleep really pissed me off. I ended up sleeping I think at 1 or 1.30 which was good, until I was rudely awoken by junkies underneath the flat yelling gibberish at 7AM.

I just got back from a screening of The Twilight Saga: New Moon with Minny and Thy. I honestly thought it would be a little bit better than the first movie but my god, it was even more horrible than the first. The movie itself was a homoerotically charged snooze and was just horribly directed. At least in the first one I understood and got the fact that the two (Bella and Edward) were irrevocably in love but there was no romantic screen chemistry or tension at all - not even with the inclusion of one Jacob Black.

Bella and Edward got worse somehow with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart leaving their characters wooden and one dimensional. I didn't even feel sympathetic towards anyone but Jacob who was being used by the annoying Bella. There were also points in the movie where I had to question some of the faults in the series.

This may sound like me bashing Twilight due to my dislike towards the series but in all honesty, I really did think that I would get a kick out of the movie but I didn't and I kinda should've expected this kind of reception. In anycase, New Moon was just a complete failure to me and not worth watching. The first film at least attempted to try and tell a story whereas this one was just random and all over the place. Not good, not good.
Speaking of all things related to sparkling vampires - due to New Moon's release, the following are videos from the Internet regarding the franchise in parody form. Hell one video isn't even a parody but a big joke on an eager Twilight crowd (kinda mean but I still got a good laugh out of it). Anyways, watch the videos if you want.

This is why I love Conan O' Brian. It may be low-brow and stupid but that's what makes it so goddamn funny.

Not that funny of a video but I thought that Aubrey Plaza's impersonation of Kristen Stewart's Bella was dead on and perfect, haha. Shirt looks familiar though...

This one's my favourite - you'll probably see why.

If only Twilight had ended this way - G4 personalities Kevin Periera and Olivia Munn tell it like it is.

This guy holds a Twilight intervention in an attempt to educate people about real vampires. It's kinda mean but I still found it kinda genius. See if this happened to me though for a movie I'd hyped up myself - I would've been pissed too.

Yesterday James told me that Placebo were going to be performing in Melbourne and that he had already arranged to go see them live. Here I was thinking that they were only performing as part of this year's epic Soundwave line up but no, turns out they're also having a live show too that's not part of the music festival. I desperately want to see this band live because they're amazing. Hrmm, wonder how much tickets are...

Warren Ellis' Supergod #1 - Alternate Comic Book Cover

Bought two new comics the other day - Supergod #1 and Sky Pirates of Neo Terra#2. Still love the spectacular artwork in Sky Pirates and Supergod is really something. The premise for Supergod is that basically, mankind has been infatuated with building Gods since the very beginning (see Exodus in the Bible) and has continued that tradition into modern day. Each nation starts to build their own superhero in the likeness of their religion's God. It's a pretty awesome concept and the artwork compliments the story. The artwork itself is done by a guy called Garrie Gastonny who ironically also works at Imaginary Friends Studio. I'm starting to warm up this studio even more now.

Star Wars Adidas Originals

Adidas Originals and the folks over at Lucasfilm have collborated together to launch a new line of Star Wars related apparel. The above picture of the Stormtrooper shoes look freaken awesome and I'm gonna totally try and buy them once they make their way to stores in Australia. These are only teaser images though and I have no idea what the whole shoe looks like. They also have the ones below but they don't look too good as shoes.

Adidas Originals Star Wars

Adidas Originals Star Wars

Here are two old pictures of me being raped on BBQ day by Dunstan and Masa.

DSC00058.jpg picture by hieuyy

DSC00059.jpg picture by hieuyy

I will be trying to find a part time job next week and send out applications and resumes to various stores in my area. Places of interest include Video Ezy, Blockbuster, K-Mart, Coles, Alternate Worlds and a few others. I know that the waiting line for video rental stores are crazy long but I like to remain hopeful. Actually I might not even go to Alternate Worlds for a part time job seeing as how it's kinda far from where I live. I just want to work in places where I'd be fairly comfortable in. I'm also considering to apply at cinemas too. Regardless of where I may end up, this will be my first job. Exciting stuff.

Going back to the whole vampire thing, I started watching HBO's True Blood on my hard drive the other day. So far I've been through at least three, maybe four episodes and while I want to like it, I kinda am lost with the direction that they're going with. I like the fact that Anna Paquin's character, Sookie, is very lady like and very much a strong female protagnoist (as is her best friend Tara). I also love Stephen Moyer's, Bill Compton. His character is one suave vampire and perfectly fits into the role of a vampire so eerily well - he's pretty much the best part of the show so far as he practically steals every scene. I also love the concept of vampires and humans living side by side, kinda sets up this whole racial commentary into the show (setting it in the dirty south of America only further validates the commentary in my opinion). I'm interested to see where it may be going but right now, I feel that the plot isn't really moving forward despite being a few episodes in already. :S

Finally, I admit to having a NANA fetish (what did he just say?). For those of you who don't know who she is, she's a fictional Japanese punk rocker who oozes with sex appeal and awesomeness. I effing love her - she'd almost be like an ideal girl for me. Any of my old blog readers remember my old MySpace post regarding my idea of a perfect girl? Well that idea normally would change with time but I stand by the fact that if someone can look as hot as Nana and pull it off well, then you'd be the object of my desire (okay stop further embarrasing yourself Hieu). Actually maybe it's not the character I love, maybe it's just the fact that Mika Nakashima herself is hot and made Nana all the more appealing. In anycase, here are two pictures of my take on Nana Osaki over the weekend.

scan0002.jpg picture by hieuyy scan0003.jpg picture by hieuyy

I also just had to include this image of Mika Nakshima to end things...

n26590080984_968100_4999.jpg picture by hieuyy

End post.


  1. hieu.

    dragonica looks kind of good actually, the last game I played sadly online was gunbound. I gave up after that, but when final fantasy xiii comes out I will definitely get it.

    You watched twilight new moon without a girl dragging you? -_-

  2. HAHA - dude I wouldn't even pay to see Twilight: New Moon. I'd probably watch it on mute though - everyone looks so pretty! You forgot the YT vid of Buffy kicking Edward's pale white ass!!

    Haven't heard of Dragonica but my sister did go through a Maple phase at one point. Right now she's trying to get me into Aion and Sword of the New World (which she succeeded, except now I've gone back to Diablo II hahahah). Oh man, online gaming kills my life =.=

    True Blood is really good actually! I'm still waiting for Season 2 to come out on DVD so I can watch it in one 12-hour binge like I did with the first season.

    You need this t-shirt -

    Hope your day is awesome!

  3. G'day Hieu,
    LOL at previous post - i believe "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" post was in my August post.
    There's a live action? thanks! i'm going to watch it now.
    Yu Gi Oh is still quite popular amongst my guy friends too - i use to think that the creautures would appear in a hologram and fight.. UNO ftw!

    Adidas fan are we? hi 5

    Nice drawings btw - thumbs up

    p.s. thank god they made that Twilight prank!
    double p.s. you have the same name as my friend

    keep blogging - Gerry