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Friday, 27 November 2009

Protège Moi

Welcome younglings.

Last night was the valedictory/graduation celebration for Year 12s at my school and while I wouldn't say that it was the best of graduation evenings, it was still something to remember by. The mass itself wasn't as long as I had anticipated and the actual graduation ceremony in our school's hall was really long. But all in all, it was a pleasant evening to share alongside my classmates and with my parents. Here are some pictures from the evening.

DSC03694.jpg picture by hieuyy


The other day I had intolerable chest pains that really annooyed the crap outta me. A quick Google search of the term, "chest pain" saw results such as heart conditions and heart attacks pop up. Needless to say I was quite concerened. As such, I visited a doctor who told me to go and get X-Rays done. This was the first time I had ever gotten X-Rays for anything and it was fairly exciting, haha. When they finished processing the film, I handed it to the doctor and she said everything seemed to be fine and that it was probably just muscle spasms. She told me to just drink Panadol (wow, Panadol cures everything). Even though she re-assured me that things were okay, for some reason the X-Ray showed my heart being in the centre of my chest and not on the left...strange.

The Twilight formula

Check it - the guys over at try to make a decent attempt to explain the phenomenon known as Twilight. Head on over to their site for a quick and amusing read, complete with qiuckly drawn MS Paint images, like the one above.

Wooo, updated my already downgraded PSP for one purpose - TO PLAY TEKKEN 6! I can now, not only play my current downloaded games but now can also play the latest installment to the Tekken franchise direct from my PSP. No longer will I have to visit friends' homes to steal their Playstation 3s or Xbox 360s (though I would probably still do that just to go and ya know, play with another human being cause CPU sucks). Carry, carry, BOUND, complete juggle with bound ender. :D

Anyone remember a simpler time when vampires weren't the key to a girl's heart but rather extraterrestrial beings from another planet who shared intimacy with other humans were all the rage? Yeah, neither do I. I guess that's because the cancelled television show I'm about to make reference to never made that thing into an overgrown phenomena. I've started to watch a show called Roswell - a show that was, I believe, only aired on Foxtel in Australia (our form of cable television) but was shown on the WB in the States. Unfortunately, a decline in ratings meant that it would be ultimately be cancelled. When I did have cable television, I had seen a few episodes of the show and always saw commercials of it (though I wasn't totally a major fan or anything). I never really understood the show (I would've been like in Year 4 or 5 when it started it's run I think) until it hit me the other day that this could've been Twilight (just replace sparkly vampires with aliens).

For anyone interested, the show is set in Roswell, New Mexico (site of the infamous Roswell UFO crash landing). The alien survivors of the UFO crash landing come out from their incubation pods in 1989 as six year old kids who are fully aware of their past. They're left stranded on Earth and have to adapt with humans. One of them, Max, begins to form a relationship with a human, Liz and thus begins cycle of teenage dramas. Oh and did I mention that the show had the most awesome opening credit song? Using Dido's Here With Me fit perfectly within the context of the show - the first few piano notes set establish the sci-fi element of the show while the lyrics of the song itself establishes that this is essentially a teenage drama, haha. I wonder if Katherine Heigl ever dwells on her Roswell days before heading off to bigger and better things like Grey's Anatomy...

Okay so I'm now watching three shows simultaneously, Roswell, How I Met Your Mother and True Blood. Hell yeah.

snow white apple

Finally, artist Prudence Staite was able to recreate a few scenes from Disney classic, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves using 14 different varieties of apples. Click here to check out her other images.

End post.


  1. Your parents are so cute! I love seeing peoples' parents, it's so interesting!
    Congratulations on graduating! Didn't realize CBC hadn't yet...

  2. Ngaw that photo of you and your parents is mad cute xD Are you the only child?

    Also, yes five formals lol. Surprisingly, it wasn't too expensive. Just 5 new cocktail dresses, and I got 2 heavily discounted from Fashion Weekend Sydney + my agency :) I love freebies <3

    Thank you for the mini movie review. You have now be dubbed the-person-i-go-to-if-unsure-whether-or-not-to-watch-a-certain-movie. Congratulations :D

    And ahh you're making me excited for your results :D Will you be moving out of home next year? I get my results back on the 11DEC09.. so not excited D:


  3. Congratulations on graduating Hieu!
    :) I think that's the first time I've seen your dad after living next door to you for some time lolll. Cute photo!

    wow at the snow white picture.. I didn't know there were 14 varieties of apples o_o

  4. congratulations hieu =D everybody looks so friendly heh.