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Saturday, 5 December 2009

Disabled Complexes

Greetings everyone!

Man I had a crummy day yesterday( thanks a lot Centrelink). Yeah I don't wanna talk too much about it though cause I had ranted too much about it last night to some friends. Let's just say that there was some misunderstanding and now everything has resolved and I can still receive my youth allowance.

The upside to yesterday though was that, after pretty much wasting my time with them yesterday, two singles from two of my favourite Japanese artists/bands were released on the very same day. I didn't expect them to be released yesterday though and wasn't even aware that both Tokyo Jihen or Dir en grey were releasing new material. I like good surprises. Both of their leading singles are amazing and while I like Tokyo Jihen's B-side, Dir en grey's re-arrangements of two of their older songs BLEW MY FRIGGIN' MIND! And this is why I love Dir en grey. They take already awesome songs in their library and make re-arrange it to make it ten times more blazing. T___T

RINGO.jpg picture by hieuyy

Speaking of all things related to the always incredible frontwoman of Tokyo Jihen - Shiina Ringo - I came across a rather interesting tidbit of information that made me uncontrollably giddy. Apparently (and I don't know if this is completely true) Mika Nakashima was once asked by a magazine how she came about creating the live on screen persona of Nana Osaki. She replied by citing Tokyo Jihen (more specifically, Ringo herself) were her major influences for creating the character, considering that that Ringo (apparently) was the basis for the image of Nana in the manga. Now I've read different accounts of Nana's creation but if what I've just said is true, well then you can imagine how overwhelmed I would be. Ahhh Ringo never ceases to amaze me. (L)

I'm probably going to start using the Soompi Forums again. See after realising that I may have gone weeks, maybe months, without realising new material had surfaced kinda startled me and forced me back into Soompi. I never used that forum for the K-Pop anyways and was only slowly introduced to it through Eddie and Thy. But, due to Soompi's usual consistencies with pretty much every thread, I felt it would be necessary to begin posting again for the sake of being up to date and in touch with certain things. I'm actually most looking forward to creating new threads and maintaining some of the old ones that I've established in the Movies section, hahaha. Makes me feel a little important knowing I own it and update it as frequently as I possibly can, haha. :D


Oh, forgot to mention this in previous posts but two new Iron Man 2 posters were released this week and may I say that the second one is incredibly badass. It looks like its ripped off straight from a comic book cover or a video game cover which, in hindsight, isn't that bad of an idea. (Y)

I went and saw Zombieland yesterday and the movie did not disappoint at all. A zombie apocalypse has never looked so fun. In fact, I feel that if there was ever a zombie apocalypse that would plague us, I'd run straight to an amusement park and unload hell. Seriously, funny movie, damn good acting (as far as a zombie comedy goes anyway), and if you're not seeing it cause it's a zombie movie, please see it for Emma Stone, I mean seriously she was so desirably hawt in it. And if not that, then go see it based on the fact that Little Miss Sunshine kicks zombie ass. Hrmmm, I wonder what happened to my movie reviews? I used to do massive ones now I just minimise it to a few sentences...
Girls with guns - hell yeah. :D

Speaking of movies, I also watched Sophie's Revenge the other day. It's not a good movie, nor is it a bad movie. We've all seen this movie before - girl gets dumped by boyfriend for a hotter girl and said girl hatches a scheme to get him back. Nothing new here, as is the entire movie - it's very cliche. But what lifts the standard of the movie is the fact that Zhang Ziyi (who play's Sophie) is playing this hyperactively adorable character who, realistically, would be a complete nut. It's a nice change of character for her as she usually plays more serious roles that involve her having a stone cold face and ice queen demeanor. It's really refreshing and her first venture into the romantic comedy genre is quite successful. Hell, even Fan Bingbing plays up her role as Anna, the actress that steals Sophie's man and she does a good job being a bitch. It's like these two women swapped their usual roles for one day and had heaps of fun. Oh and visually this film is a treat. I mean Sophie's profession is that she's a comic book writer (awesome), so the film has to mirror her insane imagination and make it stand out to the audience. Oh and Korean actor So Ji-sub's mouth flaps do not always match with the chinese dub. I think they only reason why he was hired for a role in the movie was because Korean powerhouse, CJ Entertainment, had a hand in producing/distributing the movie so he was added in. Plus he's a good looking guy, so why not? All in all, a very cliche film that turns out to be quite a fun watch soley because of the female performances and it's visual aesthetics. Oooh, slowly getting back into the whole movie review thing. :O

Two dreams to discuss! The first dream took place at a party and starred myself, Minny and Thy. We were sitting at our own table discussing stuff and there were these group of guys in their own area drinking and talking as well. They were a little obnoxiously loud. And then those guys took their shirts off for no reason (a la New Moon). Underneath their shirts were physiques that most girls would drool over and needless to say, both Minny and Thy were drooling over them. I told them that it was nothing special to which they replied that I was jealous. One of those guys came over and tried to chat up the girls and then he looked at me and said something. I wasn't sure what he said but it was enough to make me crack a bottle over his face. I proceeded to beat the guy into a bloody pulp and then my dream ended. I've reached a conclusion that three things can be taken away from that dream:

1. I don't feel the need to have to chisel my body into a godlike physique (Fight Club mentality)
2. I'm not a big fan of obnoxious people (probably what everyone else thinks anyway)
3. I get jealous easy (shame).

Conclusions 1 and 2, I already kinda knew. Conclusion 3 on other hand, well, I'm still in denial about that - no one likes a jealous person so I'll just keep that repressed.

The second dream was even better and a lot simpler to explain cause there wasn't a whole lot of narrative involved. Basically myself and my friend, Kevin, were two soldiers who were behind enemy lines and we were perched on the ledge of a building. He was holding a sniper rifle and I was his spotter. I pointed lasers at people's heads and he'd shoot where I pointed - it was awesome. And that's it. Pretty much the whole dream we were killing people. LOL

Maybe I should see someone about my dreams I mean regularly dreaming about killing and beating people up can't be good right? D:

To celebrate Empire Magazine's 20th Anniversary, a collection of actors took part in a photoshoot, half reprising roles that they made memorable and iconic. I say half because, while the actors don't necessarily look exactly like their characters in the films (they're dressing formally after all), the images carry subtle allusions and motifs to their most famous or infamous roles. Some of my favourites are below. You can check out the rest of the gallery at this link.

It's not just the axe but the business cards that make this image all the more awesome.

I haven't seen Atonement yet but can I just say that Keira Knightly looks absolutely gorgeous here with James McAvoy.

The box even has a lock of yellow hair inside it! AWESOME!


Oh yeah, before Zombieland was screened, I saw the trailer to Daybreakers, a movie that I've been meaning to read more on, and was very surprised that they used Placebo's Running Up That Hill in conjunction with the trailer. It worked really well and only enhanced my interest in the movie even more. For those that are interested, the trailer is above and gives you a lot of insight into the film. Nice to see Claudia Karvan in a movie like this. I also like how Daybreakers has a vampire also named Edward but ya know....he's a real vampire. :D

Finally, look what I found:


It's like one of those coffee table books that you flip through real quick and admire. The book is a compilation of officially licenced and fanmade Star Wars collectibles. In other words, it's a book of awesomeness - 'nuff said.

End post.


  1. I really want/like Keira Knightly's dress!!!
    Also lol at the Asian chick in the ram costume, hahaha.
    A couple of people have tried putting their 3D glasses to see what happens with that photobooth effect but apparently it doesn't work... hah.

    Such a cute movie <3
    And the cinematography was just oh so beautiful - the locations / colours = eyegasmic and I felt so inspired afterwards <3

    I watched some of Zombieland but then fell asleep because I was really tired haha.

    Sooompppiiiii, I used to use it a lot last year but kind of not go on as much as I used to. My most active threads would have to be the Performers, Artwork and Fanfiction thread (:

    Your dreams are pretty funky (y) maybe it's a secret outbreak inside of you that's waiting to unleash itself ? haha.

  3. Man you have the maddest dreams out. I despise you.


  4. LOL you poor child. Go work at the cinema. I heard you get free tickets ;D

    Do you have a Tumblr :O