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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Follow The Cops Back Home

Yesterday was awesome! I found out my ENTER score, found 10 dollars and had a small drinking party with a few friends. I got up at 7AM to check my ENTER score. Basically, this score is what I use to get into my University courses. The score itself is a culmination of all my work this year and with an ENTER of 81.3, I'm very happy and couldn't have wished for a much better outcome. Right nwo though I am split between two of my favourite courses - Creative Arts at La Trobe University and Media and Communications and Swinburne University. I guess I'll just call up and find out a little bit more about each course. I kind of regret not having chose a Graphic Design-based course because I did quite well with it and would've liked to have further pursued it, I dunno. Anyways, probably a short post today so here goes.


Yesterday also was the first night I, for lack of a better term, seriously drank with my friends. I must admit, I actually kinda liked it and didn't feel like I was too overboard with it or anything so it was good. One weird thing though is that as I was walking home, everything felt much faster. That's not supposed to happen huh? I thought everything was meant to slow down when people drink. In anycase, according to Thien, I am now a man. :O

Watched an amazing movie the other night - one of the best movies I've seen all year round. The movie, The Hurt Locker (directed by Kathryn Bigelow) was so damn good and incredibly visceral and intense. I thought it was a lot more compelling and tense than Inglourious Basterds and was probably the most realistic war movie I've ever seen. War movies such as Saving Private Ryan have that certain element that makes them feel a whole lot more like a blockbuster and less believable (despite having a historic backdrop). With The Hurt Locker, I sometimes felt like I was watching a documentary. The script was fantastic and the direction was just perfect. It's a fantastic movie, one that should not go unnoticed and is, for my money, a definite Academy Award nominee.

Today I was at Victoria Gardens and was looking for a copy of Norwegian Wood to buy and begin reading. To my dismay, I didn't find a copy there though I did find something even more better. Feast your eyes on the most important book to be ever made:

I didn't expect to find this book - nor was I even aware of it's existance. I was naturally curious to see what it was about but the front cover alone sold me. "400 Facts About The World's Greatest Human". I opened to a random page in the book and saw several "facts" about Chuck Norris and then bought it. If someone had bought this for me as a small gift, I would've gone ape-shit cause I love Chuck Norris facts. As stupid as they are, they're just so goddamn funny. The book is basically a compilation of 400 of the best facts, as selected by Ian Spector. The aforementioned Spector is the man responsible for beginning the Chuck Norris fact craze. Awesome book! (Y)

Finally, a Facebook comment that made me giddy with geekdom:

KROOOOZE.jpg picture by hieuyy

Some background information regarding this comment: Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series is an ongoing series created by a guy by the username of Little Kuriboh. The series is a very popular fanbased parody of the anime show, Yu-Gi-Oh and pokes fun at the actual 4Kids dubbed show while also inserting neat little pop culture references. Little Kuriboh had tried to make another fellow contributor to the series, Kroze, a bit of an internet fad by ending some of the videos with characters saying, "KROOOOOOOOOOOOZE!" That's why I left a comment and was surpirsed that Kroze actually replied. I felt special. :D

End post.


  1. I think I saw that book in your hand this afternoon.
    LOLZA at our encounter, I found it more humorous than awkward.
    I liked your t-shirt by the way (Y)

  2. WOO!! CONGRATS on your ENTER score x]
    You can always self-teach yourself graphic design (aka what I'm doing), but it definitely helps getting a traditional design background education.
    Damn, I lag so badly with blogging these days =.=

  3. Whoo! Congrats on your enter! :D
    I'm totally dreading VCE =='