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Wednesday, 9 December 2009


No real reason for having a post up today. I just felt like blogging today, even though I haven't actually gone out or done anything mildly interesting enough to arouse interest. My days are almost always the same so there's really no need for daily blog anymore. See that's when i used to have school.

In anycase, where do we begin?

Yesterday I upgraded my OS from Windows Vista to Windows 7 - booyah! I probably am not using Windows 7 to it's full potential but I'm already loving how awesome the new taskbar is! And the great thing is that when I reformatted, all the files I had were saved and transferred for me so I didn't have to worry about backing up the files (well, I still backed up the files just in case things went horribly awry). I love having new technology. :D

Oh yeah I recently changed my banner. It's just another cartoon caricature of myself with a Shiina Ringo t-shirt (I STILL NEED THIS PRINT) and a dumpling. Cause ya know, dumplings are awesome. Someone thought it was a fortune cookie but it's not so I thought I'd just clear the air with that one there. (Y)


Downloaded two audio rips from two Shiina Ringo live DVDs yesterday too. I mostly wanted the audio rips cause some of the arrangements she makes for songs are sometimes a lot better than the original arrangement. Plus her vocals are a lot more powerful in her lives. I love her arrangement of Tsumi to Batsu (freaken amazing) for Ringo Expo 08 (STILL WANT AN ACTUAL HARDCOPY OF THIS LIVE DVD) and fell in love with her the first time I watched her perform a different arrangement of Kabukichou no Joou on her Ringohan DVD (it has a longer name but I can't be bothered putting it in). I talk about her too much...

I dunno if I should be outraged or disappointed by this. Jennifer's Body hasn't popped up on screens in Australia yet. I checked IMDB the other night to find that there was no Australian release date for the movie, which is odd considering that I saw the release date for Australia on IMDB a few months ago. Not to mention that they've showed trailers of Jennifer's Body in movie theatres. This is just baffling. Why wouldn't studios want to push for this movie to be released here? Am I missing something? Has it already been released here? I mean even if it has been released here already, surely it must pop up in the release dates for IMDB. Hrmmm...

I watched The Shonen Merikensack the other day. It was a decent movie actually, pretty funny in my opinion. Aoi Miyazki's character Kanno is hilarious, I'm told that this is her most comedic and outlandish role to date. The only other work I've seen of Miyazaki is in NANA and (at least for me) it was pretty funny to compare her character in NANA to the one shown here. The story falls a little flat sometimes and is not worth the two hour running time but some of this can be forgiven mostly due to the comedy and Aoi Miyazaki. I thought Telya, even though he was a tiny character, was hilarious only because I saw him as a parody of Gackt, hohoho. I read somewhere that a double bill of The Shonen Merikensack and Detroit Metal City would make for a great night in. While, I haven't seen DMC, I do agree that watching both of these movies back to back would make for a great night in. Both movies are somewhat similar and share similar themes so yeah, keep that in mind for anyone reading. (Y)

:O As if the Star Wars shoes weren't cool enough, New Era Japan's 59fifty caps are releasing a Star Wars line for their caps, in conjuction with Lucasfilm. Now I do realise that the majority of the caps look absolutely ridiculous but as a collectible, these would be awesome! Some don't look too bad though. What irks me though is the insane price of 7000 yen (roughly about $70 - $80) Below are a sample few. You can view more of the caps HERE.

Zombified Disney characters. Cause ya know, zombies are awesome (I overuse that word don't I?)

I just finished a bowl of pho whilst watching Days of Our Lives and Ready, Steady Cook on television. I kinda hate the host of Ready Steady Cook cause he's kinda offened guests of the show in the past and it's kinda obvious too. I love Days of Our Lives cause its so bad it's good. Overacting never looked so good. And by the way why does everyone in that show have to be reasonably good looking? :@

I had a Harry Potter related dream the other night but I can't recall what happened in it. It might've been lifted from the fifth film but I'm not too sure cause I barely remember the fifth one. But yeah, all I remember is me using a wand and seeing Harry. That's about it. :S

Finally, I present to you an Imperial ballerina stormtrooper:


End post.


  1. I like the new banner! I thought the dumpling was a piece of sashimi though :-P
    I actually want one... Even though I don't wear caps.
    Aladdin looks yucky

  2. Oooh, I really want to watch Jennifer's Body. The story line is shocking though haha. Almost as ingenius as that movie about teenage werewolf prostitutes. Hmm.. I forget the name, but I'll probably remember later.

    Are your results back yet? Mine come back tomorrow D:

    Also, you should get a Tumblr haha. It's strangely addictive :D