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Monday, 28 December 2009

Gimme Shelter

Hello reader.

I needed an excuse to go out today (well, yesterday now).
I didn't wanna spend all day at home again seeing as how the weather was nice and all. Actually, I'll just say that the only reason why I even went into the city today was just to feel good about wearing my new items of clothing out in the open, haha. I wasn't wearing all of them though, just some two: my Star Wars shirt and my shoes. I also went to get this classic film from JB Hi-Fi:

I do believe I've praised and discussed this film in brief in previous posts. I was also looking for Taxi Driver but unfortunately, it wasn't on sale. Bummer.

While we're on that note of great movies - I kinda feel like jotting down my top ten favourite films of the year. Now the problem I have right now though is that the majority of films that I saw this year were mediocre or bad, at least the ones that I paid for anyway. I think aloud and ask myself, "Should I list only the films I saw in theatres? Or should I list movies from 2009 that I've been able to catch?" The former seems most appropriate because I paid for it, however the latter also seems acceptable. I'm going to go with the latter. Why? Because if I had to choose ten only from the films I saw in theatres then I'd have a hard time coming up with the last few because they're all terrible. The following are of arranged in no particular order and are only my personal favourite ten movies from this year. Feel free to list your favourite movies from 2009.

1. Up

One of the best movies of the year due to it's extraordinary story and its subect matter. If the first ten minutes of the film don't have you reeled in, allow time for the loveable characters to make an impact on you. Probably the most grown up Pixar feature (I believe this to be the first Pixar feature to include blood) but still does a wonderful job of teaching adults and children alike to follow your dreams. I can't wait for Toy Story 3 next year.

2. Watchmen

Not many people would agree with me on this and it's perfectly understandable. It's a deconstruction of the classic superhero/vigilante and also offers up an ever elusive and intriguing narrative. I do believe that the scene that sold me in this movie was Dr Manhattan's back story. It's beautiful and yet terrifying due to composer Philip Glass' song, Pruit Igoe and Prophecies. Definitely not a perfect film but a visual treat and damn good story. Snyer's so full of himself though - just look at the poster. Visionary director? Okay.

3. Inglourious Basterds

Ah, Tarantino. While I didn't get the movie that I had expected - I do believe that I acquired something much better. Having just re-watched most of Basterds the other night, I had to empathise a little with the Nazis and that's what I believe Tarantino tried to explore here. Should we really be rooting on the Basterds? Tarantino somehow manages to find the perfect cast every time and strikes gold this time around with Cristoph Waltz. The story is a great revenge movie that also has a bit of depth and takes a look at good and evil. Oh and the script is electric as always - Tarantino is a monster at writing.

4. District 9

One of the most original movies of the year that does a good job of fusing a documentary style narrative into what essentially is an awesome action movie. The thematic elements in District 9 are well explored and make the audience think while the news/documentary style makes the experience all the more engaging. It makes you believe that everything that transpired in this movie actually occurred in reality. Neill Blomkamp is a director to look out for.

5. The Hurt Locker

If there ever was an engrossingly rich war movie - it's this. The soldiers don't question why they're stationed in the Middle East which makes this movie even better because it's not politcally driven. Jeremy Renner pulls out an amazing performance and director Kathryn Bigelow does a wonderful job of creating hightened moments of tension and fear for the soldiers. War is a drug for soldiers and it's more often than not, it's hard for some to assimilate back into regular life.

6. (500) Days of Summer

I loved this film. Everything from the story to the music. I knew I'd like this film but I didn't know I'd love it as much as I did. Joseph Gordon Levitt and Zooey Deschanel are a great casting choice and it's definitely a nice film to fall back on from time to time. Remember, this movie is not a love story but is a story about love!

7. Shinjuku Incident

Had to list an Asian film in here somewhere. I chose this film because the premise is rather interesting and it's Jackie Chan's first real acting role. Everyone in the film was great, especially Daniel Wu. Goddamn, here is acting is tested due to changes that beset his character. Good gangster flick if you're into Asian cinema.

8. Avatar

My eyes! While not the most original movie, it still does an amazing job of telling the story in a way that audiences have never seen. This movie is groundbreaking - at least for visual effects. I will never look at a visual effects movie the same way, thanks Mr Cameron. Best part about this movie: the visuals and Pandora. Second best part: Neytiri. Seriously, there's something about her that comes off as kind of hot. :S

9. Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li

Hahahaha. Okay seriously this is a movie that almost anyone can like! You know, I don't even think I've even seen a copy of it on DVD in Australia but if there was, I'd totally buy it. Horrible movie, yes but just watch it for the absurd plot and even more convulted characters. Chris Klein is the best thing to come out of Street Fighter cause his character is so horrbily written and it's made even worse by his atrocious acting. This movie is so bad that's ireedemably good! I dare you to not laugh at Chris Klein's acting, I DARE YOU!

10. Bodyguards and Assassins

I had a hard time choosing here. It was either this or Star Trek. I ultimately chose this though but it's probably only cause I recently saw it. The first half of this movie is pure tension and builds up to the day that the bodyguards have to protect this one man. The first half does an amazing job of fitting in little bits of character development and subplots while also moving the narrative forward by highlighting the political turmoil that had beset Hong Kong during that time. The second half is damn explosive and well worth the wait. Donnie Yen vs Cung Le = Awesome.

Hrmm, I'm just wondering but does a person's choice of movies make up the kind of person they are? Are my personal favourite movies a measure of who I am? :S

Oh shit, i just learned that the second Avatar movie MAY go off of Pandora! Which isn't entirely a bad thing cause Cameron says that he wants to explore more of the planets inhabit the Alpha Centuri A Solar System. Remember now, Pandora is just a moon to an even larger planet. In fact it's just one of the moons for this bigger planet. I'm intrigued to see how much Cameron's universe will grow with each film now.

Yep, another movie driven post. I'll do something different next post rest assured. I don't have anything else to discuss. This was just an excuse for me to put a top ten list. Since I'll be 18 next year, I'll probably see a lot more at the Melbourne Film Festival. Can't wait.

End post.

P.S. "I love this job."

P.P.S. @ Biancaaaaaa: If your reading this at the moment, I bought my pair at Sports Junction in the city. It was $80 retail and they had it discounted at 20% (Y)

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