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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The Green Leaves of Summer

The following post's title is brought to you by Quentin Tarantino's latest film, "Inglourious Basterds" coming to a DVD retailer near you on December 17th. It was used as the opening credits song and is just an awesome, awesome track from a soundtrack filled with many other awesome tracks. Hard to believe that a few months ago, I was watching this film and that it's already gotten a quick DVD release. Oh hey, I just realised I plugged the movie, hehe.

Anyways, summer's kicked off today and while I do hate this season the most, it isn't without its small perks. I mean with summer holidays for a student, there's really no absolute reason to hate summer (other than the god awful heat). Let's just pray that there won't be weeks of 40 degree plus heatwaves and no more incidents like the Black Saturday bushfires from earlier in the year that plagued parts of Victoria. (Y)

Yesterday, myself and a group of mates went down to Masa's place in Laverton (pretty much the middle of friggin' nowhere) pretty much to hang out (what else?). We spent the day either playing Super Smash Bros Brawl, small games of Yu-Gi-Oh!(lollllll) and watched movies on my laptop. It was a pretty good day - a very good day actually. Masa's family and friends were all over to celebrate his graduation, which is, I guess, the reason why we were even there in the first place (I didn't even realise this and was wondeirng why everyone was congratulating him, haha).

Thomas, Oleg and James stayed the night at Masa's while myself, Jemmy and Dunstan had to leave a little early. I'd show you some pictures but my Russian lumberjack friend, Oleg, has not uploaded the very few photos that we took yesterday. So I'll let ya imagination run rampant.

I bought two comic books today - the 5th issue in the Blackest Night series and the 3rd issue to Sky Pirates of Neo Terra. I'll be straight up, I hate the cover of the latest Sky Pirates. I loved the other covers but this third one doesn't bode well with me. In anycase, the artwork is still very exceptional and here I was thinking the Pirate King was going to be this awesomely grotesque character - but he's not. Weird.

After finishing Blackest Night #5, I can say right now that this is the BEST issue of the series so far. I thought the third issue was awesome but issue 5 hits the ball straight out of the park. The issue has three AMAZING double page spreads of awesomeness. I'll admit that the build up to seeing undead Batman was a tad disappointing but still crazy awesome.

In other geek related news, there's a novel (yes, that's right - a book without pictures and superheroes) that I've recently wanted to check out called World War Z. I'm not really sure how to describe but if I had to try I guess I would basically say that it's about the history of the war against zombies from the various perspectives of those who were affected or heavily involved with the war, haha. I dunno, it seems appealing to me and I love me some zombies so why not? Geek literature FTW!

Ya know this actually reminds me to try and get around to reading Norwegian Wood. For those that don't know, earlier in the year I blogged about wanting to check out this book seeing as how it was being adapated into a live action Japanese movie (starring Rinko Kikuchi and Kenichi Matsuyama and directed by Anh Hung Tran). Hrmm, I still want to read it and saw it today while trying to find me a copy of World War Z. Now that I've mentioned Anh Hung Tran, I am still dying to see I Come With The Rain. The Japanese are releasing it on DVD soon (I think it's still showing in theatres in Korea) so fingers crossed that a store like Sunstar will pick it up for me to watch.

I must seem like the biggest Twilight hater (I know I'm not alone though) but I just find it fun to make fun of their fanbase. I do apologise in advance to anyone reading this if I've offended them in some way though, haha. But I digress, where was I? Oh yes some more Twilight humour and parodies.

Twilight Moms
What the hell man, what the hell? Ridiculous ==

Watching a gorgeous vampire and buff werewolf battle for a girl's love is the perfect distraction from my inability to meet a semi-datable human
Right on e-card, right on.

Not bad of an attempt of spoofing Basterds and Twilight - not bad at all.

500 days of summer japanese poster

Above is the Japanese poster for 500 Days of Summer. What I really love about this poster is the fact that it makes the movie look and feel like it's a Japanese made movie. Perhaps it's the use of white and blue coupled with the use of halving the poster with a still from the film that enhances this mode of thought. I still need to see that movie (putting on my buy/rent list)

Last night, I was reading an article at where some of the writers who contribute to the website, list and discuss 18 foreign language films that one should at least give a go. Of the 18 movies, one in particular stood out from the rest. The movie I am referring to is titled, "Take Care of My Cat". It's a Korean movie made in 2001 and sees five young women struggling to maintain their friendship as their lives divert and get tangled up amongst work, boyfriends and other things that plague a growing adult. The only thing tying them together is a cat which was given at a birthday party and is then handed over to each of the five women.

A friend of mine told me the plot sounded a lot like "The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants" but where that movie had pants, this one has a cat. The writer that recommended this Korean movie, Matt Haigh, goes on to compare the film's director, Jae-eun Jeong to Sofia Coppola (director of Lost in Translation and daughter to directing legend, Francis Ford Coppola) as both have a visually distinct style towards their film making. I tried hunting for it today but Sunstar was closed down due to renovations and my two other store options didn't have the movie. Oh and Bae Doona has a leading role in the movie, I think. I liked her character in Sympathy for Mr Vengeance, ;D.

After having written all that, I still need to check out The Host and Air Doll, both starring Bae Doona as well. (Y)

ONCE YOU SEE IT, YOU CANNOT UNSEE IT! This little webcomic tries to tell you about the wave of orange/blue contrasts found on movie posters, game adverts and pretty much anything.



End post.


  1. LMFAOOOO @ orange-blue poster shizzle!! Now my brain is melting from too much blue/orange. And co-signed that ecard - how depressing.

    That (500) Days movie poster is gorgeous. I love it <3


    Yeah freakin' Blizzard eating all time with WoW. I want my damn Starcraft II man!! And I liken the Korean pop fandoms to Twilight fans, except multiplied by a bajillion. I'm pretty sure K-pop fandoms could outscream and outcrazy Twihards, no problem.

  2. grrrr, I'm a twilight fan! Hahah, but dw I'm not as obsessed as I used to be. Those things you post up are quite humorous..
    & LOL at the orange and blue thing, I've never realised, kinda wow.
    Thanks for the luck Hieu, I'm going to need it!

  3. Hello Hieu!
    I want to read Norwegian Wood too, I plan to do so at the airport to Japan 'cos I have 7 hours waiting time! I really REALLY REALLY like the cast for the upcoming film, I'm getting my hopes up!
    I also want to watch Air Doll! My uncle said it was really goooood. That Korean girl is so pretty!
    The B letter was from Swinburne TAFE, Cert IV Design... Ahhh.
    And my teeth are straight 'cos I had braces! If I didn't they'd be disgusting!