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Monday, 21 December 2009

Living Inside The Shell

Okay, no other way to start this post today so I'll just go right into the thick of things. Here's an update of a very small handful of things from last night to

32 year old actress, Brittany Murphy, passed away this morning and was pronounced dead on arrival when Los Angeles medics arrived at 10.04 AM. The actress was best known for her work in films such as, "Clueless", "8 Mile" and "Sin City" as well as being the voice of Luanne in "King of the Hill". An autopsy has not been arranged though the LA police do plan to conduct an investigation into her death. At this time, the Murphy family wish to be left to mourn in privacy.

I was shocked to hear this news when I woke up - it was the first thing I saw when I went to check on blog updates. It's tragedy to have lost a person so young. I hope that her death isn't drug related because that'd be a terrible shame if that turns out to be the case. Whenever she would do promotion at press junkets or interviews for her movies, she always seemed to be really enthusastic and had a very charming and bubbly persona. I think I'll watch Sin City on DVD tonight in her memory. Rest in peace.

I had another impromptu movie marathon last night (as I had previously mentioned in my last post). I was watching Shaolin Soccer on SBS2 and followed that up with a midnight showing of George A Romero's Diary of the Dead.

Quick thoughts on the two films:


I hadn't seen the first half of Shaolin Soccer and was only ever exposed to the second half so its thanks to SBS that I was able to watch the film in it's glorious entirety. I also didn't know that Zhao Wei starred in the movie but I guess that's only cause now I know who she is. Anyways, the movie was still as funny (a lot more funnier actually since I hadn't seen the first half) and what I love about comedies is that after leaving it for a couple of years and then coming back to it, the jokes are still just as funny and you can still have a good laugh. Great movie.

This was my first Romero zombie picture. George A Romero was basically the guy that made zombie movies his own, with cult classics like Day of the Dead and Dawn of the Dead. His Living Dead saga continues with Diary of the Dead, a movie shot from the first person perspective (think Cloverfield and REC). I actually liked the movie for it's subject matter. You can clearly see the commentary underneath the hordes of zombies. Also what I love about this movie (most zombie movies anyway) is the innovative ways in which they kill a zombie. Yeah, I'm a masochist. The movie tended to be a bit too cliche and the quality of the movie was also dragged down thakns to the wooden voice over narration and sometimes unbelievable acting.

Not to make this post entirely depressing, here's a humourous chart showcasing Morgan Freeman's chain of command.


End post.

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