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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Moving Mountains

I'm just wondering but how is it that no matter what hairstyle or clothes she has, Shiina Ringo still manages to radiate and look kinda hot? Unfathomable.

Moving away from my usual format of posting and trying something different for today's post. Now cause I didn't do anything yesterday and am most likely going to do nothing interesting today, I thought I'd take this time to take a look back on the year as it draws to a close.

I feel that this year has been the second best year of my life so far. Last year, for me at least, was probably my best year. It's kinda amazing how things can change immediately in a year's time by the circumstances in which we associate ourselves with. My major circumstance revolved around that of the VCE and my duty to complete my senior year of high school as was the case with all other Year 12s.

Last year I didn't really have a care for school as much as I did this year simply because last year, the reports all came in with either an "S" or an "N" (S being satisfactory and N for not satisfactory). Last year I could go out as much as I wanted. This year, while I still did go out, I didn't stay out for as long as I normally would have. On nights that I would go out, I'd go see a film with my best mates and then come home and return online. Damn it, I really am a slave to the monitor.

Simply put, this year I was (for the most part) a shut in - I reverted back to what I mostly was before last year, haha. I can say, however, that I felt I benefited from this. There wasn't much to do this time around had I gone out because things I did from last year seemed almost trivial this year. Also, major parties made me feel more awkward this year than it did last year. So how does this actually amount to being my second best year?

Well for one, I've finished high school and can now say goodbye to uniforms and classrooms for that in itself is a huge milestone in my life. Also, being that I was in Year 12 and this was my final year, celebrations and privileges were a plenty. Events such as my formal and graduation were definitely remembered and thankfully have been captured on camera for me to fall back on. Last year, I wrote on my previous blog this statement:

"Life isn't measured in minutes, but in moments."

The above statement was the tagline to, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". I'd like to think that this year, there were plenty of moments for me to remember. Whether it was BBQs with my school friends; poker games in the Year 12 common room; amusing anecdotes in Literature class or obscure Power Rangers and Yu-Gi-Oh! references, I can say that this year has given me a lot to remember. Being that most of these moments occurred within school, I'll probably come to even miss high school, even if only by a little bit.

I'd like think I stuck by my New Year's resolution from this year pretty well. If I remember correctly, all I wanted was to do well in my studies and try to achieve an ENTER of 80 + which is exactly what I did.

As for next year's resolution I think that I'm going to tell myself to get more fit and start jogging a whole lot more than I did this year. Earlier in the year I did my fair share of jogging but stopped after schoolwork got to be a little demanding. I want to stay actively fit and I feel this is the best way to do so. My mum has already bought me a pair of runners so I may as well put them to good use.

Now, as I say bye to an era and start to leave 2009 behind, I begin to welcome a new era into my life - one that I'm sure will no doubt offer up plenty of exciting opportunities and plenty of memories. The thought of leading a life at university/college is already getting very excited. Oh and I'm 18 next year (next month actually), so I'm sure things could only be looking up for 2010! I hope that everyone has had an enjoyable 2009 and wish everyone the best for the year to come as well.

Bring on 2010!

End post.


  1. Nice NYE post!
    Year 11 was one of my best years too, but year 12 was pretty enjoyable, a lot better than expected.
    I bet 2010 will be an adventurous year for the people of the class of '09, I wish you all the best Hieu Chau :-D

  2. Haha you're getting oolldddd homeboy (:
    I think another one of my NY resolutions is to stay awesome xD

    Everyone here in Sydney says that Year 11 are like the worst years of school, because it's the most stressful D: Cos we have Preliminary tests and all that jazz, which you'd need to pass in order to pass Year 11. Plus, you'd have to get really good marks cos otherwise you can't do hard subjects. Like a 70% will only allow you to do Unit 2 English, while 85+% would allow you to do Unit 3. Sigh. I don't know why I explained all.. just felt like it lol.

    Anyway, any exciting plans for the new year? :D


    P.S HAPPY NEW YEAR in like another 18 hours or so :)

  3. >>>oolldddd homeboy
    >>oolldddd boy