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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Notes From An Exit Station


As overhyped as it may have been (even I was starting to get sick of being constantly bombarded with Avatar advertisements), I must say that Cameron lived up to his word. Everything is as he said it would be. But more about my thoughts on Avatar in an entirely seperate post (maybe).

I had four dreams last night. They're not particularly interesting dreams (no zombie apocalypse or anything like that), they just feel a little bit more realistic. I wished I dreamt about something else though, like living in Pandora. My god that planet was beautiful.

- Dream One -

So I'm at a bar with a couple of mates and across the bar I see a girl. Her name was Stella. The dream played out a lot like a typical How I Met Your Mother episode with narration from an older me playing over what happened when I was talking to Stella. One of my friends (who shall remain nameless) got a little jealous that I was chatting her up because apparently he's liked her for quite some time. I told my friend that he shouldn't be afraid and should be a lot more confident. I told Stella that I needed to go home early due to commitments I had the day after and introduced my friend and Stella.

My own assessment of this dream has lead me to believe that I am not the person that I am in my dream. Me? Chat up girls? I wouldn't even know how to. No, rather, I was really my friend and using another form of me that I can only wish to be (like in Fight Club). Yes I reference that movie too much but I do believe that it's made an impact on me. Another conclusion of this dream is that I watch How I Met Your Mother too much.

- Dream Two -

I'm with some friends and we were carrying slabs of beer and other alcoholic drinks with us to a pub. The pub owner allowed us to have a party in their party room upstairs and we proceeded to go up. I was carrying the most and couldn't really handle carrying heavy things up the stairs. One of the bartenders came to help me. The bartender was lead singer of Paramore, Haley Williams. It seemed that in my dream world, I was very familiar with her because she came over to help and I said "Oh thanks Hails." And then we all went up and had a bit of drink, Haley included.

Okay, I don't know what to make of this dream but Haley Williams does seem like a person I'd really love to hang out with. She just seems so damn cool, haha.

- Dream Three -

My school friends and I were hanging out and decided to part ways. Some of the guys left to return home while me and a few others needed to go to the airport for some reason. We kinda got lost getting to the airport because we weren't sure which trams or buses would run there. We found the right tram in the end and sat in whatever seats were available. In front of me was some guy who was playing the music from his phone very loud and obnoxiously. I didn't have an MP3 player to block out the noise so I had to bear with it.

I think this dream further cements the fact that I kinda hate people who play music on public transport really loudly. I don't mind if it's loud and coming from your earphones but when it's comign out one's phone, then it's completely different.

- Dream Four -

No, no. This was a nightmare. So what happened in this nightmare was that porn wouldn't stop opening up on my laptop and kept bombarding me. Everytime I closed a window, another would open and the process would just keep going on and on. What's worse was my parents were at home and would keep coming in and out of my room. They never found out though so yeah, all good.

I wasn't going to list this nightmare down for obvious reasons but I thougt it was a pretty funny one - no harm in putting it down I don't think. It's like every guy's nightmare - ah gee. D:

Oh lookie, a trailer for the remake of The Karate Kid.

Why? I still can't understand why it's called The Karate Kid! Here we have a kid moving to freaken China and learning martial arts from Jackie Chan! It just doesn't make sense. Then again, apparently in the original KK movie, Ralph Macchio didn't do a single karate move and did mostly taekwondo. Are Americans really that stupid? I also don't like the use of Fort Minor in this movie. I mean I guess it makes sense but I think the song, at least now, is overrated. And Jaden Smith is far too young to be even in this role. Oh well, it's what you get when your daddy makes millions upon millions of dollars per picture. Chan at least doesn't look too bad in the movie. I'll still shell out some money to see this film probably, haha.

Ooooh, I found a place that sold the Ultimate Cut of Watchmen yesterday! Though, I think I might hold off on buying it cause I hear that the inclusion of Black Freighter into the original cut of the movie only slows down the pacing, whereas the Director's Cut was practically perfect. I think I'll hold out a bit more now just to get the Director's Cut.

I find myself downloading a lot of movies these days. I'm a little against downloading movies because I feel it hurts everyone involved with making the movie, especially if you yourself like the movie and aren't supporting the people who worked hard to make it. I show support by at least paying to see films in cinemas (I believe I've watched at least 17 movies in cinemas this year - the most I've ever seen in a whole year I think) and buying DVDs.

However, I wasn't able to catch a few movies that I had really wanted to watch this year so I might begin downloading them. If I really like what I see, I'll most likely end up buying a hardcopy anyway to add to my collection and to also support the official release. So, in a way, it's not that bad of a thing to download films I suppose. I think I'll commence downloading Up and (500) Days of Summer some time tonight or once this post is done, haha.

Another reason for me downloading films lately is because of the 17 movies I've watched this year more than half of them we're really, really bad. And I felt my money went to waste having spent it on pretty bad and/or forgettable films. Therefore, I feel that if I balance that scale by watching a few good movies from 2009 (like The Hurt Locker and Moon), I feel that not all my money would go to waste.

Remember the ninja shirt that I bought at Manifest? Well I just remembered that the makers of that shirt had a website and look what I found.

Triangle Ninja

Square Ninja

I now want to have the complete ninja set. As you may be aware from a lot of my posts, I love custom printed shirts - especially ones of the geeky variety. Which kinda reminds me that I still MUST get a custom print shirt of the one that my cartoon caricature is wearing in my banner above. It's to signify my appreciation and love for Shiina Ringo.

If you're a fan of Final Fantasy, you MUST watch this video. It''s just hilarious. Honest to god, your time will not be wasted watching this.


Finally, I am really, really craving for a bowl of Ramen right now. Is ramen basically the Japanese equivalent of Pho? I like to think so.

End post.


  1. LOL "In this dark hour, even I, the mighty SEPHIROTH!!! Have come to help"

  2. Tell me how 500 Days of Summer is, I wanted to see it in cinemas but never got around to doing so...
    I will let you know how Norwegian Wood goes, according to my mom Murakami's novels are more suited to a male audience so you might like it... So far it's not boring, not mind blowing either.
    P.S Ramen is Chinese, Japanese just stole it like they stole green tea, bahah.