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Sunday, 20 December 2009

Personality Goes A Long Way

Dammit, why must Deakin also have a (seemingly) good Media and Communications course? Now I'm split between three friggin' courses and I'm still not even sure if I'd like them next year or not! Decisions, decisions. My top four preferences as of now are:

1. Media (RMIT)
2. Creative Arts (La Trobe)
3. Media and Communication (Deakin)
4. Media and Communication (Swinburne)

I think the only reason why I've put Deakin over Swinburne is cause they also have a graphic design program in their Media and Communications course. As I mentioned in my last post, I kinda regretted not choosing a graphic design based course as one of my preferences considering that I did quite well throughout the year in Visual Communicaation and Design (probably my favourite subject of the year now). Also, I know RMIT is definitely out of my range but it doesn't hurt my chances to put it there I suppose. In anycase, preferences close tomorrow and there will be no more talk of school until first round offers come mid-January (is that right?)

I had an unintentional movie marathon yesterday (and I believe I may have another one tonight with Shaolin Soccer and Diary of the Dead). I don't remember what I was doing at the time, but I must have been bored so I decided to watch Black Dynamite. After that I decided to check out indie gem, Moon. After finishing Moon, SBS2 had a screening of Shinobi: Heart Under Blade but I had to stop watching that because it came to my attention that SBS were screening Korean monster movie, The Host.

Quick thoughts on all four movies:

Hilarious movie that does a good job of paying homage and being a parody of the blaxploitation genre. I haven't been exposed to any blaxploitation films from the '70s but the humour found it's mark with me and had me in hysterics (though not nearly as much as Zombieland did).

Director Duncan Jones' directorial debut is one not to miss. While it's not a masterpiece or anything like that, it's still worth the watch and proves to be very thought provoking. Sam Rockwell does a great job holding the film together and should deserve some recognition for his work. Oh and Kevin Spacey's voice was a perfect fit for the AI, Gerty. Kevin Spacey's voice is so...unconvincing that it works.

I've seen this film before some years ago and I still love it. The characters are rich and the story is almost like a different spin on Romeo and Juliet (it's been advertised as Japan's answer to Romeo and Juliet). I tend to compare this film to another Japanese film, Azumi, cause those are the first two Japanese films that I remember really getting excited over but Shinobi is much better than Azumi in my opinion. I also compare this a lot with Naruto cause they share way too many similar aspects. I wanted to keep watching it but I really wanted to see The Host at the same time. I should get Shinobi sometime on DVD. (Y)

Tarantino said that this film was one of the best films to have been released since 1992 (same year that he directed Reservoir Dogs). I can't say I necissarily agree with him on that but I do think that The Host is a well made movie. It defies the conventions of regular monster movies and has mixes up dramatics and comedy pretty well. I could see parts of the commentary that director Bong Joon Ho was conveying but it wasn't until I read a bit more into the movie that I really understood what he was trying to say. Overall, a pretty entertaining and well made film.

Went to see Bodyguards and Assassin's in theatres on Friday night and thought it was pretty good but not the movie I had expected it to be. The first half of the movie focuses on the political turmoil within Hong Kong as well as taking time to develop characters. While I thought the political aspect of things was interesting, oftentimes I felt the movie was focusing on too many things all at once. When I say this, I mean that the movies makes you follow everyone involved and when this happens, things get a little messy, narrative wise.

The second half of the movie is where the action starts to kick in and it doesn't disappoint. The Cung Le/Donnie Yen parkour and fight scenes were awesome , though I wish that there were more fights. I felt that one bodyguard in particular was wasted and could have had great potential on screen. I guess they wanted to stay as true as they could to actaul events (though I doubt that in actual history, a drunk beggar took down 30 guys with a fan). It's a good movie although I think I'd prefer wuxia pictures from over this.

Four movie trailers to show today for anyone interested. First up are the UK and US trailer cuts of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.

I prefer the UK trailer cause it gives you the premise. The US cut is good too as it shows a lot of Wonderland, giving us insight into Burton's artistic direction over Wonderland. Both can be found below.

US Trailer

UK Trailer

The next trailer is from Ridley Scott's, Robin Hood, starring Russell Crowe on the titular role. The last time Scott and Crowe teamed up together was for Gladiator so expect good things for this film.

The Iron Man 2 trailer came out a few days ago after a series of "clues" were released on the internet and people were lead on an easter egg hunt to the site that showed the brand new trailer. The movie looks a lot better than the first and I'm hoping that the action offered doesn't dumb down the quality of the film (Transformers, I'm looking at you). The trailer itself is quite randomly cut though I must say.

Finally, to end today's film dominated post, here's a picture that made me chortle.

End post.

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  1. Fat kids are the best kind of kids.
    and yes, offers are out in mid January, goodluck!