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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

She's Got You High

Other than having a crazy awesome Infernal Affairs Trilogy movie marathon with Kevin I haven't done anything else in these last few days leading up to New Year's Eve. If Thy is reading this, I'd like to once again thank you so, so much for giving me the trilogy. After having watched this particular cut of the movie - everything was so coherent and made much more sense rather than having watched each movie separately. Today, I think I'll re-watch Inglourious Basterds and Goodfellas. Actually no, I'm probably going to draw again like I did last night.

SAYWHATTTTT.jpg picture by hieuyy

After two hours, what was supposed to be Amanda Seyfried turned out to be more like a mix between Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie (according to some friends anyway). I'm disappointed, yet am also kinda happy at the same time. I created an exotically hot mix of two undeniably hot actresses. So in the end, it's still kind of a win but it's also a fail cause I couldn't draw her properly. Oh and that image of my drawing doesn't do the actual picture justice though, since the scanner tok away some of the lighter shading around her face. That's my other excuse, haha. I'm going to retry drawing her but I'm gonna use a different picture for tonight.

after02fp1.jpg tokyo jihen image by misterhyuga

I spent most of today so far re-watching video clips of Tokyo Jihen and Shiina Ringo. After being given Ringo's latest solo album, Sanmon Gossip, I feel like I should begin a brand new collection - a collection of CDs. Well, CDs of the Asian variety anyway. Asian CDs aren't that rare of a find these days in Melbourne though some are. The only reason why I am beginning to think about this is cause the CDs I own are all currently from Asian artists (to be more specific, Japanese bands/singers). I currently own the GazettE's first studio album, Disorder; Dir en grey's GLASS SKIN single; Ayaka and Kobukoro's collaboration single, あなたと (Anata to) and now Shiina Ringo's Sanmon Gossip. Actually, maybe that's not a good idea to start an Asian CD collection as they tend to be a lot pricier than their western counterparts. Maybe I should just start off my collection by getting the (500) Days of Summer Soundtrack. I'd really like to hear some of the songs on that soundtrack on the hi-fi stereo outside.

Recently, I've come to the sudden realisation that the following are my all time favourite foods. I normally would have phases where I'd like these foods a lot and eat them over and over and then subsequently tire of it, but nowadays, I'm finding myself to buy it straight away. The three types of foods I am talking about (some readers may have already have figured it out by now) are:
Chinese Dumplings
(preferably pan-fried)

com tam dac biet by stu_spivack.
Com Tam Dac Biet
(I believe it's loosely translated as Broken Rice Combination)
(I can go for any kind of sandwich)

Whenever I enter a Vietnamese restaurant, I'd always order Com Tam Dac Biet straight away. Right now, I think Vinh Ky on Victoria Street holds the best Com Tam Dac Biet (well, as far as Melbourne goes anyway). If you wanted the real deal, you'd go to Vietnam! I ate it every morning for breakfast - so damn good. I went to a Vietnamese restaurant once and they didn't even have this basic yet delicious dish on their menu! What kind of Vietnamese restaurant doesn't serve that! (:@) The same goes for whenever I visit Chinese restaurants - I'd always order dumplings straight away if it's on the menu without thinking about it. As for sandwiches, I don't normally visit Deli's or Cafes but for the off chance that I do, I'd take a gander at their selection of sandwiches. The reason for me not visiting these particular outlets is cause I usually settle more for dumplings or Com Tam Dac Biet. (Y)

Music, food, drawing and movies - I think this best describes me and my blog, haha.

End post.


  1. RE: Your blog,
    The quality of the drawing looks good on my macbook, nice work Hieu (Y).
    Well if you like dumplings and sandwiches, I should probably try out this Com Tam Dac... When I come back, they don't seem to have Viet food in Japan... Apparently some guy from Tohoshinki owns a Pho shop in Japan though...

    RE: My Blog,
    Nah I didn't go through the nostril thing, it was too crowded and I didn't want to risk getting stuck, ha.
    It doesn't snow in Southern Japan, only in the northern regions, I'll be there in less than a week :-D

  2. I think it's Xiah from DBSK with the Pho shop.

    OH wtf, fucking trolls.