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Sunday, 27 December 2009

Sweet Disposition

What up reader.

I didn't update yesterday cause I was awfully tired and updating my blog was the last thing on my mind anyway. The reason I was tired yesterday was due to the Boxing Day shopping. I don't remember last year being as packed as this year - the number of people in Melbourne roaming the city increased so much! The city was bustling that's for sure.

Myself, Eddie and kevin left our homes roughly from 10 - 10:30 in the morning. Upon arriving in the city, we walked to South Wharf and visisted the shops there. From South Wharf, I was able to buy a shirt, jeans and new pair of 2.1 speakers from JB Hi-Fi. The only reason why I bought the shirt was cause it was ten dollars and I just decided, "To hell with it, it's a bargain!" I didn't really need it. Yeah, I'm Asian like that. Eddie bought a pair of jeans as well from the DFO at South Wharf. Kevin, unfortunately didn't get what he needed from there.

We then went to the DFO at Southern Cross station but nothing of particular interest was there. After lunch at Hungry Jack's (Burger King in the States), we took a tram down to Bourke Street. I found an awesome Star Wars t-shirt and bought it. I wasn't looking for one or anything but it was so awesomel I had to! Was slashed half price anyway so meh. We walked around a little more, looking at jackets that were still expensive despite the hardly slashed prices. After some walking around, I found a store that sold Chucks at a reasonably discounted price and bought a pair of black hi-tops.

I find that girls fare much better than guys when it comes to shopping sales and therefore have much more luck at finding good articles of clothing for themselves at a good price too. I don't think I did any shopping this year (in terms of clothing) - matter of fact, I barely do any shopping ever. Oh well, I had a good day out with great friends and getting new things, haha.

I finally got around to watching The Lion King. I remember I was hazed at school for not having seen The Lion King. I was also hazed on Facebook too. Apparently, not seeing that film meant that I had a deprived childhood or something. In anycase, I decided to see what I was missing myself and ended up downloading it last night and then watching it almost immediately.

Quick thoughts on The Lion King:

Okay, I can understand why my childhood MAY have been deprived simply from not seeing this movie. It really is a great movie with a great story (even if it's mostly taken from Macbeth). Nonetheless, the voice cast was amazing; the visuals are beautiful and the songs are terrific. I kinda couldn't take Mufasa seriously though cause James Earl Jones also is the voice of Darth Vader. So seeing Darth Vader teach Simba about goodness and other wholesome stuff was just a little unsettling for me, not that it detered my viewing experience. My favourite character: Scar. Why? Cause Jeremy Irons' amazing voice acting combined with the awesome animators over at Disney help make Scar so memorable and so awesome. Scar is a badass motherfucker.

Finally, what if the characters in The Lord of the Rings had Facebook? :O







End post.

P.S. I really couldn't be bothered putting up pictures of my purchases cause I'm feeling awfully lazy today. :)


  1. YES! You finally saw lion king! Thank god, you enjoyed it. I have to admit i was a bit nervous when i was reading your thoughts on the film, fearing you might have hated it.

    Anyway glad to see you enjoyed it so much and good job with the boxing day shopping. You did better than me. lol

  2. Hihi :D

    How was your Christmass?

    & LOL I can't believe you finally just saw the Lion King. Pumba and/or Timone so own Scar anyday.


    i cant help but haze you
    but i never knew that mufasa was darth vader
    i actually really like his voice
    so deep and thundery
    and yes scar is one bad ass muthafucka
    oh man i want to watch it so bad but my vhs got ruined T______T
    where did you download it??
    oh man i want to watch the broadway version so badly too...

    lulz! i like the sauron one the best

    ahahaha yeah my posts always has lots pictures..unlike yours! XD

    and oh my gosh neytiri is totally hot!
    with her huge ass eyes and super toned body
    shes got that foreign appeal too XD

  4. Where did you get your chucks?

    I went to chaddy today and they were full price :(